He gently exhaled, "I’ve been away from Nanfei for too long. Although she can’t, I think she has lived in a place. When I stay for a while, I want to spend some time with her in another way."

At Su Lie, Yan shook his head. "Suit yourself, but don’t stay for too long, even if you don’t take over Nightcrawler for me, isn’t it too much to take over the storm for me?"
"Your son has rejected my old man’s house once and made my old man sad. You can’t refuse me again as a father, but that’s too much. I’ll tell you."
Su Lie got up and said with a smile, "It’s okay, Commander. You’re still young. This stimulates me to go. If you have something to do, just go to the city and find me. Just remember to bring wine."
With a wave of his hand, he walked out of the office. Several guards were under their noses, but the guards seemed not to see him.
"Get out of here. You still want me to buy you wine. There’s no way."
Yan Yan spit out a mouthful of smoke and said in a small voice, "I won’t worry too much if I still have the heart to drink. Hey, I have to worry about these rabbits at an old age and I don’t know how to feel bad for my old man."
He shook his head and picked up the fortress document. It looked like
city proper
Su Lie came out from the exit of the train around Shadow Street. There are fewer vagrants in the street now than before, because even vagrants have a lot of jobs to win.
The fortress has continuously introduced various policies, and urban residents can realize their dream of living and working in peace and contentment. Their remuneration has increased several times compared with the past, which makes pedestrians on the street no longer blind.
Now urban residents have found their own direction and motivation, and Su Lie has seen the light in their eyes.
He went back to the shack where Yang Mu lived the day before yesterday and put it in the shack for a long time, but during this time Su Lie renovated the house and set up furniture to make it full of home flavor.
On the way back, he bought a bunch of flowers at random and planned to put them in the vase in the bedroom. He remembered what kind of flowers his wife liked, so every two or three days he would buy a bunch from the flower shop so that the vase in the bedroom would not be idle for a moment.
Knocking on the door Su Lieli felt something. When he looked up, he saw a figure sitting in the small living room.
"So you live here …"
The man got up and let the sunshine fall on his face outside the window. It was a young face somewhat similar to Su Lie’s.
Chapter 1244 Verification
When night falls, the city of Qingtianbao is illuminated by neon lights of various colors. People are busy and tired all day, and people are looking for excitement and joy in the streets.
Yes, compared with before, the crime rate in the urban area has dropped a lot, and the incidents of street robbing and selling incense gangs have also decreased day by day, which is beneficial to entering the urban iron wall.
They once brought order to the chaotic city, which greatly guaranteed the property and life safety of urban residents.
Tianyang window really felt the gratifying changes brought by the city, and what he and Xun hoped and expected was happening.
"Are you going to continue blowing there or come and try your dad’s craft?"
Father’s voice sounded behind Tianyang. Looking back, he saw that the table was full of hot food and rich fragrance was floating in the room, which made Tianyang look at Su Lie in surprise.
I don’t know how many days I haven’t shaved Hu Sulie sat down and picked up a bottle of wine from Commander Chu Yan. "Why are you looking at me like this? Didn’t Nanfei say that I was impressed by cooking?"
Tianyang smiled and shook his head. "Mom hasn’t been there. Strictly speaking, I didn’t know who my father was until I got the diary."
Su Lie was silent for a moment and then said, "Don’t blame her. She is protecting you."
Tianyang’s eyes drooped "I know"
As soon as he found three pairs of bowls and chopsticks on the table, he saw his father fill a glass of wine at the side of the empty table, then smiled and picked up his glass and collided gently.
"Have a meal, Nanfei"
Zhong Tianyang seemed to see his mother sitting there smiling at their father in a trance.
At this moment, Tianyang suddenly understood Yuan’s number and what he wanted to study different gods.
However, even Sun Yang would not agree with Yuan Shu’s practice.
After sitting for days, Yang put a piece of fish in his mouth.
Su Lie took a sip of his glass and laughed. "Is it delicious?"
Tianyang said in surprise, "This tastes exactly like mom’s cooking."
Su Lie smiled and said, "I learned this dish from her. Before you came, I made it for more than a dozen times. Maybe I stayed in the opposite world for a long time. I almost forgot how to do it. It was only recently that I got my feeling back."
"Have you finished your own business?"
Tianyang took a sip of rice and said, "It can be said that I have taken care of it for the time being. I have eradicated a family and taken over some of their industries. At present, I have maintained a good relationship with a fortress before joining that organization, and I will take it over later."
Su Lie laughed. "Boy, you are much more capable than me. Nanfei will make you proud."
Tianyang smiled and did not respond. He picked up a green vegetable and put it in his father’s bowl.
Then he heard Su Lie ask, "How many children are you going to have? Listen to me, how many children can have is how many people are busy. "
Tianyang clenched his fist and coughed dry and said, "There is no plan in this respect yet, and something has happened to Sunseeker Tong."
Su Lie’s eyes shot up. "What happened to her?"
Tianyang hurriedly told him not to be nervous, and then simply said it again after Sunseeker Tong was assassinated and awakened to grow up.
Su Lie squints slightly. "So it seems that Hsi-tung’s body has awakened. I hope she won’t become a god. I still blame her."
Tianyang also said, "I hope so, too. I hope that this will reduce the stimulation to the evil cells."
Su Lie looked at him and said, "You should know that this can alleviate but not change the facts."
Tianyang nodded his head and looked depressed.
Su Liexiao said, "Don’t worry, even if Sunseeker Tung is a god evil, it is an indisputable fact that she has become dependent on you. In addition, even if it is a god evil, it doesn’t mean that she will take the road hostile to human beings. If you look at her, she will be alive."
Tianyang just smiled a little.
Anyway, when are you going to explore that place? Su Lie showed a thoughtful expression. "What’s that called again?"
"the shrine of shadows"
Tianyang added, "I can leave at any time and see what you say."
Su Lie’ Oh’ didn’t respond. He put a piece of fish in his bowl. "Don’t patronize the steak and order."
In an instant, the father and son swept a table of food clean. Tianyang helped his father clear the table and threw the chopsticks into the automatic dishwasher. Then she heard Su Lie say "Let’s go".
Tianyang saw his one eye.
Su Lie smiled and said, "Having enough to eat and drink is good for digestion. Let’s go and see what’s in the depths of the Shadow Shrine."
"Good" Tianyang simply nodded in agreement.
Beautiful townlet
Silver light in the collection room floats in the dust, and a pair of silver wings are quickly formed and opened to show the ancient door.
Cracked door staggered to Tianyang and Su Lie walked into the door.
Su Lie dressed and carrying’ Jueque’ looked very casual.
After he entered collection room, he looked out of the window. "Is this the world after you said that the two buildings were sandwiched and merged?"