This is a kind of compensation for spoil, and it is especially considerate of her. At the beginning, Jiang Pingshan began to be captured by him to control her body. Although she didn’t suffer, she was worried every day, and her mental pressure was enormous.


Besides, who makes her different will have such a different tinea? This taste is also very unique. If Yi believes that Jiang Pingshan’s different tinea will make Yi extremely enjoy it, I can’t wait to make her so good every day.
Because of the strong and abnormal transsexual ability, Jiang Pingshan often regrets that she enjoys it, but her lover is suffering.
It is also because of this kind of tinea that his male dominance has been swept away for a long time, and even if it is easy to say it, he will have dissatisfaction. At that time, if he is bored, those two people will be in jeopardy.
Yi Yi also realized her mood when she was spiritually connected, and took the opportunity to reveal the fact that she had a confidante.
I didn’t know that Jiang Pingshan began to be unhappy. After a few days, she swept away her worries and returned to normal, agreeing.
It is not clear what she thinks, but it is easy to analyze. One is her personality, and the other is that she considers the future living environment of the two.
We are separated from each other in different places, and the female sect of Danjian Qingxia can’t be exposed, and we can’t meet from time to time. We have to endure the pain of acacia, even if we meet, we must sneak around.
Third, his own talent is really beyond Jiang Pingshan’s ability to bear the fact that her private parts will be red and swollen after two-person double training every day, which is very painful to enjoy.
In the later period, it was easy to re-order the palace guard sand for Jiang Pingshan by secret method, which made her change her appearance and temperament and restore her to a perfect state bit by bit. Walking, talking, smiling and so on all need to be practiced frequently.
With Jiang Pingshan’s efforts, two kinds of amorous feelings and temperaments are often displayed easily, and the mature woman and some young girls are suddenly charming and charming, and the two kinds of amorous feelings and temperaments are suddenly fused together like a changeable girl.
Whenever Jiang Pingshan’s bed shows these three amorous feelings, Yi will change into desire, and the beast’s lust will burst into a flutter regardless of her struggle, crying, screaming and moaning.
The next day, Jiang Pingshan was tired and lazy, and she couldn’t move, which made Yi toss and turn, and she didn’t have the slightest strength and tasted the unique humiliation and satisfaction.
As time went on, their feelings soared to the top and their experience increased, which made their mental outlook sublimate a lot.
Xiu is advancing by leaps and bounds, whether it is the state of mind, the spirit, the vitality, the yuan God, etc., which has risen to a big step compared with the previous ones.
The two of them had fun everywhere, but they had to go back because of Ye Yao’s words. Lv Jingfu, the head of Danjian Qingxia Sect, was finally here.
The fourth volume Gan Kun copulation Chapter three hundred and twenty Elder brother Yi sent her to the Buddhist paradise
Yi Jiang Pingshan returned to Qin Province after a long absence of two months, and some strangeness came to me like leaving for two years.
The huge cave hall in the back of the mansion, the floating pagoda, Jiang Pingshan hugged Yi’s neck and looked at his deep eyes. She said, "Brother Yi, didn’t you say that the elder martial sister had to stay with her friend for a month at least … Shan’s son should take this period to close his life again, straighten out his thoughts and feelings during this period, and then reply that he had just left his legacy and went back without showing any flaws."
Yi caressed her hair gently. "It’s a very good idea. It’s still a long way to go when you get back to your master. You can take the opportunity to come out and meet Yi Ge. Then Yi Ge will feed you well … Yi Ge intends to blend in with the right path. Then we will take advantage of your master to find a chance to formally meet each other and walk together. If people find out, they won’t say anything, so we can often spend time together with Shan Er Mei Jiao Niang."
"ah? Brother Yi, are you really going to do this? " Ping-shan Jiang asked in surprise, but then at the easy nod, she smiled and said, "Do you still want to be the head of The Hunger? I hate not telling Shaner earlier that I could sneak around with you in the future … But Brother Yi, if you take the right path, you can’t do all those magic weapons, can you? Isn’t the strength greatly discounted? "
"Well, there are some things that can be handled secretly … elder brother Yi and this whole body of flame and fire dragon can handle it. Wait for me to refine a magic weapon with fire spar, which is even more fearful."
Yi said that she kissed her forehead again and again with a little apology. "Yi Ge is now poor, and all the plans have not reached the articles of association, and the financial resources are insufficient. I can’t give you anything except the materials obtained by Sun Zhongzhi … If I give you a magic weapon, it must be a flaw after returning to his legacy, because I don’t have the means to refine the magic weapon, and it’s a little different to refine the magic weapon … In the future, if you need any magic weapon, you can’t tell Yi Ge that you need it, or if Yi Ge has given it to you, you can’t search it And don’t be melodramatic. Now we can’t handle everything by ourselves, regardless of you. Tell Brother Yi that there is no way but to create one. Don’t be afraid that Brother Yi will be busy and take risks alone. An idea is likely to make people regret it for life. It’s not uncommon. Remember Brother Yi’s words! "
"Brother Yi, after you are really nice to your son, there are things that are all right for you to giggle …" Jiang Pingshan’s pretty face is full of joy. Brother Yi’s words feel that this life is straight and he still cares what this woman has to be good to herself.
She thought proudly in her heart, "Brother Yi or everyone in the fix true world wants to kill and doesn’t know the true face. The devil gets up and hates the right path. The magic path is both worship and fear. How many people have died in the elder brother of the right path? It’s still alive and well! Practice is getting better and better, and you will be able to cultivate Yuan Shen after a day. With such a man as the backer and strong backing, if you don’t work hard when you get back, you might as well die! "
Yi gratified to nod her head, but she was clever and resourceful, but she was inexperienced, so that words could be firmly remembered in her heart so that she would not be worried all the time in the future.
He wanted to think about the cold luster in his eyes and said to Jiang Pingshan, "If you go back to your old school, you can talk to Brother Yi and tell him to send her to the Buddhist paradise in person."
Jiang Pingshan’s white hands caressed Yi’s cheeks proudly. "I don’t worry about anything after I have Yi Ge … See who dares to bully others. Yi Ge will send her to the West without knowing!"
Yi caressed her head and said, "Sisters, teachers and elders, they must never have real feelings when they communicate. Only we are one person and the soul blends! It’s all said. Don’t shut up now. I’ll take you to find someone to cast spells and hide your brain from our memory. Only in this way can we really leave no flaws in case of one thousand. "
"Well, let’s go. I didn’t know that the secret method you said, such as metaphysics, could have such an effect!"
The two have long been truly soul-blending.
How can suspicion be as good as falling into a honey pot?
Jiang Pingshan, instead of being upset and sad, Pei Yi is careful because she is not afraid of 10 thousand and is afraid of what she can do. She is very supportive
Then it is easy to disguise Jiang Pingshan in a loose cassock, so that people can no longer see her normal body shape and appearance, and then take her to the World League to call Shen Changming and others to cast spells in a wide secret room.
Although the effect of "Zhen Shen Cang Yi Da Fa" is magical, the casting conditions are also extremely harsh.
The most important thing is that no matter how advanced the practice is, it is necessary for outsiders to cooperate and there is a fixed division of labor without a link.
Then there is that the practice of casting spells should not be too weak, and Shen Changming and others’ practice is the minimum requirement for displaying this solution.
Another point is that many precious materials that need to be arranged are led by the main caster and coordinated by the legal person and others.
But they can’t know that it is especially important to be remembered by a legal person, otherwise Yi wouldn’t have made the Law of Remembering the Soul.
Slowly flowing through the "Remembrance of the Soul" went smoothly, and it was night after the casting was completed.
After returning home, Yi Jiang Pingshan went to Wushan for sex and sex for three hours and went to sleep with great satisfaction.
On the second day, Jiang Pingshan officially closed a corner to appease the blood scorpion and put it into two thousand poisonous methods to let it eat enough, and then walked out of the floating pagoda with a little regret.
I haven’t come back for two months. Some confidantes are in great need of comfort. Although they often talk and communicate, they haven’t seen each other for such a long time, even they are full of acacia and bitterness.
For six days, it’s easy to deal with Gu Ming, Ye Yao and Xu Rou. One person is impartial. For two days, it’s certainly impossible to be affectionate and naked.
Then I went to all the familiar people to walk around, and the thirteen-year-old twin sisters met in a hurry.
At this time, it is easy to hold Ye Yao and sit in the tea room of Minglou Longxu to chat about Ye Yao’s delicate delicate delicate and charming face, and give Yidu tea a mouthful of mouth-to-mouth talk.
I was intoxicated for a while and remembered my heart and said with a smile, "How many days does Lv Jingfu have to stay here?"
Ye Yao smiled and said, "It seems that I’m going to stay for about two months. My second uncle specially made a loft for her. Now Manman and I have moved in. It’s dangerous and interesting to giggle at what she said. It’s a good person. Manman didn’t make this friend for nothing. Brother Yi … Didn’t you say you wanted to know her? Why don’t you ask her out to meet Maman? "
Yi Wen couldn’t help smiling, so he didn’t worry. He explained, "I planned to do this before, but then I thought it was wrong. This kind of woman has a wide range of words, and maybe she knows something. It’s still not good for your family friends to tell us!"
"But I’m a little curious about such people. Tell me about her when you are free. I have a good profile."
Ye Yao shook his charming body and said to Yi Dao, "It turns out that Yi Ge is the same. Don’t worry, if I know what she is, I will tell you everything, but … Yi Ge, you should spend more time with Yao Er!"
Yi rubbed her beautiful legs and said, "Of course. Will Yao play with her in various scenic spots in Qin Province?"
Ye Yaoyi’s arms changed into a comfortable posture and her head rested on his shoulder. "She was injured before she came. This time, I came to see Maman. Second, I was going to relax when I was recuperating for a while. I heard Maman say that she was like this every time …"
"When she is busy at ordinary times, when they are fine, they will stay for a month or two while recovering, and at the same time, they will be able to rise to a new state of mind. This practice of hers is quite unique. When her injury is better, Manman and I will accompany her to visit various places again."
Easy to get, I want to know things. I laughed. "Hehe, different people live in different environments. I think her nerves are too tight at ordinary times. Just find Mann to relax, otherwise she will be prone to demons."
"I think so!" Ye Yao nodded and clapped his hands and asked, "By the way … how long will it take for your mansion to be renovated?"
The fourth volume GanKun copulation Chapter three hundred and thirty QinQi amazing choose pavilion.
Want to go in and live? "Easy to smile at Ye Yaodao" has completed the material search together and finished the large array of cloth. Now my thirteen guards are guarding others and didn’t find anything that didn’t want to spoil it "
"Well, it’s so beautiful and crowded, but it’s not easy to control your mouth. It’s also miscellaneous. My family just goes back and walks home for a while, and then I bow down and say hello respectfully, and then I’m tired of gossiping behind my back."
Ye Yao sighed at Yi Dao again. "I wanted to go to your place to live, but my family kept an eye on me and wouldn’t let me spend the night outside!"
Easy heart dark joy but comfort her, "they are, too. Hello, I haven’t left their sight since I was a child. It’s normal to wait for a few years. Anyway, there’s no hurry. First of all, I’ll upgrade to a longer day."
Ye Yao nodded, and when she chatted for a while, she sent her to Ye Jifa’s mansion and kissed her goodbye deeply, watching her disappear into the fog in three steps.
Later, Yi returned to Houshan Cave House and walked into the twin sisters’ bridal chamber. He carefully examined the gold and green dry Kun bags in his hand and could not help but smile.