Water flow nai was looking at her mysteriously had a bad feeling.


She refused several times but failed, and the new name Xiangbaoli was worried about her personal safety and pity, and she couldn’t find a suitable reason for refusing. If she was too resistant to the detective, she would be eccentric, but she couldn’t stop her success in the end.
Now it seems … this "surprise" is really a "scare"
Water pity nai sighed deeply in her heart, pretending that an ordinary woman should be afraid when facing harassment, and simply told her what happened every Saturday.
This kind of thing can be solved by listening, and it happened to be Saturday. Conan quickly asked Shui Lian’s address and planned to go to the field to see the situation.
Water pity nai didn’t refuse. Anyway, detectives are here. It would be a good thing if we could take the opportunity to solve things.
After dinner, several people went to her house.
Baishi pretends that he doesn’t know the truth of the incident. According to a normal detective, he should ask questions step by step and do the experiment of "Will the door come or not?"
In this issue, Baishi saw Conan take out a piece of gum and then the child sneaked to the door.
Chapter 4 Go Conan Ball
Conan chewed gum and touched a bug outside the door, thinking that there might be a "suspect" outside the door by sound.
Water pity nai paid attention to Bai Shishen and found no bear child moving.
She brought out some food and told them some more details.
The rest can wait until early the next day.
Before going to bed, Shuipity tied up a large pile of old newspapers and magazines and put them in the corridor outside the door, intending to take them away the next day.
At this moment, Conan looked at them and smiled confidently-he had seen through the truth in his previous words.
He just wanted to go to Baishi to see if his neighbors had solved the puzzle, but when he turned around, he found Baishi sleeping on the sofa.
"…" Conan was full of speculation and couldn’t say it. Finally, he sighed to find water pity. "Big sister, if the day catches the prisoner, can you not be angry with him? I think he must like you very much to do such a thing. "
"Well …" Water pity nai heard Conan’s comment and looked at him. His eyes couldn’t help but become strange and he felt like he was looking at a future holy father.
There’s something wrong with the detective’s education in the house … You’ll be cheated if you go out after teaching children like this.
Water pity nai remembered his younger brother’s sympathy and touched Conan’s head, and decided to send Baishi a little parenting "good" another day.
At the same time, I thought that if I caught the stalker naively, I must find a chance to beat him in a sack and beat him up. After all, if there is no strong evidence to ring the doorbell, the police can’t effectively punish the perpetrators.
The doorbell rang again the next morning.
Water pity nai ran to the door and hit the back door. There was another person outside.
She sighed and just wanted to ask the two detectives if they had found any clues when she saw Baishi crossing her into the corridor and staring at the thick pile of magazines and newspapers.
Then Baishi stretched out his hand from behind the pile of paper and took out a child who looked smaller than Conan and put him in front of Shui Xie Nai.
The size of that pile of newspapers is definitely not large enough for people to hide, but Shuipity Nai ran back to the door after ringing the doorbell, leaving sleeping pills at the door. It must be a malicious adult, so she paid attention to the surroundings when she went to the door. I never thought that people could hide behind the newspaper.
The most troublesome problem of "how did the doorbell ring escape in seconds" was solved.
Conan’s mood is slightly complicated. Looking at this scene, sleeping will never affect Baishi’s investigation, and he can take the lead this time …
Water flow nai see this is not her leg high case personnel also shocked.
"You … why do you want to ring my sister’s doorbell?" She squatted down and looked at the child’s slow voice. "Did someone ask you to come and press it?"
With a watermelon taro hairstyle, the bear boy hung his head and clutched his clothes. He didn’t expect to be exposed for a while and could not speak.
Conan glanced at Baishi and found that his neighbor didn’t speak. He looked at the child lovingly as if to encourage him to tell the truth himself.
He suddenly sighed and thought that it was probably because Baishi was exposed to "children" like himself and Haibara Ai every day. He had a little misunderstanding about children’s language ability and psychological quality.
Conan looked embarrassed and almost cried. "Peer" decided to help the real child out of the misery.
He took the initiative to explain to the child, "I guess he was trying to wake up Sister Shui."
Then Conan Baishi was pleased that Barabara gave a long explanation in his eyes.
Shui Linnai has been hosting a program called "Live at 7: 00 a.m.", but two months ago she was transferred to Sunday night.
Bear who likes to watch her program can’t understand such a complicated thing. When she finds that there is no water in the program, she guesses that she overslept and wants to wake her up by ringing the doorbell.
The program "Live at 7 am" will be broadcast on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Usually, bear children have to learn what they can. Come and wake up on Saturday.
Putting sleeping pills in front of Shui Lian Nai’s door is also because I heard that taking this medicine can make me sleep more peacefully, and I think it can help Shui Lian Nai get up.
Maybe because someone of the same age has been talking to her, the bear child finally recovered and told Shui Xie Nai that she was very much like her dead mother.
Water pity nai blink eyes, but she still persuaded the child not to come again after the appearance, so that he was independent because of her dangerous status, and it would be dangerous to contact her too much.
The child ran away with tears. The case was solved. Baishi said goodbye to the water and took Conan to the parking lot.
Conan really indulged in solving crimes, forgot his bug, and sympathized with Nai’s exterior wall.
After they left, Shui Lian also changed his clothes and was ready to go out.