The spacecraft appeared to fall steadily into the Arctic permafrost.

If everyone hadn’t witnessed everything just now, probably no one would have thought that this huge ship occupying the whole Arctic had been moved.
Xiao Miao threw the bell to Gu Qingshan.
"See if it is this thing," she said.
Gu Qingshan caught the bell and studied it carefully.
The small words of fireflies flashed quickly on the interface of Ares.
"The name of the object is Seeker, the treasure of the gods"
"qualitative (rare) strangeness"
"The Chronological Event of Doomsday says that this rare thing has never appeared in history and has never been shown in the public eye, so this rare historical event has not been found."
"God of War Skill" This equipment used to display skills such as "
"Mysterious detection skills, miracle search"
The whole ares interface suddenly stopped.
Gu Qingshan alpha males
What’s going on?
Don’t wait for him to see more lines of eye-catching red fine print quickly appear in the ares interface.
"You are the third order opponent to receive the gift of the gods."
"According to your wish, the gods blessed you with the soul liberation key in the law of causality."
"The deep rules of your soul have been lifted."
"From now on, you can practice category skills beyond the rules."
"You can already practice mysterious skills and miracle search."
"To understand this mysterious skill, you need to pay 10 thousand soul force."
"Are you willing to pay 10,000 points to practice this skill?"
Gu Qingshan said without hesitation, "Pay!"
Chapter six hundred and thirty-three Evil spirits
With Gu Qingshan’s choice of Ares interface, a new indicator pops up.
"unification will proceed as said"
"Your basic strength type psychic force"
"Spiritual power can motivate spiritual practice skills, Taoism and tactics to be transported to mysterious skills."
"Only the soul can pass through all mysteries, techniques and skills in hundreds of millions of worlds."
"Therefore, when you master the skills outside the practice method, please make the soul force launch these skills."
Gu Qingshan just a thought is white.
Spiritual power is the pure power of heaven and earth, but it is not suitable for all skills in hundreds of millions of worlds
At this time, the importance of soul force is highlighted.
The interface of ares says that words gradually disappear.
New indicator appears
"You spent 10 thousand soul force."
"Current Soul Force Remaining Value 6/6"
"You have mastered mysterious skills, miracle search."
"Miracle Search" When you start this skill, you will feel the creation of ancient gods and get the specific location of it.
Gu Qingshan secretly nodded.
This is a very special search skill.
But his eyes stay soul force value slightly confused.
It’s reassuring to have 6000 points of soul power, but is there something wrong with this limit?
Gu Qingshan suddenly remembered that the SHEN WOO world confrontation Qi Yan left the dark and borrowed 600 soul powers from him. He also bluntly said that 600 soul powers are only the soul powers of the holy monks.
But now that I am in the realm of God, what is the limit of 600?
Did you use it for something else?
He asked the ares system.