"But none of this will work anyway."


Wei Youfang raised his glass and touched it with Jiewang, and then looked at Jiewang. He felt that there was something wrong with Jiewang, but he didn’t know what was wrong.
Wei Youfang was thinking about his mouth, but suddenly he felt a cramp in his abdomen. Isn’t it acute gastroenteritis? Wei Youfang shook his head at random. How could his abnormal body have this disease now?
"Abdominal pain? A little patience will soon be good. "King Jie poured another glass of wine and then Wei Youfang gulped it down with an incredible face.
"Did you do something?" Wei Youfang’s face is somewhat complicated.
"Of course, I don’t want to kill the cup of wine you gave me."
Wei Youfang turned white at the words of King Jie.
"I’m already friends with you." Wei Youfang didn’t struggle. This life seems to be less calm than at the moment.
"I took you as my friend, so I didn’t let you bear everything." The king looked at Wei Youfang with sadness in his eyes.
"Did you lie to me all the time?"
"It’s not like I didn’t lie to you when I said that the bigger the world is, the stronger the king’s strength is, but I forgot to tell you that different worlds contain different energy. Even a fragment in some worlds is better than some in completing the world’s king."
"Then even if you occupy our world, you won’t get much. Can’t you spare it?" Wei Youfang pleaded
To restore our world, we need to accumulate and absorb your world, which is the first step. After all, we should start from the foundation and restore it bit by bit.
"You bastard" Wei Youfang saw the eyes of King Jie and knew how ridiculous his request was.
"You can scold a few more words if you like, but you don’t have much time." There is no pride or excitement in the eyes of the king of the world, and there is a faint sadness when an old friend dies
"There is nothing to say, but I will remember you. You have destroyed my world, and I will get it back if there is an afterlife." There is no anger in Wei Youfang’s words
"Don’t ruin your world, not me, but you and you. If there is an afterlife, don’t take revenge on me."
Wei Youfang’s silence may be his own wrong choice to destroy his own world.
"What?" This naturally asks the second half of the sentence.
"I am not the king of the world."
"no? !” Wei Youfang couldn’t keep calm any longer. He tried his best to climb to the side of the king of the world.
"I’m Stuart."
"what! Then what is that in the weapon in my body? "
"He is really one of two souls."
"It’s impossible for two souls. I saw them die with my own eyes!"
Wei Youfang felt very dizzy for an instant
"The real king has never seen you. He has been behind the sword and met the double souls. They felt that the pure energy of the king cheated you, but they didn’t expect that the guy they wanted to devour was so powerful. But the king didn’t kill them at that time, but separated the male soul from the double souls and let him pretend to be the sword spirit, while holding the female soul in the double souls and continuing to pretend to be the double soul."
"The strength of Jiewang is far beyond your imagination. The strength I showed was just that Jiewang instilled several rules in me, and I didn’t even have the ability to divide Wang Qian."
"He deceived you, the king of the world, and naturally deceived you. The double souls you killed were not dead."
"In ten years, our King Jie has made all preparations to devour your King Jie."
Wei Youfang’s mouth blood has started to flow, and his consciousness is becoming more and more blurred.
"I have harmed the world and I am the biggest sinner!"
Stuart watched Wei Youfang die and poured a glass of wine.
"If I were the king of the world, our friendship would not continue, but I’m sorry, my friend, the world is not up to me."
Come on, Stuart drank the wine at one gulp, and then his friend disappeared completely.
The real disaster of mankind has come!
Beiyang Xiongxiong
It rains on rainy days.
In 1991, Zhao Dongyun came to this era full of humiliation and hope, and became an officer of Beiyang New Army. Watch him step by step to the top and become a great overseas hero.
The first chapter is the dawn of the ugly year
"In the twenty-seventh year of Guangxu this year, that is, in 191, the Qing court just signed a treaty of hatred and ugliness with the powers to compensate 450 million and two thousand silver! Well, Yuan Shikai has just replaced Li Hongzhang as governor of Zhili! " Zhao Dongyun took a pen and wrote a few names.
"Now the Beiyang New Army is in its infancy, and it is also a military camp. If you grasp some things well, you should be able to find a real position in the army in the future expansion. There is no foundation in your own right army. It is not difficult here!" Thought of here Zhao Dongyun felt a burst of boredom.
He used to be an ordinary man in the 21st century, but somehow he possessed himself. At the beginning of the late Qing Dynasty, he was quite excited and thought that he could finally save the country and save the people and become a national hero. However, as time passed, his mind changed slowly.