There is a young man beside him who looks like albert nobbs, but he is relaxed as if he were going out for an outing. I have never seen him before. I saw a sage. When he spoke, there was something in his eyes that he couldn’t understand. He didn’t know what it was, but he knew it was definitely beyond friendship.

It’s like … two lovers?
Crane well thirteen looked intently and found that the personnel who had not seen the virtuous for half a year seemed to have improved a lot.
Half a year ago, he said that he went to the elderly group to challenge him. Tsurui Thirteen was touted by the media.
After half a year, he found that the young man was really unbeatable against himself for ten rounds.
Can falling in love help practice? Isn’t it said that the disturbance of good love will affect the casting speed? Crane well thirteen is a mystery at this moment. Can it be with a man?
While he was still meditating, the wheelchair old man waved a bottle and sang a nursery rhyme.
Crane well thirteen …
"He Dao, what do you mean?" Crane well thirteen asked him.
The old man ignored him and babbled about how fast the two tigers ran and how cute the little white rabbit was.
Crane well thirteen couldn’t believe his ears.
"What are you doing! Get up and fight! "
He thundered
The old man cocked his head and rolled his eyes. "Ma Ma, it’s so windy here. Why are we here?"
What the hell?
Then crane well thirteen saw the sage’s face in distress situation. "Grandfather, today is your engagement day."
"Ma Ma deceives people!" The old man cried, "I want to go back! Otto Superman is going to air! Mama, I want to see Otto Superman! "
He also threw the bottle in his hand at crane well thirteen.
Then the bottle was split in half-what is Tsurui? hidden weapons’s demon knife is unsheathed, but no one can see it clearly. This is the result that the master of Taidao is faster than the magician. People can see it with the naked eye and the bottle is chopped.
"What happened to him?" Crane well thirteen coldly asked the sage
"My old man, he …" The sage sighed. "He watched me give birth to a child, not only because he had a needle eye, but also because he accidentally had a stroke. As you know, our teacher of Yin and Yang doesn’t treat strokes, and my grandfather is old. It’s not about to take him to the hospital. Then he remembered that he must not delay your engagement and pushed him …"
"Isn’t the teacher of Yin and Yang able to live for hundreds of years?" Crane well thirteen frown "how can a stroke? It won’t be the Committee who poisoned you, will it? "
"Ma Ma!" The old man has been crying like a child. "He is not a child! I don’t want to play with him! I want Ma Ma to play with me! I want to go home! "
Crane well …
This is not a stroke! This is Alzheimer’s!
"Do you remember who I am?" Crane well went to him and bent down to give him a pulse, which didn’t look like a sign of being poisoned by an ambush.
"You are Hu Yangyang!" Close at hand, the old man suddenly stopped crying. Like seeing a novel toy, he smiled through tears and reached out and grabbed the crane well. The old man refused to let go anyway. "Hu Yangyang plays with me! I’ll dance for you! "
I tried to jump out of the wheelchair, but I fell into a mud when I was unstable.
A sage must be extremely calm to keep himself from laughing.
And pretend to love dearly to help the old man up.
"You don’t have to dance." Crane well managed to break free from the old man’s clutches. "Can you still fight? If you can’t, just … "
"Yes, yes!" The old man refused to be helped. He had squatted and played with mud. "Hu Yangyang accompanied me to play Godzilla!" I’ll pinch one for you! "
As he spoke, he grabbed a mass of mud and threw it at Crane Well. He didn’t mean it. He loved this specially worn warrior robe and was printed with a mass of mud.
Crane well was furious, but he couldn’t burst out from the old man’s head. "Hurry back and cure it for a month and then come back to die!"
Said the cold hum a turn round and then walk.
It turned out that the floating clouds on the mountain walked only with a knife and soon disappeared into the mist and morning light.
As Lin Yuxing expected, Tsui Shisan is indeed a honest and frank native, and he will not choose to win without fighting.
Nor will they seek every opportunity to bully others like sages.
Let him know that he can’t do so little to the old man today, and he can delay it for another month
If you want to put it off until the day of the grave confrontation, you will understand. Lin Yuxing thinks that it is the best day.
Although I’m a little sorry for Mr. Liu … Well, Mr. Liu won’t blame him.
And the biggest happy event after this safe escape is …
The sage’s birthday is coming.
The second day after the old man came back from the "contract war", the birthday gifts of the sages were sent from all over the world.
The sage was forced to send a door to Ziyang Mountain and Xianyue Building.
You have something to say.
There is a watch today.
Chapter 91 Flowers in Crazy Bones Dawn