"Help me make an appointment for a fast, just say that Zhou misses old friends and get together sometime."


"…" Li He looked up with a surprise in his eyes and nodded his head.
"Master" Tianhe hurriedly stepped forward.
"Where is the money?"
"Don’t worry" Zhou Jia waved
"Let’s see Zhai first."
Tianhe smell speech can also oppress my heart.
A few days later
Zhou Jia sat in the main seat for a banquet
"Two years have passed in a flash"
Looking at the bustling crowd in the street, his voice was filled with emotion.
"How time flies! The changes here are even more amazing. Two years ago, pedestrians were sparse, but now they are full of people."
"I heard that …"
"There will be an additional shop here."
"Yes," Zhai nodded.
"In the past two years, shops have been making great progress, and it’s really enviable to want Zhou Xiong to do the same!"
"Joking" Zhou Jia shook his head with a wry smile.
"Say it out, brother, you may not believe that frowning is difficult and that little people are busy for two years, but they are barely making ends meet."
Zhai chuckle
Although I didn’t answer, my face was full of disbelief
"Not much income is also called" Zhou Jiakou.
"It’s best to be content to be born here and be born in Zhou, rather than make enemies."
"Brother said right?"
"…" Zhai manual micro eyes flashed a complex.
"Brother Zhou said yes."
"It’s a pity that people can’t help themselves. Sometimes even if you want to have a safe day, others will not be afraid of you."
Zhou Jia put a glass and smiled without a word.
"The strength is the root" Zhai turned primly.
"I know that Zhou Xiong has great strength and refined veterinary drugs. Just some time ago, several of my colleagues discovered an exotic animal nest. I wonder if Zhou Xiong is interested in going to explore it?"
"This ….." Zhou Jia hesitated.
"Forget it."
"What a pity!"
Zhai looked sorry.
After three rounds of wine and five dishes, I didn’t renew my fast. I was well-advised to get up and leave and walk into the snow.
Li He leaned close to the crowd and lowered his mouth.