Snow RuJie face emerge filar silk blush muttered "who is he? So handsome! "

Xue Ru’s eyes flashed with admiration and he sincerely said, "Cool is really cool."
I don’t know when the speed car pulled up the curtain. Wei Bing poked his head stealthily and said, "Sao Bao is really Sao Bao …"
If the dragon poked its head out and said in surprise, "Is that Zhong Xiaohao? What did he run out for? Play hard? Will die! "
Wei Bing said, "That’s not certain."
Gathering wind added, "Just Zhong Xiaohao repelled ice silkworm of all ages."
Everyone looked at those blue eyes in order.
Only to find that these eyes are full of fear in the glacier looking up at the golden Zhong Xiaohao.
Holding a bucket stick, Sun Hao slowly pointed to ice silkworm’s mouth and said, "Don’t come to the rain."
Xia Qingyu’s tears poured out of his mouth again and said softly, "Don’t come ill, don’t come ill …"
She said, "Xiaojie, that handsome guy knows the little palace master."
Xue Rujie said, "There seems to be something wrong with the little palace master."
Xue Ru-nan "Well, it seems very exciting. It’s a bit like meeting a relative and meeting my father."
Xue Rujie reached out and gave her a twist. "Idiot, I think I know who that is."
At this time, the red tassel ice gun flew back, and Xia Qingyu could stretch out his hand and catch the ice gun.
Five great white sharks pounced on the two elders, and the two elders stepped forward, but they were stopped by the huge ice silkworm screen.
Sun Hao said a "small fire" in his mind.
Shoulder small fire aimed at ice silkworm screen with a mouth.
The monk of the Holy Palace felt that the screen was disappearing with a bright light on his head.
The two elders quickly returned to their positions, and five great white sharks were startled by this sudden change, and their dorsal fins dived into the glacier.
"Swallow the vole?" Xue Ru-nan said quickly, "Ah, I remember that he is the first young palace master in the mainland’s strange burial day market … Sun Haosun Chenxiang!"
Xue Rujie added, "It is said that Sun Hao, Sun Chenxiang, is a godsworn of this generation. I still don’t believe that it is really a real name now …"
Xue Runan said strangely, "Isn’t Xiao Jie’s aloes sword ugly?" But you see now that his sword is streamlined and green, it is as handsome as others … "
Five great white sharks dive rapidly, but Sun Hao won’t let them beat the middle brush and swing a few sticks.
A few huge golden beams rumbled out with the stick, and the river surface of Fang Glacier was suddenly split into deep ditches.
There were bursts of bright red spray in the river.
A great white shark’s belly floated to the river, and ice silkworm quickly rushed to Sasha Vujacic to eat.
Xue Rujie covered her mouth and said, "That’s awesome. The stick is so handsome. It’s said that little man’s sword should be recast. Didn’t you say that he is a master-level refiner?"
A few sticks killed a great white shark.
If the dragon is a little dumbfounded, it’s a little different from what he expected
That his car companion seems to have an early repair companion, then it’s a little too fierce. I can’t help but ask, "Brother Bing, who is he?" So powerful! "
Wei Bing shook his head and said, "If I judge correctly, he should be the famous Sun Haosun Chenxiang."
If the dragon had never heard of it at all, he couldn’t help asking, "Who is Sun Haosun Chenxiang?"
Wei Bing, "Summer insects can’t talk ice!"
The gathering wind gives the answer, "Ten heroes say the boss."
If the dragon’s eyes and beads all pop out, "really, the ten heroes said it was true?" Their boss actually appeared in front of me. Brother Bing borrowed your shoulder. I’m going to faint for a while … "
The fluctuation in the glacier of "A Wild Silkworm" seems to be the sound of ice and cold. "We meet again."
It’s not surprising that ice silkworm can talk. After the integration of the evil spirits and ice silkworm, it is conscious that it is no longer ice silkworm, but the eternal wild silkworm.
Sun Haoshen’s momentum is gradually rising, and his fighting spirit is high, and his hand is full of gold awns. Lang also said, "Sun Haosun Chenxiang didn’t expect you to run out of the ancient tomb, but today you can’t let you go."
Bing Han said rudely, "Same to you. You will be the first control pole warrior after my new life in this world."
Say that finish deep and remote blue eyes slowly sank into the glacier.
More ice surface emerged in ice silkworm like a flood, and the glaciers melted into the ice silkworm sea, which surrounded Brother Zhong in a semicircle.
Sun Hao called a "small fire"
Small fire knowingly a small mouth forward.
There was a slight earthquake ahead, and a large number of ice silkworm disappeared and were swallowed up by a small fire
Little Corleone’s shoulder turned in a direction and the small fire opened its mouth again.
Sasha Vujacic suddenly remembered
The small fire faced the direction, and the ice silkworm people seemed to be frightened. The fish plopped into the glacier in succession.
Sun Hao’s face showed a faint smile and stretched out his hand and touched the small fire. With a small fire, it would be quite nai to try to win the opponent by quantity.
At this time, Xia Qingyu finally recovered some of the strong emotions in her heart, and calmed her mouth slightly to call a "little Hao Ge"
Corleone looked back at him and smiled "light rain"
Xia Qingyu’s face pear blossoms take rain with a captivating smile "I’m sorry"
Corleone leng leng and then said "nothing"
Xia Qingyu’s eyes rolled out tears again, but her face bloomed with a bright smile, and a big stone was put in her heart.
Although the scarf was masked, her heartfelt smile suddenly made people feel like a spring breeze, and the glaciers seemed to warm up a lot instantly.
Wei Bing looked at the shoulders of two holy palaces covered in snow-white summer rain, and then looked at the golden standing with a stick. Sun Hao couldn’t help but think of an idiom.
Golden couple is nothing more than this.
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