The ghost house is about to leave when it nods and steps.


"Wait a minute!" Zhou Jia stretched out his hand and stopped the other party.
"Is there anything else?"
"The younger generation would like to ask about the method of practicing with boldness of vision. In my opinion, many silver experts also practice the method of boldness of vision."
Li Guxin, who has visited the Xuantian Pavilion for many times these days, has talked many times, and he knows more about Wushu, but he doesn’t know much about verve.
I naturally want to ask a thing or two when I meet a master nowadays.
"verve?" Ghost house stop wanted to think the way
"No matter which ethnic group is good at it, there is a limit in the flesh, and the law of boldness of vision can break this limit."
"If …"
"People can’t have three heads and six arms, can’t have the size of monsters and fierce beasts, and can’t grow a pair of wings."
"But with the help of verve method"
"A wise man can’t!"
The verve method came from the Dili people, and then it was carried forward by the Bello people. Finally, almost all the silver people practiced.
The silver ghost house of Shendili nationality is a master in this field.
A few condescending comments made Zhou Jia suddenly understand.
It is normal for all ethnic groups to exchange silver, and these experiences are not secret. The ghost house has not hidden anything to tell them one by one.
I even listed a few short drills of the verve method.
He doesn’t think Zhou Jia can learn anything from it. It’s not a road of boldness that can increase knowledge and experience.
You can’t appreciate the subtleties unless you experience them yourself.
But don’t know
For Zhou Jia’s ghost house words with the characteristics of enlightenment, it is like waking up every sentence and every word to be remembered in my heart.
In ancient times, the sage of Yanfa heard an article about the Dharma, and he could create a better method the next day.
Today zhoujia
Not bad.
Xiang Fang walked out of Qian Xiaoyun’s room and carefully looked around, then flickered into a nearby guest room.
guest room
The lights have gone out, but it’s hard to see five fingers, but several people are sitting around the table
"How about it?"
See a Fang came in and asked a man.
"Is that man a Zen man?"
"No" Xiang Fang shook his head.
"It’s a foreigner who came to seek medical treatment, and it seems that he was cheated."
"So …" Someone squints.
"Then don’t pay attention to asking when the monk will come over and we will take the opportunity to sneak into the Buddha Palace to save our sisters!"
Several people nodded in unison