Major General’s plan of vertical attack will play an important role. After all, the strength of the Yanlong Corps is not weak in this area. Three brigades have been forced to adjust the two brigades. It is possible for Bao Gong to fight with the Sixth Division. His plan is that the Sixth Division will attack the front line like a sponge and attract the three brigades of the Yanlong Corps to the front line as much as possible. When the time is ripe, a large-scale helicopter group will send a large number of troops to the Yanlong Corps and bring them a four-sided flower to cooperate with the front attack. The Sixth Division will sweep away the main force of the Yanlong Corps! I have to admit that his plan is very detailed and thorough, but he never dreamed that the helicopter group was actually destroyed after he launched the offensive!

Of course, the Expeditionary Force has more than this helicopter, but there is no doubt that the most well-equipped and highly skilled pilots have to count the special drop brigade. The assault force in this special drop brigade was hit hard, which is a huge loss for the entire Expeditionary Force. The most terrible thing is that the real main force of the Chinese Army assault division has not moved until now except for about one-third of the helicopters to clean up the Malay monkeys! The low-level advantage of the expeditionary force has been crossed out. When the Chinese army knife was drawn?
The plan has been planned, and if we attack the Sixth Division of Sanbaogong according to the original plan, it will be a very tough battle, and it will be a tragic street battle! How can it be difficult for a brigade to face the three brigades of the Yanlong Army and not die? Temporarily stop the attack and wait for the headquarters of the three armed forces to readjust the allocation of technical weapons in the assault force before launching the attack as originally planned? Well thought, it will take at least a few hours to get it done, and a few hours is enough for a battle-hardened army to do too many things! At this moment, he couldn’t help but think of Kitano Masao’s cold eyes and disdainful smile. I don’t know when my fist has been pinched.
There is no way out. His arrogant attitude has cornered him. Either he wins big or he goes back to command a knife to cut his belly to study the color of his stomach! I’m sure Masao Kitano won’t dare to play tricks behind him. He will definitely adjust the helicopter needed for vertical strike as soon as possible. Even if that guy is afraid of wolves and tigers, who is the bear division afraid of? Run like a wild wolf, tear all the enemies to pieces and reproduce the glory of the Xiong Division!
Major-General’s mind has turned to the position of Yanlong Army, and the heavy artillery units have poured out two full base shells several kilometers deep, and the surface of the moon is full of dry, blackened and hot eluvial soil, and craters of all sizes are full of burning tree debris, but there is no trace of life. Major-General Iwanaga howled "Bear Division Attack! ! !”
There was a violent howl in the line. More than 20 Type 9 main battle tanks and a larger number of Type 74 medium-sized tanks roared in a low voice. Each tank ran over the Chinese army defense line about 25 meters apart like a wall of iron and steel, followed by armored vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles. The artillery units of the Sixth Division played a sea of fire where the Chinese army’s firepower might appear. After temporary supplement and strengthening, the artillery tactics of a division were far away. Even if those two defense lines were still alive, the Chinese army would be too heavy to lift its head, let alone fight back.
"Fuck the son of a bitch and bear divisions!"
A roar resounded through the Liuhang squadron of the Sixth Division of Sanbaogong Airport, which had just stopped spinning. It had been fireworks by bombers and cruise missiles. Sanbaogong suddenly became an erupting volcano, while Sanbaogong Airport became a boiling crater. Groups of individual shoulder-fired missiles came out like wild bees swooped down on the helicopter. Pilots watched in horror as chains of fire spewed out from all corners of the airport. The hysterical shooting of 25 mm self-propelled anti-aircraft guns stung their eardrums! In the blink of an eye, the whole airport was covered by all kinds of flames and ballistics! It is said that the center of the storm is calm, but the helicopter group in the center of the metal storm is not calm at all. Every helicopter alarm is screaming and screaming. Every pilot is screaming and manipulating the helicopter to dodge all kinds of unbearable evasive movements. It seems that missiles and shells are thrown all over the place, throwing hot flame bait directly to Sanbaogong airport. It’s so easy to hide from the edge and wrap it around the warfare! In particular, the avant-garde individual shoulder-fired missiles are fired three times every two seconds, and the number of enemies is endless, regardless of ammunition consumption. This tactic even if a jet fighter touches it, it will scream for help. The situation is that they are slow helicopters!
A black hawk was bitten off by an avant-garde missile, and two or three avant-garde horses swooped down like sharks smelling blood. In the eruption of smoke, the black hawk became a turkey.
A uh1 multi-path helicopter was hit by a bullet, which once again proved that uh1 was cannon fodder in the helicopter-a bad story-this type of helicopter was shot down in the Annan War, and more than 2,500 pilots died, so it was called a flying coffin, and the skin was particularly thin.
The fireball exploded again and again, or the helicopter was blown up in a string? No, individual shoulder-fired missiles were repeatedly blown off by self-propelled anti-aircraft guns and saved the helicopter’s life, but
But those lucky helicopter pilots don’t appreciate the antiaircraft gun gunner-your mother’s shells are still dense in the sandstorm. Which helicopter wasn’t beaten by them? Fuck you!
There’s nothing to do in the face of a whole fortified camp ambush except being beaten or fleeing. bring up the rear Apache desperately fought back with machine guns and rockets. After a few infantry were shredded, it was hit on the spot by several avant-garde missiles and turned into slag. The other one destroyed two self-propelled anti-aircraft guns. As a result, it attracted three self-propelled anti-aircraft guns and nine high-level two heavy machine guns. First, the avant-garde missile was smashed by a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, and then the short wing was hit by two high-altitude machine guns, and the fire was shining all over. Then the avant-garde missile came out of a big window, and then there was no helicopter and people turned into slag.
The last two transport helicopters lamented that one crashed into the ground like a stone! Aunt Tianzhao finally woke up and pulled them. Although two helicopters were hit by anti-aircraft machine guns again and again, they didn’t hurt the key points. Finally, they fell like stones. The special forces in the airport helicopters became rolling gourds and rolled into a ball. Fortunately, it didn’t matter that the pilot kicked the hatch and many guns sprayed hot flames at him, raising a white towel in his hand. "Don’t shoot, we surrender, we surrender!"
Blown up by bombers and cruise missiles, Chinese mercenaries looked at each other with silly expressions, but they didn’t have guns.
The two pilots secretly breathed a sigh of relief, regardless of whether people could understand or not, shouting at the highest volume, "We surrender! We demand the protection of the Zhiwa Convention! "
The "you idiot" expression on the soldiers’ faces was even stronger. A soldier called "Get here quickly!" Male left female right shemale—"I can’t hear the words behind. Before he can finish, a 25mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun leveled the barrel and aimed it at the two uh1 helicopters. The chain of fire was severely twisted over the helicopter, and large pieces of debris exploded and flew up in the engine room. I was ready to fight. I was going to rush out and fight with the Yanlong Army to break the larger foe. The special forces issued a wild animal wail and the anti-aircraft artillery shells went through the fuselage and crashed into their place to dodge! What’s the taste of a 127 mm anti-aircraft gun shell that can cut a person’s waist and tear up a 25 mm anti-aircraft gun shell? Look at the purples and blood fog rising in the firelight, and then look at the broken meat splashing around with the body fragments, and you will know that a clip of shells swept past two helicopters and left a tattered one.
Fragments of the rotten frame and charred meat were scattered all over the place. The gunner spat at the two piles of garbage and muttered, "Sorry, it went off."
"After the work is finished, it’s our turn to flash!"
There was an arrogant voice on the line. Just after winning a battle, the anti-battalion quickly flashed, and the fire prevention force was redeployed to prepare for a battle. A group of steel behemoths never rushed out of the hangar of an airplane and rushed to the gun path and raised a long gun barrel towards the attack front of the Sixth Division in the distance. If f111 pilots saw their eyes, they might jump out of their eyes. Fuck, isn’t that the heavy artillery unit of the Chinese army that was blown to pieces by them? It’s too much for a brigade to have two heavy artillery battalions. Is there another one? Are you really going to give in to the Ministry of War and switch to sex?
In fact, the Yanlong Corps didn’t have so many heavy artillery pieces. If those big noses knew that they were blown up by some old trucks with a steel pipe running around, maybe they would spray bulletproof glass with old blood. Thanks to the efforts of the camouflage troops, the heavy artillery battalion solved the nasty flies overhead. After that, these battlefield kings finally made their debut and issued their first roar to the Sixth Division ………….
Ps, fuck you! As soon as the ellipsis comes out, it becomes a peddler. It’s so awkward!
Chapter DiYiSanWu anvil to hammer (11)
Two lines of defense have been built in the periphery of Sanbaogong of Yanlong Corps. Several villages and towns and two D-shaped mountain support points have excavated trenches with a total length of more than 30 kilometers, and a large amount of soil curing agent has been spilled on the positions, which makes the trenches in this area harder than stones. Often, everyone hides in the positions in the caves about 20 meters deep. Some small planes hover around the Sixth Division’s heavy artillery group, and the soldiers are defending this solid defense line when they pour bullets and rain here. The two D-shaped hills covered with compressed cake and soil are even more at each other’s horns. A 15-mountain artillery company with four access trenches and a large number of tunnel works have turned the two hills into the first trench that is difficult to gnaw a hornet’s nest. There are no small planes hovering around the surface positions of these two support points. These small planes are not as good as long-range reconnaissance and passive guided ammunition, but it is still possible to keep them on a position to prevent the enemy from touching them.
This line of defense has put two infantry battalions in addition to the two artillery companies, and they just delay the enemy as much as possible.
The second line of defense is that several large factories on the outskirts of the city have been temporarily strengthened and turned into strong fortresses. Each factory has deployed a reinforced company with two towed heavy artillery points to completely seal off the enemy’s way forward. Want to enter Sanbao Gong? Let’s chew these fortresses first. When the enemy finally chewed these fortresses and rushed into the city to meet them, it was by no means flowers and palms pouring down from all sides. The whole Sanbao Gong was full of barricades and roadblocks everywhere. To put it bluntly, the city has become a battlefield, and the trench warfare has been intensified. This is the tragic street fighting that the Sixth Division must face. Of course, the Japanese people have a good habit of attaching importance to intelligence workers. Before launching the attack, they have carried out detailed reconnaissance, and every shot has been fired at the key point. After the coverage, those trenches have been blown to pieces. Unfortunately, they underestimated the civil engineering ability of the Yanlong Corps. The general shelling did not bring much damage to the Yanlong Corps that day.
F111 fighter-bombers once again appeared in the battlefield. This time, their momentum is far from as tough as the first time. A squadron has been knocked out in half. Why cross it? These guys flew over the positions of the Yanlong Army from the Japanese armored forces and circled in search of the target.
The earthquake is huge, and the tank group is getting closer and closer. The artillery group of the Sixth Division has stopped shooting, and if it doesn’t stop, the shells will hit our own tanks! Dust is flying, fire balls are spewing, steel behemoths are roaring, and nothing can stop them. All obstacles will be rolled into powder armor by heavy crawler. The core tactical essentials of armored warfare are rolled to the end in three words! This kind of charge is nothing more than fortifications and technology in the 1960 s
They still don’t pay attention.
The roaring tank group is 300 meters away from the first trench.
The Chinese army’s defense line is still quiet, and there is no sound. Tanks fire high-explosive anti-personnel grenades, and the Chinese army’s battlefield explosion makes a loud noise. There is not even a bullet flying over there. This contrast makes the Sixth Division feel like a monologue.
Major General Iwanaga can’t help but tighten his brow. This is not normal!
Tanks are 200 meters away from the first trench.
"Fuck the dog day, the sixth division!"
A roar suddenly sounded, and the floating dust filled the floating soil, and one helmet was lifted. The surface was a pair of blood-red eyes. The first trench was one person, and the second trench was also not many people. However, several laser sights were set up, and several invisible laser sights were shot silently. The 9-type tank body was nailed, and then the orange fireballs rolled from the sky and hit the damn 9-type tank along this invisible death ray!
After piercing armor, there was a thunderous explosion. The shells flying from Sanbaogong Airport were not dense, but each shell was fired accurately and mistakenly. What was it like to be directly hit by a 155 heavy artillery shell on a Type 9 main battle tank? Even a high-explosive Grenade with high armor-piercing ability can lift the tank turret by its explosive power. I hate the launch of the Chinese artillery of the Sixth Division, which still makes every armored soldier talk about the purple copper armor-piercing bullet! The copper armor-piercing bullet is good or not, just hitting the top armor of the 9-type main battle tank, which has the weakest defense capability. Although it is not vertical attack, it is no different for the armored personnel who are instantly burned into carbon rods by copper liquid. The fireballs swirl from the attack front of the Sixth Division and rush to the seemingly mighty turret, and a large number of armor fragments and fiery red copper liquid fly out in a shocking high-temperature fireball. Anyone who touches a little bit will be sure to explode. For a few seconds, five tanks in the armored units of the Sixth Division will be smashed into pieces, and they will panic!
"It’s a laser-guided projectile! Evade! Horse evasion! "
"Idiot horse releases smoke bombs!"
"Gun! Destroy their laser aiming device! "
"No, I have to retreat. Damn it, the metal jet spilled so far and broke my infrared thermal imager!"
The line was full of screaming and sudden blows. Armored soldiers roared at the line and blushed for the first time. No one could be afraid of this bloody scene. However, these rookies were trained after all, and they didn’t forget that they had learned combat skills in a panic. They all released smoke screens to cover the excitement.
Light the line of sight at the same time, the tank accelerates and rushes towards the defense line of Yanlong legion!
Major General Iwanaga’s facial muscles were slightly distorted. "Damn Yankees, didn’t they say that they killed the heavy artillery units of the Chinese army? What’s going on with these shells! ? The artillery, the horse fire, the rocket and the extended-range shells killed the Chinese heavy artillery. Don’t count on them! "
That is to say, in a word, his armored forces have rushed to the front of the anti-tank trench. This damn anti-tank trench is six meters wide and four meters deep at the bottom. The type 9 tank can’t be crossed. In the end, it still needs to be bridged. But before the bridge can be built to the armored forces, it is found that the Yanlong Army actually piled up the excavated soil into a two-or three-meter-high soft earth embankment bridge. If you go to the root, you will not be able to build the tank. Even if you are not careful, you will have to fall into the anti-tank trench. This is the first in During the four Middle East wars, the Selejiva Infantry Brigade was very creative. This humble anti-tank trench was built in the Golan Heights. As a result, the Syrian army lost 250 tanks and more than 260 armored vehicles, but it still failed to fill this damn anti-tank trench. Every corner of the world has been active for many years. Every day, the Yanlong Army has been dealing with war. This kind of defense tactic, which is not very eye-catching but can definitely break the enemy’s brains, can be described as handy. Digging an anti-tank trench is harder than digging an enemy’s ancestral grave. I’m not a vegetarian. I don’t say anything. I just raise the gun barrel and fire at that annoying earth embankment. Not only does the fire call for artillery support through the line, but a minute later, rows of 155 mm gas explosion bombs roared and hit the earth embankment, which generally spread. air billow severely knocked down the earth embankment! It’s impossible to push it down completely, but it’s not too difficult for the gas bomb to blast out several gaps to let the tank pass. The problem is that while waiting for the gap, the Chinese heavy artillery shells and anti-tank missiles are constantly firing at them!