Wave Tianya couldn’t control his emotions any longer. He knelt by the bed and grabbed his hand and said, "It’s my dad, you’re not dreaming."

Chapter 50 Gu Nianqiu
Gu Rusong stretched out his hand and touched the person in front of him, and immediately became weak. "Why are you here?" Then he slowly raised his head and looked at the rear. "Didn’t Nian Er’s dad say that you are not allowed to be an immortal?"
The little girl who called Nianer shook her head and said, "I didn’t go to Dad, but this big brother came by himself."
Wave Tianya input a true qi to his body and mind, and his father’s body was full of vitality. It seems that his time is running out. Looking at this strange and familiar man, his tears came out first-class and asked, "Dad, what’s going on with you?"
Gu Rusong sighed, "Don’t be sad. My time has come and I finally won’t suffer from it. I’m sorry to see you again at last."
Maybe it’s a few angry words of LangTianya that made him recover a little, so he sat up against the bed and looked at LangTianya. "The only thing that supported me in these years was that you grew up and hated your family, but in the end it was unexpected that your grandfather brought it on himself. Now I have nothing to worry about. You want to leave my heart in Yin and Yang, which is happy, or you will have hatred for the rest of your life and you will never be happy like me."
Wave Tianya knelt on the bed and wiped her tears. "Dad, don’t worry, I know how to be myself."
Gu Rusong patted his hand and smiled. "Your mother will be very happy to see you like this."
Wave Tianya cried and nodded abruptly, "I met my second grandpa."
Gu Rusong some consternation way "he … he didn’t die? How is he now? "
Lang Tianya then told the story of Gu Zhenyao’s meeting on a desert island and asked, "Did you know this in those days?"
Gu Rusong shook his head for a long time. "When I was not married, I was just a non-academic brother. Uncle, he quit the Jianghu. I can’t believe that my family was …" When it comes to this stalk, I swallowed it, closed my eyes and waved it in my hands. I couldn’t say how sad it was.
Nian Er hurried over and grabbed Gu Rusong’s hand on his arms by the bedside. "Dad, you promised Nian Er not to do this again."
Gu Rusong’s face was pale, and he touched her head with a smile and said, "Tell your brother and dad to leave and then follow your brother, okay?"
Nian Er burst into tears and said, "Nian Er should stay with Dad if he doesn’t leave."
Lang Tianya asked curiously, "This … Who is she?"
Gu Rusong said, "It’s also a poor baby who was abandoned in the wilderness before the full moon. Can I raise her for dad after I leave?"
Wave Tianya nodded and said, "I will" and asked, "Do you know anything about the spoony spell of Yin and Yang?"
Gu Rusong was a little surprised and asked, "Why do you ask this?"
Wave Tianya embarrassed, "Little menstruation was cursed by his second grandfather and daughter, and little menstruation was to me … to me … hey!"
Gu Rusong’s eyebrows a wrinkly shook his head. "I don’t have any talent for martial arts and I don’t have a deep understanding of Yin and Yang Daoism. This puppet art is that I have studied for more than half a generation before I learned a little fur." I pointed to a box in the corner of the house. "Yin and Yang Daoism is partial, and you can take a look at it."
Wave Tianya got up and went to the corner of the room to find out a yellowed book with various incantations of Yin and Yang. He glanced at it at random and saw the three characters of spoony incantation when he turned to it. When he looked closely, his brow became tighter and tighter. Only the incantation person can solve this curse, and the other way is that the incantation person will never separate, otherwise it will kill her bit by bit.
Gu Rusong saw his expression and said, "Don’t worry too much. Go to your aunt and talk it over. Tell her what happened when you met your second grandpa. She should be able to say that she is also a family member."
Wave Tianya smiled miserably. When I thought about the uprising, I heard the dialogue and knew that Lai Yue’s hatred for family was not clear in a few words.
Gu Rusong added, "Muer Dad hopes you can promise me one thing."
Wave Tianya and Ji went over and said, "You said."
Gu Rusong trembles and finally slowly says, "Find out the mysterious swordsman’s revenge for your mother."
Wave Tianya nodded heavily and said, "I will"
Gu Rusong died at dusk the next day, and he was buried in a beautiful place at the foot of the mountain. He walked peacefully without any pain. Perhaps he suffered too much in his life, and God arranged a good ending for him.
Leaves rustling and autumn wind winding
I don’t know if I didn’t cry until midnight.
Nian Er seemed to wake up the next day after his father died, crying and tearing his heart out almost fainted.
Wave Tianya took Nianer’s hand and said outside the hospital, "How about following me after Nianer?" Shall I show you around? "
Nian Er raised his head and flashed his eyes. "Brother Twilight, will you miss Nian Er?"
Wave Tianya picked her up and walked towards the outside of the village. "No, but will you call me Tianya brother later?"
Nian Er looked straight at the thatched cottage at the foot of the mountain, nodded her head, and her eyes showed sadness that was out of date with her age. Finally, she fell asleep with her hands on her shoulders.
Nianer Gu Rusong named her Gu Nianqiu, who was born less than a month ago and was abandoned by people. In addition to a carry-on suit, she was given it in the forest after the village.
Lang Tianya was careful to avoid the official road and take the path all the way. He had to consider the safety of his son. On the way, he met a town, bought her clothes, took a shower and took her around the street.
But Nianer doesn’t seem to be as playful and curious about the world as he is as a child. She just looks around holding hands and eyes.
Wave Tianya considered that the long journey might be too much for her, and she bought a bordeaux horse in town. She didn’t miss her son’s smile after sitting down, and her cold face was rarely shown.
Take a walk to the southwest of Longchuan for three or four days. There is a pool called Sunset City. Don’t underestimate this town. There are 20,000 armored knights stationed in rivers and lakes, and there is an endless stream of business travelers. This city is so prosperous because there is a vein to create wealth. Taxation is the main source of income in Longchuan City, and 100,000 mountains are located at the edge of that mine and spread to the northwest. No one knows how wide and deep it is. Looking at the forest as far as the eye can see.
And there is a story in Sunset City that says that you should step into a hundred thousand mountains. Maybe your feet are buried with a thousand-year-old treasure and peerless magic skills. So Jianghu tourists have stepped into this ancient and mysterious place to find the rare treasure that can be met but not sought in their hearts.
Of course, opportunities are all crises, and hundreds of thousands of mountains are buried everywhere. The wetlands and swamps can instantly annihilate people and float to kill people. What’s more, ordinary practitioners are hard to shake, but people’s desires will not stop expanding because of difficulties, but they will become more and more crazy.
Lingshan Temple is located outside the city, and the appearance of Monty Beads on the top of Fumo Mountain has once again ushered in its’ prosperity’ in the sunset city. The crowds wearing hats and weapons can be seen everywhere, and there is a touch of cold light in everyone’s eyes. It is only those who lick blood with real knives that have an aura of unusual indifference.
Nian Er turned his head and looked at Tianya Lang before sitting on a horse and said, "Brother Tianya, people here are very bad. Shall we not go in?"
"I’m going in to find someone who can save my brother, menstruation Jr., and we’ll leave here as soon as we find her, okay?"
Nian Er’s eyes looked around as if he were very afraid, and finally he turned around and buried his head in his arms and stopped looking elsewhere.
I found several inns and told them that there was no room. Langtianya didn’t know what to do, but Nianer grabbed his hand and said, "Ask that old woman over there that she has an idea."
Looking in her direction, Lang Tianya saw an old woman about sixty years old, who was staring at herself and went over without some curiosity and asked, "What can I do for her mother-in-law?"
The old woman was dressed in coarse clothes, her hair was gray and her face smiled kindly. "My wife’s name is Brother Li. Please call me Li Popo. Do you want to stay in a hotel?"
Wave Tianya nodded, "Yes, but there is no room."
Li Popo said, "I have a room there that is not as good as this inn, but it is very clean. If you don’t dislike it, go to my place and the price is half as high as here."
Wave Tianya was full of surprise and looked down at Nianer. How did she know? So he asked, "Nian Er, have you been here?"
Nian Er shook his head and said, "Without Tianya Brother, we will live in Li Popo’s house. She is a good person."
Wave Tianya nodded with a smile. "All right! Li Popo, please lead the way. "
After walking through several hutongs for a quarter of an hour, I came to a place halfway up the mountain. Looking up, I saw gray and yellow wooden buildings lined up around the roadside and a stream gurgling by. It was not surprising to see this unique building.
Follow Li Popo into a house near the mountainside and cross the high threshold to see the house clean and tidy. Tianya nodded and took out a silver smile. "Here it is."
Mother-in-law Li took the silver door and said, "Let’s live here. I’ll call you this room when it’s time for dinner. My wife is the only one with several rooms. If you don’t mind, I’ll invite some guests over."
Wave Tianya shook his head and said "hinder"
As Li Popo said, she walked outside again. She must have gone to find a guest.
Wave Tianya tied the horse to a post in front of the house and went back to the room. When he saw Nian Er hitting the window and looking at the stream, he smiled and asked, "Nian Er, how do you know that this mother-in-law has rent?"
Chapter 59 War Bianrang
Nian Er shook his head and said, "I just saw it."
Wave Tianya wants to ask more details, so it can be seen that she is silent at the window and has not asked again. She told her to stay indoors and not go out, and then he went to the street to ask for news.
Wave Tianya stepped out of the cross lane and lowered his hat. He was a little confused and wandered around the street. He was thinking about whether to find two fighters or monty masters to beat up and show his name so that they could go back to’ tip off’, but suddenly he appeared to a familiar figure on the second floor of the opposite pub without any advice, and he quickly walked into the restaurant with joy.