[drop! The host gets a chance to extract and activate the Lord talent! 】


Su Yu was a little surprised by the three-time unified display.
This novice gift package gives a lot of things!
Su Yu eyebrows a pick eyes reveal a smile, this system is called the system! This is the main way to send gifts to the host!
The host is the master and the servant!
This is the true meaning!
The novice line gift package of 10,000 people’s heart energy comes at an extraordinary time, which is of great help to Su Yu’s subsequent layout.
And this low-level popular support Dan makes up for Su Yu’s worries and worries, so he can play cards and prepare treasures.
[Low-level Popular Heart Dan] You can gain twice the popular heart energy of the territory in the current month.
One of the territorial attributes is that it changes according to the popularity of the people and the number of people in the month, and the people’s energy can be gained every month.
For example, at present, the people’s heart and population Su Yu in Heishi County can get 4,595 people’s heart energy every month, so if Su Yu now makes the low-level people’s heart pill, his people’s heart energy will increase by 919, and making the low-level people’s heart pill will not affect the people’s heart energy in that month.
If the popularity of the people continues to be high and the population of the territory continues to expand, then the more popular energy Su Yu can gain every month, the better the effect of popular support pills!
Su Yu currently has 12,000 points of popular support energy. This popular support pill can be kept until the popularity of the territory is high or when the popular support energy is badly needed.
Another gift package reward is the opportunity to open the Lord talent.
This is what Su Yu never expected.
This Lord’s talents and skills will only appear randomly after a high territorial level!
Su Yu now wants to enlighten the Lord’s talent, except to spend 10 thousand people’s energy to upgrade the territory level.
This reward is less than the energy value of ten thousand people’s hearts!
Proper value!
Su Yu put [Low-level Minxin Dan] back in the Lord’s backpack, and there was a deep smile in his eyes, whispering, "How can I make this opportunity to extract the talents of the Lord?"
【 Host lords’ talents are all-encompassing, and there are many kinds. There are two kinds of passive talents and active talents, and they are subdivided into three categories: war talents, territorial talents and personal talents 】
[Both the talent extraction and the talent after upgrading the territory are randomly acquired. The host needs to confirm the talent extraction.]
What are you waiting for?
"Confirm the talent extraction!"
Su Yu said decisively
Now I don’t have any talent, which belongs to the lowest valley. No matter what talent I draw, it is good!
With a flash of light, a colorful roulette wheel suddenly bloomed, and the slightly smaller lottery roulette wheel bounced out and appeared in front of Su Yu.
[Primary Commandment] [Millions of Soldiers] [Immortal Body] [Trace Light]
Many advanced talents almost blinded Su Yu’s eyes
There are simply too many talents to draw!
However, there are some negative talents besides higher talents.
For example, a monthly fixed reduction of 10% popular energy [Lord greed]; For example, every day, the talent of [tyrant] is fixed to reduce the popularity of the territory; Another example is that the territory randomly leads the people to defect or increase the chance of leading the people to rebel [Insurgents Talent]
"It turns out that not all lords have talents."
Su Yu face a heavy.
It’s not good to have a lot of talents for a long time! There are a lot of talents, although they are very powerful, but the negative effects are also very obvious!
"God bless me not to draw a talent with negative effects."
Su Yu wry smile more than heart secretly pray.
Roulette pointer jumping
Slowly extract the talent of Lord Su Yu!
47 Chapter 47 First call generals of all worlds
Colorful roulette hands spinning rapidly.
Su Yu rubbed her hands and suddenly felt a little nervous. She wanted to light a cigarette like her previous life to ease her mood.
Su Yu’s character has always been calm and steady, and he is good at arranging everything.
From the bone, Su Yu is a stable person.
But the first extraction of the Lord’s talent did give him a sense of excitement similar to gambling.
The lottery is the most unstable thing!
This thing is not good enough to draw a negative talent to make yourself turn over!
Ok, that [tyrant] talent will reduce the popularity of the lords a little every day, but it will probably increase the combat effectiveness of all soldiers and legions by 50%! And it is still a passive talent! If it takes effect forever!
I have to say that the effect of improving combat effectiveness behind this tyrant talent is very enviable. One thousand intellectual warriors can be used as one thousand five hundred people to come to the legion, and the greater the combat effectiveness, the more obvious it is!
However, its negative effect is unacceptable.
Especially now Su Yu has managed to raise the popularity of the territory to 7. If it is reduced by a little less than three months a day, the people in Blackstone County will have to rebel against him!
Su Yu secretly prayed that he didn’t want to be a tyrant or an insurgent.
Su Yu low drink a way
The pointer slowed down gradually.
Jump and move slowly
[drop! Congratulations to the host for getting the "good weather" Lord talent]
[Good weather] Passive talent+Territorial talent effect The Lord may not only harm all territories by natural disasters, including but not limited to floods, droughts, rainstorms, tornadoes, mudslides and other natural disasters, but also this talent can slightly increase the grain output and population reproduction speed of the territory.