She soon turned red and white.


But it is impossible to resist again.
Grandpa Xiao finally succeeded.
"General Zhao"
It has been raining heavily for several days in a row.
Zhao Cuo will arrive in Jiangnan, and the morning is overcast.
According to lang before he respectfully made a low said
"Officer, you’ve taken care of this trip. If you have any place in the future, it will definitely help you."
His tone is sincere, although he is clingy, but he also makes life uncomfortable.
"Don’t bother, we are all empress dowager, and we will be a family in the future."
Zhao Xiaogong said kindly
He said family, of course, refers to the empress dowager.
According to lang listened to his words is zheng immediately face lit up way
"The general already knows about my little sister?"
What did you say?’
Zhao wrong leng one.
"It’s a little outrageous for an official younger sister to rely on her elders’ love. Please excuse me more when she meets you."
In his eyes, he whispered with concern that Grandpa Zhao Xiaogong had also tasted it, and his parents were going to introduce him to your daughter!
The general is your great-aunt!
Damn it!
"Don’t worry about it."
Zhao thief gave him a perfunctory sentence after a meal.
Of course, he can’t have any more ideas about miss Zhao Jia.
Not to mention the difference in seniority, he himself feels that there are enough women and he doesn’t want to be philandering any more.
My backyard is almost a sacred place, and it is not appropriate to find an ordinary woman. Isn’t this bullying?’
Zhao Cuo had a headache for a while, and his parents were anxious for him to get married. After all, who didn’t get a wife when someone else’s young master was almost twenty?
"General, it’s time to prepare the boat. The horse will dock. Lord Duxian should be waiting for you."
According to lang tap his head and said
Zhao cuoying said
There is no such thing as always going out of town to meet children.
However, it is said that the emperor of heaven and earth is above all others, and it is business for the governor of Liangjiang to meet him as a general with imperial life.
"Fortunately, the rain doesn’t keep pouring down."
General Zhao looked up at the sky when he was on board.