Compared with the realm of god beast, there was a place where a voice said to itself, "Did you find it, too?" This Zhongwen is really courageous. Should I pretend I don’t know? But the truth is that I know the ambition is big, but I may not be able to realize it. I’m waiting for you to appear and challenge me. Let’s see if you kill me or if you are destroyed. Since the Qinglong has left me, Kirin has not fought for hundreds of thousands of years. I really look forward to it. "Said this guy who claimed to be Kirin, his eyes gave off a belligerent look.
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Chapter 15 White Tiger Conspiracy
What Kirin said about Xiao Leng is unknown, but he found that the tiger skin was still neat and his head was still breathing in his eyes. He wanted to ask for help from himself, but he couldn’t make a sound and couldn’t move a trace. This poor thing can be found even if Xiao Leng isn’t a god beast and doesn’t understand the god beast, but when he looks closely, Xiao Leng suddenly finds that he just seems to be mistaken.
Take a closer look at the tiger skin or the white tiger patriarch’s body, but it’s a dead end. How can there be just those smells? Xiao Leng shook his head and ignored the matter. Xiao Leng continued to practice for such a long time, and Xiao Lengxiu was able to accept all the attacks in Jin Xian. Of course, it can be an attack one by one. If a group of people attack hundreds or even more, Xiao Leng may not be injured. If he accumulates hundreds and thousands, even if he is strong for nine days, Xuanxian does not have the courage to fight hard. No one has the strength.
When Xiao Leng looked at the tiger skin, the eyes of the white tiger clan moved a little, but he didn’t open his eyes. His strength was strong and Xiao Leng couldn’t escape his perception. That’s enough.
"Hum, did you find it? Ha, that’s impossible. It’s impossible for even Kirin to find out what you are. "White Tiger Chief thought it was a sneer. He seemed to hide himself strong enough. Even Kirin didn’t find it, but he didn’t know that Kirin knew it when he killed this tiger. However, White Tiger Chief Zhong Wen’s strength was really strong. Now that he has been killed, he doesn’t need to bear anything. After all, it is unnecessary for the beast to die before it is over. But he didn’t expect that White Tiger Zhong Wen actually wanted to …
"If you really find out, I’ll kill you and ban you. I don’t know if you know it." White Tiger said that he still has some doubts in his heart. After all, Xiao Leng’s strength is not strong, but he just took a look in that direction. Xiao Leng’s strength is really not imposed on him. He always unconsciously makes his eyes watch the roots without thinking of divine knowledge observation. In this way, White Tiger Zhongwen will not find his eyes. Even if he has tools to find things better than his eyes, he can still watch them with his eyes. There is no way for Xiao Leng to change things in a short time.
Seeing with eyes, of course, also has eyes to see the benefits, but the benefits seem to be almost worse than observing with gods. Xiao Leng didn’t know that he had just observed this place and almost put himself in a desperate situation. Zhong Wen, the head of the white tiger clan, was the absolute boss. The whole white tiger clan also listened to his words. God knows how many white tigers there are here, but who knows? Don’t say that even one million Xiao Leng has no confidence. What’s more, there is such a powerful head of the white tiger clan. It’s good that he shook his head slightly later.
"Kirin, wait for it. It won’t be many years before I finish refining the energy of this old undead guy. It will be your death." White tiger patriarch Zhong Wen smiled at him in his heart and thought of killing Kirin and calling himself the boss of the whole beast domain.
Laughing internally, Zhong Wen didn’t show it at all, so even if he was strong enough to Kirin, he couldn’t find it.
After practicing for a few days, Xiao Leng knew that he couldn’t be in this place anymore. Although he didn’t find anything, he really felt that this place was really weird. The tiger skin always appeared in the late hours, and the ban disappeared behind the white tiger clan leader Zhong Tattoo, but it returned to the back during the day. Of course, this is a small matter, but Xiao Leng can’t stand it most. Every time he just found the tiger skin, Xiao Leng can feel the strange situation for the first time, which makes Xiao Leng, a fearless guy, feel it. Head Da Yue shine also Jin Yi Xian Fu Xiao cooling is not seen at this place Xiao Leng finished worrying about Yue Linger’s nature is that he doesn’t need to come out, and this place is so good in uniting Xiao Leng’s nature that he won’t easily leave to go. That’s no way. Xiao Leng doesn’t want to stay here even for a second.
"Thank you, the god beast elder, I have to leave now." An early Xiao Leng said to the white tiger patriarch. At this time, Zhong Wen was very open-eyed and his tiger skin disappeared not long ago.
"Oh, it’s good to leave. You must still be very curious about this god beast domain. Although your strength is not strong, it has not reached our point. An Qilin’s adult has already told us that you can get rid of obstacles." Zhong Wen said that he was very tall. When he got up, he filled the cave with god beasts. The strength is accompanied by their body size
Xiao Leng nodded faintly and planned to leave, but when he turned to leave the dragon soul and continued to possess himself, the white tiger said a puzzling sentence, "I hope you won’t find anything." Xiao Leng was slightly stunned but didn’t know what to say. He can’t be silly and ask Zhong Wen about the tiger skin. This is unrealistic. White tiger Zhong Wen is not a good temper.
"In fact, I don’t know what you are going to say." Xiao was so cold that he asked a mouthful. At this time, he saw the white tiger open his mouth and turned out to be laughing. Fortunately, he didn’t laugh, but he opened his mouth but didn’t make any sound.
"Okay, you leave," Zhong Wen said. Now he was relieved, and then suddenly he felt that he was in trouble. Even if he found something, who would he talk to? Is it to find Kirin and tell him? That’s impossible. Kirin can’t be seen by anyone who wants to see it.
"Well" Xiao Leng nodded and finally left this place where he stayed for seven days.
It’s still sunny outside. God beast can’t find bad weather. The whole day is blue. It seems that there is a bad place, but Xiao Leng doesn’t seem to know it and even if he knows it, he won’t go.
"Ha ha tsing lung where are we going now? The white tiger is really depressed. By the way, have you noticed that he always has a tiger skin on his body at night? " Xiao Leng asked, "One person, one soul, but one soul communicates with outsiders."
Xiao Leng’s question is very learned, but he found Qinglong very solemn. He replied, "I know this white tiger patriarch Zhong Wen wants to rebel. It’s really interesting."
Xiao Leng was surprised, but what did he do about it?
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Chapter 151 Heart
No, I don’t care. Xiao Leng left the White Tiger clan cave with this idea.
It is said that tigers are all beasts, and tigers usually rest. Where can they live in caves? In fact, there are not many Baihumon living in caves in the whole world of god beasts. This is because Zhong Wen lives in caves because he is the head of the White Tiger clan. Otherwise, who wants to find him is strong, but the strength of the White Tiger clan is not in a fixed place, so when there is something, where can I find it? The White Tiger beast is generally not too fixed, and it is just a place to practice.
Only one of the strongest beasts has a fixed residence, and these strongest beasts are usually heads of families. When something happens, they can be found quickly. There are only a dozen animals in the whole beast domain who are qualified to live in caves. Of course, Linglong, Xuanwu and Suzaku will not live in caves, and the unicorn will naturally not live in caves. The Kirin residence is the last palace in which there are also four heads of families, and the three of them live here. There is a white tiger head Zhong Wen, and this cave is very big, but it is easy to hold more than a dozen beasts. However, the white tiger head Zhong Wen is close to his own race.
"My Lord, what do you think? Zhongwen that fellow is getting worse and worse now? "Suzaku patriarch frowns and says that she and Linglong patriarch are the closest and least pleased with this white tiger patriarch Zhongwen. Who told that fellow to pretend to be mysterious day by day? Often, he doesn’t make a good impression with them, and Suzaku patriarch doesn’t like white tigers the most.
Kirin thoughtfully looked up and looked at it for a while without talking.
The three heads of the palace are all in front of Kirin, but there is a crystal ball that is not big. The crystal surface shows that it is the white tiger head Zhong Wen.
"Yes, my Lord Zhong Wen seems to be ambitious. He killed their patriarch this time, but it made his strength almost crazy. Even if the three of us joined hands, I’m afraid it’s not his opponent." A burly middle-aged man dressed in khaki said that his face was not a bit noisy, but his tone did not change. This patriarch is the weakest and the oldest of the four patriarchs. It’s not that his strength is weak, but it’s because of his strong defense. The means of attack are much worse, and the strength is generally judged according to the size of attack power. Although his attack is definitely the weakest among the four heads of families, he will certainly not be the first to lose if he wants to fight. Who told him that Xuanwu clan’s defense is so strong? The overall strength is not weak.
Kirin looked at the head of the Linglong clan. The young man dressed in blue didn’t say a word, but his mouth was always smiling. He is such a person, and things won’t delay his good mood. "Ceng Yi, what do you think? Do you want to kill Zhong Wenke now? " Kirin said with a smile that Zhong Wen, the head of the White Tiger clan, is the strongest in reality, so Zeng Yi, the head of the Linglong clan, is the most promising of the four heads, but the strength of the Linglong clan is the strongest, and of course their number is also the least.
"Adult, I won’t say anything about this matter. If you want Zhongwen to die, I will never let him go because he was my childhood playmate." Said the corner of my eye, and there was a flash of ruthless Ceng Yi, who was so efficient but never made a mistake. "I think it can be sentenced to death for killing the heads of families." Elegant smile is always there.
Kirin light nod for the Linglong patriarch, he still attaches great importance to it, even if it is not because the former boss has a great connection with this Linglong. With this, Ceng Yi himself is enough to make Kirin pay attention to it.
"Well, then, it seems to me that Zhong Wen has repaired it for so many years. Now it is good to manage the White Tiger clan, and the strength is even stronger. Just forget it. Don’t pursue it. If you kill him, the White Tiger clan will be * * * *" Kirin said, but his heart is excited to death. Now he is thinking about when Zhong Wen can really challenge him. It is impossible for him to defeat Zhong Wen Kirin. Kirin believes in his own strength, and so is it.
The whole world of god beast also had the boss Qinglong who was able to crush Kirin’s head and Qinglong disappeared for many years.
"You go. Oh, by the way, Ceng Yi, you stay first." Kirin said lightly that he called Zeng Yize and left here to look at it carefully, but it was the head of the clan of Linglong.
Watching Xuanwu and Suzaku leave Kirin, let Ceng Yi sit in his hall but there are a certain number of seats.
"I don’t know what’s the matter with adults leaving me," said the head of the Linglong clan, narrowing her eyes. It seems that the domain of God beast can talk to Kirin now. Although Ceng Yi is called an adult, he doesn’t respect who two people are friends and they are quite good friends. These two parties also know that even the remaining three heads of the clan don’t know.
"I said Ceng Yi, you are really …" Kirin Nai took one look at the head of the Linglong clan, but Nai smiled. Two people are very good friends, but what they can become good friends is the management ability of a head of the clan in Ceng Yi with strength. It is quite strong and two people have a good personality. The two became good friends when the years are not the generation gap, the strength is not the generation gap.
"I said, boss, am I just doing something? Haha, don’t be angry, don’t be angry." Ceng Yi said with a smile, but immediately got up and went to Kirin and handed it something. It was a heart, a living heart.
"Boss, I really don’t understand what you want with this thing. Although this white tiger Zhongwu can still live, what’s the matter? Can Zhongwen still be killed?" Linglong Ceng Yi said that the heart has reached Kirin’s hand.
What has always been called Kirin Kirin is just because he thinks he is unique and doesn’t need to take another name, so he is called Kirin and Linglong is called him the boss.
This heart is impressively the tiger skin heart of the white tiger Zhong Wenshen. That Zhong Wen is also a white tiger patriarch who was killed by Zhong Wen.
Zhong Wen killed Zhong Wu himself in secret, but the fact is that everyone knows it, but no one has said it. How good is he hiding it himself?
Xiao Leng is still hanging around in the realm of God beast at this time. He found a funny thing.
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Chapter 153 Don’t go
The sky is clear, but there is not a cloud. The light is very abundant. Even where there should be a shadow, it is also bright. Compared with this situation, someone should pay attention to it. Even a shadow will be found. Thinking about Xiao Leng no longer complains about Qinglong Soul, but makes Qinglong Soul grateful.
"Master, let’s be careful about this place. If we accidentally meet a stronger one, we have a share. Of course, he didn’t know that if we were like this,’ you’ would be absolutely uneasy." The dragon soul can be Nai, saying that it is not the peak to realize his strength. It is also normal for the beast domain to be found in several places, and it would be relieved to think about it coldly.
"Well, we can still be careful." It was an accident that Xiao Leng nodded faintly and was discovered by the rosefinch. Although the strength of the rosefinch is not weak, it is really impossible to find Xiao Leng’s figure.
Most places in the realm of god beast are safe, but everything is not finished. Even if this place is a very safe place, it is also a dangerous place. There is a very dangerous place in the enchantment behind the Kirin Hall. Even Kirin dare not go there easily. If the place does not reach the level of strength, it is impossible to come out and die. It seems to be a doomed thing, but now Xiao Cooling doesn’t know that place, even if he knows it, he must dare not go. But who knows the real situation?
"Come on, come on, come to my place, Qinglong. I don’t believe you don’t want to really resurrect yourself. Haha, what an idiot. It’s a good opportunity for me to laugh at a unicorn. It’s estimated that it won’t recover in a thousand years. Ah, we have to wait for Zhongwen to see when this guy can really come to that bravery." Kirin sighed. He was really belligerent, but he had to put on a show to protect this beast’s domain and point out the fact that the fairies in this place were afraid to really come.
100,000 years ago, the celestial beings knew that the beast was powerful and tried to catch some of their partners or pets. There were millions of immortals and they were all very powerful immortals. In this battle, the beasts suffered a great blow. Although they were outnumbered in this place, the immortals were not afraid of death, and although they were not afraid of death, once they died, the population of the beast domain would be much less. There were several billion immortals and the number of beasts was less than four million. This gap is not true. Although it’s generally big, it’s said that the beast is talented and powerful, but the good dog can’t hold the wolves. The situation is hundreds of people. In the face of this fairy attack, the capture of the beast domain suffered heavy losses, and there are probably hundreds of thousands of them, which is not a minority.
Most of them have poor attack power. Although XUANWUMON and XUANWUMON have poor attack power, he has the strongest defense. It is also quite good to get a XUANWUMON as a pet.
Kirin, now the boss of God beast domain, can make a move, but in the face of this unique God beast, almost everyone has the idea of catching him, but in the face of God beast Kirin’s attack, he died 10 thousand, which killed those immortals. Because of the strongest strength, the four-level nine-day Xuanxian also died in this attack, it is natural to be able to scare this group of timid but greedy immortals and kill hundreds of immortals again. Kirin almost didn’t do it. They automatically handed over the god beast they caught, and then Kirin set up a powerful barrier outside the scope to protect the god beast in the realm of god beast. Since this time, no one from the celestial world dared to come here, and the place leading to the celestial gate even wrote the tablet breath, which made the celestial people afraid to come to this place. Kirin was terrible. It was widely spread in the celestial world.
The fact that I said it was very simple, but the real situation was quite complicated. The attacks of several immortals were easily resolved by Kirin, and Kirin’s lethality was quite strong. Only a few shots shocked everyone, and even the beasts were shocked. At that time, the strength of the heads of the four gods orcs was not particularly strong. Compared with the top immortals, although they had some advantages, they had no choice but to face several immortals
Since then, the status of Kirin has also been established. The role of Kirin has always been played by Qinglong, but Qinglong has disappeared for a while, and Kirin has become a savior.
The unicorn team Qinglong laughed at it, but it didn’t leak at all. Qinglong heard the unicorn. The fact is that he deliberately heard that there is no way to think about Kirin. Qinglong really thinks that he has become a weak dragon soul for hundreds of thousands of years. When he has no strength, he is quite depressed. Although it is a little stronger now, it is not a packet worse than his peak.
"Master, let’s go inside. There is a guy in that place who I really want to beat." Qinglong gnashed her teeth and said to Xiao Leng, but it made Xiao Leng doubt. "Do you know this place well?" It’s reasonable for Xiao Leng to ask. Although it can be observed by gods, there are always some places where these places are dangerous and not completely known by outsiders, but the most dangerous place behind the Kirin Palace is hardly known by many people. Maybe there are a few heads of families who know it. Well, neither does Zhong Wen, the head of the White Tiger.
Now Xiao Leng or Bai Hu clan area, if you want to go inside, you have to go through the spirit dragon area.
"Go left for a kilometer, then go left for a kilometer, then go back for 300 meters and go forward for 500 meters." That’s right. Qinglong showed Xiao Leng the way, but it was very complicated.
"I found that those god beasts didn’t go this way." Xiao Leng was depressed but still believed that Qinglong words walked up as he instructed, which explains why others are normal. Are you like this? Isn’t this unnecessary? Xiao Leng asked out in this way.
"Hey, hey, master, boss, there is no way. When things originally came to me, this place was set up with a few small circles. For the first time, it was said that everyone would go this way, or else they would not be able to get in and get rid of the non-self strength. But there is really no one in the celestial world who will go beyond the peak. I have to go this way if I want to go in." Qinglong Soul said that it was a little proud. Once, no one could go beyond his energy. That was the first in the world at this level of the celestial world.
But when he was proud, he accidentally exposed his own bottom, which made Xiao Leng listen to it red-handed and react. Qinglong regretted why he was so embarrassed. In the past, things also said that he had to expose his own bottom, which is good?
Xiao Leng knows that the soul world is hey hey with a smile.
"Hey, hey, you finally told me everything. Ha, you’ve lied to me for so long." Xiao Leng’s malicious forehead smile made Qinglong feel scared.