“? ?”

“? What? "
After listening to a colleague’s report
Although the participants in the meeting immediately thought of something.
But in my heart, I’m still not sure what to ask one after another.
"Literally, according to the memory we extracted, the one who came from the head of" Blue Star "and" ex-player "recognized that the" real world "and" wild world "in which we lived were all in a story, and he himself came from" real world "and" Blue Star "in AD 21 [human] …"
"By the way, they know that the words belong to the so-called online games, that is, to an individual or some individuals, a game story. You can understand it as a story in which a guy enters the game world and 【 Metaphysics and Universe 】 is the game …"
After a short silence
A universe elder 】 【 asked.
"In short, you mean that [Blue Star] and [former player] admit that they are from outside [real world] and [real life]."
"Now it is because of some reason that I entered a story."
"And the so-called story refers to the real world in which we live."
"To sum up, apart from the" game NPC identity "because of the" identity transition period ",there may be a story NPC identity that makes a heavy" NPC identity "belong to the story."
That’s a bit of a detour after listening to the answer.
After nodding.
The first speaker confirmed
"Congratulations on getting it right. That’s almost what it means."
Even his face was a little tangled when he spoke.
[dual NPC identity]?
What the hell is this?
It’s puzzling …
Faced with this strange situation
He’s a little confused.
I feel a little confused about such a complicated and strange situation.
After living for billions of years, he has been well-informed to some extent.
Although the development of things is full of confusion
But he quickly accepted the reality.
And his colleagues
Yu [cosmic elder]
After thinking for a while.
It is also quickly understood the status quo.
Only a few people continue to ask some questions.
"Since you said that those guys have many differences in their memories, many times everyone has different cognitive memories of the same thing."
"So you can prove the accuracy of that information?"
Smell speech
The reporter calmly shook his head and calmly replied.
"In this regard, due to insufficient information, I am not good at making a final judgment for the time being."
"But about fifty percent of the information in that guy’s memory in the future has been confirmed to be correct, which is suspected to increase the credibility of the remaining memory …"
"Eye I will specifically give an example of that individual is to want to discuss all the memories of Blue Star Life for backup analysis. I want to see whether that individual from the so-called" real world "belongs to a special and unique phenomenon or a more common phenomenon so as to make more calculations …"
In the pre-meeting
They came out to discuss the results.
There is a restriction type clause of don’t act rashly for the time being.
And all the memories of soil life in Blue Star, where the two worlds merged, were extracted for backup analysis.
It is obvious that it violates that clause.
He needs to get the approval of some colleagues before he can formally implement his actions.
Say that finish
Discourse tail
With a one-time attitude.
The reporter even added
"The fact that if you can, I really want to check the whole life memory of the universe …"
When he made this request,
In addition, before he can finish, Master Universe will be interrupted and denied.
"That kind of thing is bound to move to the banned equipment! !”
"It’s not impossible for a bad accident to destroy the whole universe or create stupidity all over the universe."
The so-called [banned equipment]
Refers to the fact that some special equipment in the hands of [Cosmic Senate Council] is too powerful to be active.
There is no shortage of things that are likely to cause all kinds of cosmic-level super-large disasters in BIGBANG, so that everyone can quickly jump on the street and die together
So because of their danger
After they were successfully manufactured,
In addition to occasional debugging to confirm that it can be successfully started
Almost always in the "banned" state, it is forbidden to contact.
Only in the face of some big events, things will be limited
And the equipment that can remember life in the whole [universe] range naturally belongs to [banned equipment]
The weather is sealed in a specific place, which is jointly controlled by various [cosmic elders].
In terms of effect, it is also as stated in No Resolution [Universe Elder].
One does not pay attention.
It is possible to cause catastrophe.
It’s not impossible to make all the living things in the universe become imbeciles or vegetarians …
And also know this, the discussant didn’t say much after hearing the other party’s refusal on the spot.