Zhou Jia should be more comfortable in my heart.

Such treasures as stars, meteorites and iron are absolutely valuable, not to mention that an animal is a thousand heads and ten thousand heads can’t be exchanged.
Now an ice bear can start.
It’s simply that the price of cabbage is cheaper when gold is sold.
Cai Yu, a Taoist friend, is really soft-spoken
"There have been some rumors in the station recently, and you should have heard about it?"
"Yes" Zhou Jia frown.
"Zhou explained that I was lucky enough to find an ice bear nest and I didn’t hide the meat from other animals, except for a little myself, which is obvious to all."
"I think if it weren’t for Zhou’s contribution to this period, many people should have died in the station, which is also a contribution to the station."
Compared with him, he took the opportunity to start with some gold and iron gas, which should be taken for granted, right?
"Having said that," Cai Yuzhen’s eyes drooped slightly.
"But the world is often not suffering from widowhood and uneven suffering. It is difficult for some people to get benefits without friends in the whole station."
Zhou Jia squints
"Of course," Cai Yuzhen continued
"Animals are hunted by Taoist friends, and if they are handled, they will ask questions, but it is by no means a good way to go. Taoist friends should be clear."
As early as the day before yesterday, someone could not help but have an accident.
Weng Johnson is even more out. Otherwise, most people don’t believe Zhou Jia if he can hunt animals in their nests every day.
Didn’t start work …
First, the prison is unwilling to break the original rules because of the short-term fashion, otherwise there is no way to manage this mouth.
It is because Zhou Jia did not hide his private interests and the acquisition of Jin Tieqi was not taboo for others.
But it’s not the way to do it all the time
Everyone in the station watched Zhou Jia’s business flourish, and nearly a thousand people were "coerced" by him to refine gold iron gas in exchange for exotic animals’ meat in Shou Yuan.
It’s only a matter of time before the gang attacks.
"A few Taoist friends went outside early this morning, and it is said that they met Zhou Daoyou’s female servant." Cai Yuzhen had a long mouth.
"Station I can also bless a thing or two if you go outside …"
She shook her head gently and hesitated.
Zhou Jia frowned and wanted to think the way
"Animals in this world are very sensitive to blood, hungry and more difficult to control. Haven’t you ever done this?"
"The" Cai Yuzhen sit up straight way
"But the blood will freeze in a short time, unless there are exotic animals nearby, it won’t be so clever, so how long can the bleeding be put?"
"Kejingxue" Zhoujiakou