And this wave of instantaneous method triggered the combo effect of advanced spells.

Deducting 13HP blood volume data from the second ice.
Bing Ling’s front force splits Huashan painting soul BB to deduct 1 blood volume data.
And these two waves of data directly split the soul of Huashan painting in front of Bing Ling for seconds out of the field!
"Lie trough! Awesome! "
"Mother egg anchor little brother, this sumeru painting soul is really fucking cruel!"
"This is 12 psychic powers, right?"
12 psychic powers
If it is in the world of great power, it is definitely a horrible thing.
It’s like the fact that the 19th-level output sect suffered 3 injuries.
And these three injuries ended with three knives, and the war output in that era was just so.
It never occurred to Bingling that this side would choose to pull out a wave of Sumeru mantra BB to solve this dilemma.
And this kind of thing is not to mention that the first-line players of Shenwei dare not think about it, even her ice can not imagine it.
Because just now, including Fang Xiang, this wave of instantaneous method also accounts for a certain amount of luck
I have 52HP blood if I don’t think that Sumeru triggered the spell combo effect, so it’s impossible to wash away my power to split the painting soul.
However, although it is part of luck, this dilemma is solved, and there is no two words to say.
In the fourth round of the game, the ice chose to pull out an attack-resistant wedge.
This is also a very popular style of play, and this attack-resistant split can also be said to be the bane of Sumeru mantra BB’s life.
Fang Xiang gave himself a big gold card over there, and then the summoner BB went out again.
This wave of seconds out of the data is not as powerful as when the previous instantaneous method came out. After all, there was a pale paper man before the ice.
Two consecutive spell attacks on the ice body created a 2HP blood output.
And the ice’s resistance to attack also left about a third of the blood.
"Sleeping slot anchor little brother 666, is this ready to get through a sumeru? Then what pace BB does the opening bring? It’s really … "
As soon as the situation changed, many dream friends complained. Speaking of it, after the first and second rounds, everyone really wanted to sweat. After all, I just thought that there was an absolute disadvantage! But everyone didn’t expect it to be a third round, and they thought that they would fight back with a disadvantage.
Yeah, I’m under control
Then I won’t cast spells, can’t I?
Chapter five hundred is here?
Fifth round of the game
Although the ice in the first and second rounds gained an absolute advantage, from the third round on, Fang Xiang’s expression became serious, and all this reversed.
But at the moment, everyone in the fantasy westward journey club box knows that Fang wants to be serious here.
I couldn’t help everyone trying to squeeze a sweat.
It’s also at this time that the ice is watching the situation more and more unfavorable to herself. Out of the corner of her eye, she glanced at one side of the brain and then held her hand to the side of the brain monitor and gently pulled it.
"Lying trough? ? ?”
"What is this situation!"
Looking at his brain screen turned black, I thought that the whole person was in a state of being forced.
He hasn’t done exercises at this time and the countdown is still about 1 second, but at this time, his brain suddenly went black?
Looking at Fang Xiang’s bewildered and icy face, there was also a smug smile, which understated her summoner BB’s efforts to split Huashan into Fang Xiang’s characters and she personally sealed Fang Xiang’s summoner BB.
And Fang Xiang’s drill there is even more confusing, because when Fang Xiang wants to plug the line back, the countdown to the fifth round of drill is over, and all the people he wants and the summoning department automatically make a flat shot.
And when this key suddenly came, there was such a wave of situation that even Fang thought it was a little powerless.
"Hey, hey, forget it. Let’s all leave."
"It seems that the anchor brother and Bing Ling’s predecessors are joking. Otherwise, how could it be possible to hypnotize themselves in the first two rounds? In the fifth round, the characters and summoners were all tied?"
After watching this sound on the public screen, everyone sighed and strengthened this idea.
And because there is almost no defense, the party thinks that there is simply giving up the game. After all, although he was almost serious just now, after all, the opponent is Bing Ling, his teammates in the future, not any enemy. If you lose, you will lose.
It was also at this time that the battle victory sign appeared, and the ice brain screen, ice hands inserted into the waist, got up from the seat.
"how about it? Did you lose? You don’t? "
When he heard the ice, he thought for a moment. Although he wanted to say no, he picked up his collar and threw himself into his seat at the thought that the ice was just an understatement. He also knew that the ice was not easy to handle.
Although Naizhong still has some language, Fang wants to recognize this reality.
It was also at this time that Bing Bing walked beside Fang Xiang, patted Fang Xiang on the shoulder, and then hoop Fang Xiang up.
"Don’t worry, captain, I won’t do anything to you. I …"
Before the voice was finished, there came a sharp sound at the main entrance of the Dream Westward Journey Society.
"Lying in the trough!"
"Who are you!"
When I heard this sharp sound, everyone in the box turned their eyes to the latter, and there were also many pairs of eyes. In the note, a woman in high heels quickly ran towards Fang Xiang and separated Fang Xiang from Bing Ling.
And she looked at the ice, and her eyes were a little more hostile.
Look at the newcomers, and I can’t help but think that there are some big heads.
"Static elder sister, why are you here …"
"How did I come? Don’t you know that you will be eaten if I don’t come again? "
That’s right. This man is Fang Xiang, a young man and a new Murk, who came back to Chen Jing from abroad as a conductor.
Is also heard after Chen mute ice some uncomfortable way
"Who are you?"
Listen, the two women’s voices are getting cold.
Han Xuanxuan, lazy Xiaotian, including ending, tired of love, and if water and others are ready to go first with oil on their feet, but when all the talents have just arrived at the door of the box,
Chen Jing coughed.
"None of that is allowed to go. Tell me about this."
half an hour later