"What if they run away without fighting?" Reagan asks.

"This vast too they can escape to where to go? Can you escape our pursuit? " Hung Lei is very confident.
"After tracking smoke posture wave giant when you also have? Then how did they run away? " Reagan was tit for tat.
For one thing, Reagan recently made a breakthrough from transmutation to quasi-planet, and he was qualified to talk to Hung Lei. For another thing, when he set out, Reagan specifically told him about strategy and tactics, and he wanted to make a record.
That’s Reagan. That’s car-scrapping.
Hung Lei died after being choked by Reagan.
Yanzi was really lost at the beginning, although there are reasons for the waves, but this will be another pursuit of Yanzi, plus Lei Ming told Hung Lei not to insist.
Reflecting on the former war, Reagan’s strategy and tactics were all right.
"Adults say it’s a normal state. Unless we collect breath, turtles move forward at a high speed, it’s a method to avoid Lingwei’s high-intensity remote sensing reconnaissance equipment.
But at the beginning, we built a hidden machine, Spirit Wei Er and Ling Wei San, and built strong magnetic fields to interfere with and hunt people who pass by.
In this case, when the magnetic fields of Lingwei II and Lingwei III coincide, even Lingwei I remote sensing detection equipment will have short-term confusion and failure.
We have tried many ways to solve this problem, but we have never solved it.
But it didn’t last long and it was hard for outsiders to know, so it continued, "Yin Liu said."
"How long is the period when the magnetic field coincides? How long will it take? " Reagan asked.
"Adult coincidence cycle once a day according to LingWeiEr and LingWeiSan now position will overlap in about four hours.
There is about an hour when the magnetic fields coincide, but 50 minutes of this hour is to weaken the remote sensing detection equipment of Lingwei, and 10 minutes is the direct failure of the remote sensing detection equipment.
"You mean we have ten minutes? Ten minutes is enough? Are you talking nonsense? " Reagan was dissatisfied
"Not an adult, if we enter the overlapping center of the magnetic fields of Lingwei II and Lingwei Sanjiang for about one hour, Lingwei’s remote sensing satellite will detect us.
Is the strongest magnetic field overlapping center position range is very small, we need to go around one, "said Yin Liu."
"Is it time?" Reagan asked.
"Come on!"
"Then you lead the way."
Twenty-one streamers made a big circle in the dark, and then waited quietly for almost four hours before moving at a high speed again.
At 4: 20 a.m. on July 2, a streamer flashed like a meteor from the overlapping place of the strong magnetic fields of Lingwei II and Lingwei III.
If someone looks in this direction, they will see a small meteor shower.
Meteor shower asteroid belts are so common that they can be seen almost every day.
As soon as Lingwei was on duty, the adjutant of the Eldar saw the faint light and shadow of this meteor shower sent by the remote sensing imager and looked at it again. There was no energy fluctuation, indicating that the energy remote sensing strong reconnaissance device conveniently crossed this video.
It’s just a meteor shower. I’m tired of watching it!
And the location of this meteor shower takes five hours from Lingji Star if the hunter dish fighter comes to fly!
It takes four hours for a top quasi-planet like silver.
It will take three hours for a star-rated strong man like Sigh to hurry!
At 6: 00 a.m. on July 2, the alarm was harsh and the whole main base of Lingji Star 1 exploded in an instant.
In a deep sleep, Xu tuian Xiaoxue opened his eyes instantly, and his heart thumped wildly with glances. Xu tuian Xiaoxue both jumped to the fastest speed to fight.
After five seconds, he rushed out of the room and shouted at Huang, "What happened?"
"Detected twenty-one high-intensity energy fluctuations are approaching our high speed! It won’t be more than 30 thousand kilometers from our planet
It is estimated that the enemy will arrive at Lingji Star in 20 minutes. Please ask the horse to make strategic and tactical arrangements! "
"Twenty-one specific intensity of high-intensity energy fluctuation? Ma Lian Ling Wei Yi has so much strength that Ling Wei Yi has no warning? " Xu tui drink a way
"Lingwei has no warning. I have checked Lingwei’s record. No problem. It should be passed in a special way.
Twenty-one high-intensity energy fluctuations have five to nine energy fluctuations, which are extremely strong and highly suspected to be strong stars! "
"Five to nine?"
Xu’s pupil shrinks suddenly, which is an amazing number. What if it’s five stars or nine?
"The enemy attack! Emergency notification of enemy attack!
Everyone is waiting for orders in the main base No.1. "
"After the spirit, you also enter the No.1 main base and wait for the order to evacuate your hands and cross the border of Ant Man."