Zhou Jia nodded


"About a year later," Cai Yuzhen counted on his fingers.
"After a year, the array method should be almost the same."
Chapter 111 Divine transaction
Although Sang Nanfeng is a kind of immortal, he is not a kind of immortal, but not before he transforms into a ghost.
Life is sunny.
Only ghosts are different.
Sang Lao lives in the depths of the earth, and there are nine deep and remote sources, and the ghosts and spirits gather together. He doesn’t like it.
Sang Nanfeng seldom wants to come if necessary.
A dark shadow, a dim candle light, swayed back and forth faintly.
"Zhou Yi can destroy the black wind bandits, and his strength must be extraordinary, far less than ordinary. If necessary, don’t bother him."
"It was Yang Su who killed Xiao Guoliang, not him." Sang Nanfeng frowned
"The surname Zhou is just a fifth-order silver, and it is not immortal, and it is not the key to exterminating black wind and bandits. In my opinion, it is just a way to seek fame and reputation."
"Father must be afraid of him?"
"Not afraid" ghost audio and video drift
"It’s unnecessary."
"You have to remember that all the great powers are out of date. We have tens of thousands of ghosts in Shou Yuan, and even most exotic species can’t compare with the need for others to fight for a moment. You will see him again in one thousand and ten thousand."
"Xue Tianmai is my friend" Sang Nanfeng still has some not quite stuffy way.
"What can I do if I watch Zhou kill my friend and live for thousands of years?"
"It’s just a shrinking turtle!"
Ghost audio and video in a heavy field steep evil wind number hatred soul LiXiao repeatedly also Janssen south wind was a white consciousness retreat.
"You don’t understand"
Is, after all, their only blood mulberry old pressure in anger way
"If a mere mortal monk can make your friend worse, which one told you that Xue Tianmai was killed by Zhou Yi?"
"Who else can it be if it’s not him?" Sang Nanfeng pie mouth
"Before Xue Tianmai died, he specifically looked for me and said that he had sinned against Zhou Yi, even if his life was not long, but it turned out otherwise."
"young master"
An old man appeared in the field from time to time.
The old man dressed in a Confucian shirt and holding a folding fan looks elegant, but this sinister way does not show any violation.
He fuels hand way
"As far as the old slave knows, Xue Tianmai, the deputy Wang of Jushan Sect, lost his backer after Yan’s death, and he offended many people in the past, so he was retaliated."
"He knew that he was doomed to stay in the Giant Mountain Sect, and then he secretly fled and planned to go elsewhere, and he died in the mouth of an animal halfway."
"Looking at the cause and effect, Zhou Yi did not deliberately target him."
Sang Nanfeng no
"If it weren’t for Zhou Yiyan shall die? Don’t you think it’s a coincidence that others dare to attack him because they want to climb Zhou Yu and die in the mouth of a strange animal? "
"That’s enough!"
Sang Laoyin is already full of anger.
"Don’t continue to spread rumors about Monday. I have a vague feeling that big changes will be too conspicuous, which is not a good thing."
At the end of the speech, there was a faint worry.
"Big change?" Sang Nanfeng raises eyebrows.
"What are you afraid of having a father?"
He’s seen his mysterious father’s hand. Although it’s the same as the seventh order, the ordinary seventh order root is not enough to see.