"Ha ha, let’s see if this Taoist can solve the mystery of the game in a short time."

The elegance and elegance of the first fiend came naturally with her mouth. "You were the founders at the beginning, but which one of you could directly crack the rules of the game in the first time?"
"Well, my mother said that it would be more and more difficult if we couldn’t crack the rules quickly in the first round. Even if the child knew the rules clearly at the beginning, it took a lot of energy to break the trap at the end."
Nine obsidian nodded his head when he heard his mother’s words, which made him feel much worse. Now it’s getting harder and harder to crack with the evolution of the war situation. "But mother, I have a hunch that this Taoist friend should be able to break the trap soon …"
Jiu Yao’s precognition ability is very clear to everyone. It seems that a great guy may really come this time.
"Ha ha, interesting. It seems that there are many people in this celestial world who are proficient in time and road respectively!"
Yuan Heng’s figure is manifested in this. Although it is only a wisp of Yuan Ling’s incarnation here, his sensitivity is equally serious, and many things are difficult to deceive him.
Layers of layers of layers are formed here, and hundreds of them are also being generated in terms of constant induction.
Ripples flow in a river, and it’s a long river.
Although Yuan Heng feels that there are still many flaws in this river, it is not easy to reach this level.
Day by day, year by year
The effect here is much stronger. According to Yuan Heng’s estimation, staying here for a hundred years may only take about a day outside.
When Yuan Heng stepped on this one, it exuded the eternal ancient immortal road, and when Yuan Heng was there, it suddenly flashed brighter than the dazzling five-color brilliance.
At this time, in front of Yuan Heng, a statue exudes a poor sword, and the figure cuts through and exudes a variety of completely different swords. All swords point to …
I felt the pressure from all over my body and raised my eyebrows. "What are the rules of the game?"
These swordsmen can’t be killed by Yuan Heng naturally.
Otherwise, it’s a little live up to Yuan Heng’s expectation.
When Yuan Heng’s heart was carefully deduced, these swordsmen did not give Yuan Heng a thought. When 300 swordsmen were holding Excalibur, they exuded all their might to interpret the secret of poor kendo and pointed to Yuan Heng.
"Stop it!"
Yuan Heng looked at himself and firmly blocked a handle Excalibur in all directions. Here, it’s just his Yuan Ling without much strength.
As Yuan Heng’s voice fell, the one closest to Yuan Heng’s 100-handle Excalibur suddenly stopped.
"So fast!"
But a man who didn’t pay attention to these Excalibur flashed out of his control!
And after these Excalibur never gave Yuan Heng a chance, a surge in speed seemed to puncture in poverty.
Often after Yuan Heng has caught the trail, these Excalibur disappear again.
"But not in front of Zunyuanming’s heart mantra!"
With Yuan Heng’s grasp of mental strength getting stronger and stronger, Yuan Heng’s heart mantra becomes more and more comfortable.
In Yuanheng, the sword with a handle of 100 also crossed the road. What is even more frightening is that the sword meaning contained in it has not been attenuated because of losing the master’s control, but the sword potential has become more and more mighty!
It’s only a hundred handles, but it will abruptly stop nearly two hundred handles!
With a rumbling of the other side, an Excalibur was abruptly broken up!
After a breakthrough, it will be much simpler. After a quarter of an hour, it will be manipulated by Yuan Heng, and many Excalibur will cut each other with one handle.
After three quarters of an hour, the thirty handles disintegrated.
A day later, Yuan Heng actually chopped the other side’s 200 Excalibur with one hundred Excalibur handles!
Without Excalibur, the power of those swordsmen was greatly reduced and Yuan Heng easily cut by the sword.
Although the victory, Yuan Heng’s brow wrinkled up.
He felt something was wrong.
"The rules of the game should not be like this. There should be something I ignored!"
You know, it’s not a statue to come here, but just a wisp of Yuan Ling incarnation with no power. It’s not great to have your own mental energy consumption, but it’s impossible to have all other great powers, right?
If the knife is real and the gun is hard, I am afraid that other Taoist friends will consume a lot even if they win.
After all, this is a whole 300-year-old series swordsman!
Although its kendo repair is still far from Aurora, it is definitely not easy for ordinary pick gods to stop such a sword!
You know, this is just the first game!