The magic queen squinted at the high wall with phoenix eyes.

"The palace cleans the door sooner or later."
Yong Zhao Di listened to the Queen Mother’s words and felt a heavy blow to his heart!
He looked at him with resentment, but he couldn’t retort. After all, he scolded him for being his first mother.
Da Yu Zhongxiao ruled the country, even if heaven and man thought the devil was a thief, he could not insult the nominal queen face to face.
After the magic already shamelessly committed to zhao thief? Damn it, I won’t kill you!’
Fei Di hated Zhao Cuo.
He felt ashamed and resentful at the thought of the queen mother’s deeds.
Did the Chu family owe this little thief? When he wins the day, he will destroy the Duke of Zheng!
"You’re hurt … is it okay?"
Zhao wrong suddenly his heart shrank.
He didn’t notice that sticking to his body was a sweet shoulder and half exposed.
It’s shocking that a crimson gap in the arm of the little witch was sealed in the crystal of ice blue!
"It hurts a little. That woman is so powerful that I can’t beat her."
The little witch snuggled up to Zhao thief with a face of attachment.
His heart ached but he could endure it.
This is a struggle between ourselves and the enemy.
"The queen …"
Forever according to the emperor looking at happiness shoulder is also a burst of love.
He didn’t want to end it with his wife until now. It’s all Zhao’s fault. You can’t blame her.
However, he breathed again and again, and saw that there was a tooth mark on the jade shoulder of the saint aunt, which was obviously left by a man!
"Zhao thief actually hurt Anle?"
The waste emperor was disillusioned.
He has a sad face and is messy in the wind.
But he can swallow his tears into his stomach.
"happiness! Don’t be tired of being immersed in love! You are a Terran Lighter! "
Mr. Gu hates the sound of iron not turning into steel, but his voice is trembling and he is trapped in a fight.
"What’s a man? You try your best to stall the demon now. After we win this war, this little thief is you!"
The little witch brightened up at the master’s words.
The Queen Mother Dayu looked back coldly.
She was even angrier when she saw the little witch in her man’s arms.
Zhao mistakenly lowered his eyes and silently took out a jade box from his arms and put it in the hands of happiness to return it to its original owner.
"It is not enough to have a life by mistake."
Queen’s Hall shook its head.
"Don’t you still protect me?"
Zhao cuo said lightly that he really didn’t expect them to play and don’t kill themselves.
The outcome of this battle is still in his hands.
The army in his hand is the key
The two fallen immortals disappeared into his eyes again!
The amount of Guanghua bombing is like a storm, and the holy power is full of heaven and earth. Restart!
Everyone can see that Anle, a new torch lifter who just lit the flame, is not weaker than Da Yu Guo Shi!
"Did Mr. Gu just say it to me?"
Always look up to heaven in the absence of Emperor Zhao.
Aurora interweaves the dome to make his heart endure.
I’m afraid he can’t kill Zhao thief even if he can keep him this time.
"Happiness if you want to protect zhao thief I also can you please? Nai … "
A teenager wants to cry for a few days. The sacred land is above all beings. What is an unstable emperor?
I can only say what I say when I am in the King’s Landing.’
He told himself to be patient.
Sooner or later, Anle can see through the thief’s true colors.
Holy aunt, but he loves the goddess in this life!
"Step … step … step …"
Horseshoe roar!
"The Xisha army has arrived?"