As these scales expand and get bigger, they squeeze other scales around them, and those hard bluish-gray scales gradually can’t bear the squeeze and fall off of these red scales.


"Fish scales fall" at this time of bud also saw her push Xu Le.
Xu Le immediately turned to look at her.
"I know, but there’s nothing I can do now. I can’t stop fighting at this level. I used to die."
Looking at the petals flickering like red mist, Xu Le knew that he was hopeless or not to touch porcelain.
"Is there no way to intervene?"
"Level 7 master, how to intervene?"
Bud heard Xu Le say this, and her eyes narrowed slightly and stared at the fish for a while.
"That line Xu Le let the fish dragon break here and we will continue to go. I have a feeling that there is something we are looking forward to."
Dora ticked her finger at Xu Le and stopped guiding Xu Le to intervene in the fight between Yulong and Andy.
Xu Le suddenly felt something was wrong when she said that.
She doesn’t seem particularly worried about the eye environment.
See bud from this attitude Xu Le has white this guy absolutely has his own life-saving and escape means, and there may be more than one.
She doesn’t care whether others live or die.
Whether it’s Chixiao or Yulong or Xu Le and Wang Manduolei, it’s never happened.
She wants to achieve what she wants, and others can give up or even kill her.
"If Lord Yulong is defeated here, will we all die?"
"Yu Long’s adult is very powerful. You will affect her here. Since we can’t intervene in the battle here, let’s go first."
"But …"
"No but go"
Dora’s attitude is a little bad. Xu Le knows that she has lost patience.
Xu Le glanced at his side Wang Man’s eyes like asking.
And Wang Man also nodded to him.
Xu Le knows that although Dole’s way of walking is disgusting, what she says is also true. Since there is no way to intervene, don’t wave here.
A burst of energy exploded, and the fish scales were finally broken and fell heavily in front of several people.
Look at Xu Le when fish dragon suddenly relieved.
"Destiny cannot be violated. This is the eternal truth."
"What did Mr. Fish Long say?" Xu Le feels a little puzzling.
"Nothing. Get out of here quickly. I’m afraid the next battle will hit you."
Looking at the injured fish, Xu Le always has a strange feeling that people have pointed out that they have given comments.
Although the two sides haven’t seen each other for a long time, this time Yulong was kind to him.
Xu Le doesn’t know what this kind of courtesy is, but in a word, Yulong is kind and not hostile to him.
"Is the elder really good?"
"Don’t worry, I’ve known since I became a red crescent warlock that my ending is not at least in her hands."
What kind of answer is that? Xu Le doesn’t know how to respond. He can nod.
"Let’s go first."
As soon as I took a step, the whole platform garden was knocked down by a huge impact.
The whole central garden platform is tilted at this time.
Xu Le several people looked in the direction of impact. 7 Gargoyle was chained and fell into the garden platform.
This central garden is not particularly large. 7 Gargoyle makes the elevation platform more inclined.
"Only strangeness can fight strangeness," Yu Long suddenly said.
"Only odd?"
Xu Le one leng he remembered just now Chixiao and Duolei did say that Yulong was a level 7 warlock.
Isn’t she a sorcerer?
"Let’s go."
Xu Le looked extremely weak after the fish dragon pushed her scales and broke them.
Bud has caught the climbing ladder. There are no steps here. If you want to continue, there will be a long ladder with no end in sight.
Bud face shouted
"Xu Le, come quickly."
"got it"
Xu Le didn’t hesitate any longer. He dragged Wang Man to climb to the top of the tree.