See Ningkun gave his seat to Muhai and sat down.

Then he took out a white Dan medicine.
"Don’t I introduce this Dan medicine?" Mu Hai said
"Mr. Enmu, we have learned from your post."
"Yes, it’s Mr. Mu, isn’t it three auctions together?"
A group of people are puzzled and puzzled.
"I can sell my Dan medicine as I want. Don’t worry about me. If you don’t want to buy it, you can leave me immediately. Mu Mou will never stop you." Mu Hai said.
"You …"
Ten people look as ugly as eating Xiang.
Another wave of magic thoughts was happily accepted by Muhai.
Since when is magic reading so easy to earn?
"The starting price of Elixir 10,000 shall not be less than 10,000 each time. Now auction!" Mu Hai said
This sound makes a crowd react quickly.
"110,000" was immediately quoted
"120,000" horse is followed by someone.
There are three people who haven’t moved yet. I don’t know if they are trying to save themselves or don’t want to participate.
These three people are Xie’s group Xie Xian, Wu’s group Ningkun and Longwang Yuwei.
"30 thousand"
At the back, there are fewer and fewer bidders. After reaching 30,000, no one will follow the price.
"The gentleman bid 30000. Does anyone else offer? 32 … "
"40 thousand!" Just as Muhai was about to shout out, Xie Xian offered a price increase of 10,000.
"50 thousand!" Yu Wei also joined in and also increased the price by 10,000.
"ten thousand!" If Ning Kun didn’t shout, he would have increased the price by 30,000.
This Yuwei Xie Xian also stopped quoting.
It’s not that I can’t afford it, but that it’s too worthless.
It’s not worth adding 5 pounds of strength to a Dan medicine.
"Three, two, one deal!"
Muhai sent Dan medicine to Ningkun and asked him to transfer money to himself.
"how do I know if this is true?" Ning Kun said
"You can try it. If it’s not true, I’ll give you a refund," Muhai said.
Ning Kun didn’t experiment. After the transfer, he took out a jade bottle from his bag and carefully packed it up.
Chapter 57 Confessions
Zhong Jing stared at Muhai with a complicated look in his eyes.
Then she took off her clothes and secretly said, "Little goat sister took advantage of you."
"Sister Zhong, I want it," Muhai said.
The sound of "en" is thinner than that of mosquitoes.
Muhai stretched out his right hand and took out two grains of Reiki Dan from the jade bottle, and then mobilized the body magic element.
The pale red devils are getting brighter and brighter in the hands of Muhai.
Let Zhong Jing’s body be exposed to Mu Hai’s eyes again
The light of the former mobile phone was too weak, and Muhai didn’t see it clearly.
At this time, Muhai can see clearly.
The whole body is like a soft white jade with a red awn as a soft white ruby.
Zhong Jing is very proud even if she lies flat on her chest.
There is not a trace of fat in the whole body, which is really beautiful.
Muhai froze.
If Zhou Qian is a bud, Tang Yu is a flower that just blooms, while Zhong Jing is a blooming and delicate flower, which attracts the most attention.
"Gollum …"
Although Muhai has gone through two lives, it is also thirsty at this time.
This is the first time for Zhong Jing to be naked in front of a boy. Her face is red, but she doesn’t hide from Muhai to enjoy it.
"Sister Zhong, you are so beautiful."
Mu Hai said that his mind moved red awn to guide Reiki Beads to change light blue light at a rapid speed.
The red and blue lights are intertwined like two flying butterflies.