During this period, they seem to be getting smarter, and at the same time, they make the sand vines stronger and stronger by sharing knowledge with each other, and finally large cyclones destroy them in the distance

Living in peace gives them leisure to do a lot of things. They record their history and try to make Shateng into something else, such as a residence.
And during this period, they met a special thing.
At one time, a group of rattan shapers found a fire in the sky, and a … aircraft appeared and flew into their city.
Plastic cane-shaped aircraft is a kind of particularly light debris, which is used to represent’ special flying objects’.
This aircraft crashed into them, and many sand vines hit the ground, and a strange creature appeared in the aircraft.
Rattan shapers have no words to shape this creature. They have made a fine statue to represent this creature. They can control the rotation of debris in their own bodies and cut them. It seems to be very simple for them to make a statue.
And this statue … Lin recognized it as Atlan.
It was at that time that an Atlan came to this world in a flying machine.
The vine shapers didn’t do anything to Atlan. They were curious to observe the creature and its actions …
In the description of the plastic rattan maker, this Atlan had been waiting for the aircraft for a long time at first … It should have been dozens of fluffy balls day and night before it left the aircraft.
Lynn thinks it may have left after all the food in it has been eaten.
And this Atlan left the aircraft, and he was quite afraid of the cyclone creatures around him. He had been avoiding cyclones to move, but soon he found that there were cyclones everywhere, but he also found that these cyclones did not attack him.
At first, this Atlan has been looking for what multicellular creatures need-food and water.
These two things are not common in this world, but Atlan succeeded in finding some edible things in the country of rattan shapers, and rattan shapers have been observing it and recording its activities.
However, this Atlan also observed the rattan shaper, and he slowly discovered the communication way of the rattan shaper, and then Atlan made another aircraft machine successfully communicate with the rattan shaper.
The Atlan told the rattan shaper that it had come to look for its "hometown", but it had to make a "forced landing" because it encountered danger on the way. It believed that its hometown route must be hidden in this world …
Chapter four hundred and thirteen The past
"My hometown, where our race was born … we have been looking for it. Now I know its’ route’ hides somewhere in this world, and I hope to find it."
With this, Atlan, the world is looking for the place where their ancestors were born.
Lin has also done a lot of research on that place, but what she can know at present is that it is a world rich in multicellular organisms, and nothing else.
Where exactly is it? What the world will have a’ route’ to there?
Atlan didn’t seem to say this, but the most important thing is that these vine shapers didn’t ask it. They seem to like watching Atlan’s activities better than Atlan’s body. They think Atlan, a multicellular creature, is wonderful.
Atlan is dressed in armor in this cold place, but rattan shapers can know that it is different from the common creatures here.
After a while, Atlan has been looking for the route it said, and the rattan shapers occasionally help it, such as helping it deal with some dangers or finding food and water for it, while keeping an eye on Atlan …
Until some time, this Atlan traveled to a place that can be translated as’ scorched plain’ and found clues about their ancestors tumbling.
That plain has all that name because it seems that there has been a high temperature and a large number of flame cyclones live there.
Flame cyclones are different types of cyclones, and most of them have a short life span, just like flames, they will go out at any time and place, but they are also very powerful in’ reproduction’, just like flames, they may ignite at any time.
Some rattan shapers in this weird plain accompanied Atlan to find clues. According to this rattan shaper’s description,’ clues’ seem to be things shaped like mechanical objects.
But the description of the debris released by light from it is a way to know the specific appearance of this thing.
However, it can be inferred that maybe this thing is remembered. After the coordinate machinery found it, Atlan said that it had a way to go back, and went back to the original crash site to repair its aircraft.
It seems that the aircraft is not easy to repair because the materials are hard to find, and it needs to be dug by itself.
Atlantean is a kind of machinery that communicates with rattan shapers in a whirlwind. This machinery seems to be particularly capable of absorbing and analyzing the debris scattered by the whirlwind, as if it were specially prepared for communicating with the whirlwind. However, it is still difficult for Atlantean to communicate with rattan shapers in a more complicated way. It does everything by itself to repair the aircraft.
The plastic vines watched and recorded it.
But in the end, atlanta didn’t fix it, and the flying machine was …
More aircraft came into this world.
These flying machines … are not so friendly. They attacked the rattan shaper’ country’ the moment they appeared.
The attack was devastating, and the gravel country was quickly destroyed by the rattan shapers, and the whirlwinds of these rattan shapers fled around, and the Atlan had already destroyed the fireworks and disappeared.
But these attackers didn’t give up attacking them, and they kept appearing all over the world and catching all kinds of cyclone creatures in the future.
Rattan shapers have watched their capture process. It seems that these aircraft are all square. Their capture method is to suck cyclones into the square, and they often bomb various places. I don’t know why.