"Light snow, I can also penetrate the first shielding layer at such a close distance as you. Should I be safe?" Xu said.

"That’s the theory. Try to send entangled energy again," An Xiaoxue said.
Xu Xu let An Xiaoxue put a grain of source crystal powder into the mind magnetic pile in the shielding room first, and then shielded the induction face outside the room, which was a slight change.
"Can you feel it?"
"Yes" Xu nodded back.
"Can you sense the degree and locate it?"
"I can sense this psychic magnetic pile method to determine the azimuth, and the entangled state energy can be sent to the display method," Xu said.
"That’s no problem."
Ann’s question is passed.
Can’t be allowed to retreat. Xiaoxue is not careful
Evie, a star-studded man, had been on the moon before.
The strong stars are powerful, but there is no such record of exerting amazing power across hundreds of thousands of miles.
But now that Evie has returned to Blue Star and is still trying to trace it, she must be careful again.
At this time, Xu tuian Xiaoxue will also conduct a face-to-face search for these three-color rhombuses.
Xu tuian xiaoxue both walked into the multiple information shielding room and played a signal jammer at the same time.
In fact, there are three layers of information shielding outside this multi-information shielding room.
The first layer is the information shielding layer made by Institute No.14 itself, the second layer is the information shielding room of the Institute, and the other layer is the information shielding layer which is not too strict as a whole by the Genetic Research Institute.
The multi-information shielding room has folded the three-color rhombus and wrapped it with lead paper, and took out the three-color rhombus from the lead alloy shielding box.
Take out the first time to retreat, and hold AnXiaoXue to spray and burn tricolor rhomboid with epoxy polyacetylene gun.
After checking multiple data, it shows that this rhombus can withstand ten thousand degrees of high temperature without being broken, which belongs to black technology for Blue Star.
The flame temperature of epoxy polyacetylene gun can reach 6 thousand degrees.
If Evie has any extra money here, Xiaoxue can burn it clean if he doesn’t know how to arrange it.
After half an hour, after purification, wait for cooling, AnXiaoXue spirit pours into the tricolor rhombus at the same time. AnXiaoXue spirit acts as a vibrator, and Xutui spirit directly moves the micro-induction penetration induction ability to find out that Evie may leave room for manoeuvre.
Here, after all, Ivey’s spirit and body are condensed, and in less than ten minutes, the light snow is cleared out of five Ivey’s spiritual breath residues.
This kind of mental breath residue is generally not
However, if Xu tui brings these three-color rhomboids to the body without protection, and the Ivema can find them when the Ivey distance reaches a certain level.
"There are anomalies" AnXiaoXue sudden spirit to xu refers to a position.
Xu tui’s spirit relies on past micro-induction.
I found an abnormality when I quickly retired.
There is a point where the trichromatic rhombus structure is very similar to that which is difficult to find.
However, the micro-induction was still allowed to find an abnormality.
Moment Xu back spirit shock whip out.
That point collapsed instantly on the spot.
This tricolor rhombus is also a few things that can be directly penetrated by spirit.
This alone can be regarded as a treasure.
Konak Sun Temple in Yinlian District
Ivey was sitting cross-legged and suddenly his brow wrinkled, and a mental imprint of his tiny connection seemed to dissipate.
Evie’s eyes are angry when she senses it, and she wants to breathe fire!
The last mental mark has been removed!
That three-color multi-rhombus is extremely important even for him, who is a strong star. After all the hard work, Evie arranged multiple subsequent parties.
In addition to these two moments, Evie also spent a lot of time to break into a spiritual imprint that ordinary people can’t properly present at all
Even Evie’s own induction of this mental imprint is very slight and vague, and it takes a certain amount of conditional force induction to be sensed.
Knowing that the murderer must have put the tricolor rhombus into the shielding equipment, Evie has not sensed this last spiritual mark these days.
Even Evie plans not to touch this spiritual mark for a long time.
If we can’t find the murderer through normal channels, then after a few months or even a year or two, we will take this baby out or trade or study it after the murderer relaxes, and then Evie can catch the murderer in one fell swoop!
This is his last hope to find that tricolor rhombus!
But now the mental imprint is gone!
Completely gone!
This means that it is impossible to recover the lost tricolor rhombus if the murderer is pursued normally and has not been found valuable.
It also means that the plan he has planned for many years may be suspended.
At this moment, Evie is angry!
"Don’t let me find you, or no matter who you are, I will wipe your bones and ashes!"
At last, the possibility of finding the tricolor rhombus quickly was destroyed. Evie’s side was gnashing her teeth and going crazy.
Xu tuian light snow here is carefully constantly oscillating and sensing the tricolor rhombus for ten times.
Six times in a row, no spirit residue and mental imprint were found, and two people were only slightly relieved.
"This thing is a natural spirit device. If you go to the teacher, you’d better take it with you.
When you are full of spiritual emergency, you can draw horses. "
This more than ten times of continuous vibration and induction process is also the process of Xu tuian Xiaoxue studying these three-color rhomboids