After the engagement party, the guests left one after another, and the Lu family also drove to the Lu house by car.

Fang Nuo Nuo leaned against Liu Yizhi’s arms and smiled a sweet face.
Today, she officially moved into Lu Zhai.
Liu Yizhi looked down at Fang Nuo Nuo corners of the mouth tick tick.
After the car pulled into Lu Zhai, Lu Yizhi sat in the car without a carriage and patted Fang Nuo Nuo’s hand and said, "You go back to the small building to rest first, and I’ll talk to dad about something."
"I’ll go with you" Fang Nuo Nuo pouted with a reluctant face.
Today is her first day living in Lu Zhai. How can Lu Yizhi not accompany her?
Lu Yizhi patiently coaxed "Be obedient and I’ll be back soon"
"All right" Fang Nuo Nuo is reluctant to push the door.
As soon as I stepped on the ground, I saw that I had just arrived from the car, and Su Qing twisted my waist and walked over to "Sister-in-law".
Sue night mood Cu frown this Nuo Nuo face is not generally thick.
I framed her for stealing her earrings, and now I come to say hello to her like nothing happened.
Liu Yichen came over and took Sue’s late love waist without looking at Fang Nuo Nuo. "My wife must be exhausted today. Let’s go to bed early."
"Well …"
Looking at two people go far figure Fang Nuo Nuo gas stamping stamping.
"I don’t want the Fang Nuo Nuo necklace to happen again. Remember that I’m talking to you and don’t provoke Sue."
Lu Yizhi’s voice rang behind him.
Fang Nuo Nuo turned around and said unnaturally, "I explained it to you. I really remembered that time."
Liu Yizhi gave her a faint glance. "Do you remember wrong? Just remember my words clearly in your heart."
Lu Yizhi finished and walked towards the main house.
Fang Nuo Nuo’s fingers firmly grasped the dress cheongsam, and the phoenix was crumpled by Fang Nuo Nuo.
Liu Yizhi Building directly went to Liu Zhengying’s room and knocked on the door. There was no response.
Turned and went to his bedroom.
Liu Zhengying frowned when he saw that it was Liu Yizhi.
"Today is your engagement day with Fang Nuo Nuo. Why don’t you accompany her to find me?"
Liu Yizhi glanced at Wen Yiting in the room. "Dad, I have something for you. Let’s go to the room and talk."
"Well," Liu Zhengying sliding door followed Liu Yizhi to the room.
Wenyiting worried about looking at the door
Today, many guests come here, and Lao Lu is very tired from socializing. As soon as he comes back, he plans to go back to his room to rest. What does Lu Yizhi want with him at this time?
Lu Yizhi met Lu Zhengying and said, "Dad, according to Lu Jiatong, can I get 1% of Lu’s shares after my engagement?"
Liu Zhengying listened to his words one leng eyebrows Cu die.
He didn’t expect Lu Yizhi to be so greedy. He just went to Lu’s class for two days and now he wants shares.
"Yi Zhi’s father knows your mood, but he can’t give you shares."
"What?" Lu Yizhi looked at him with an injured face and asked, "Is it because I am not Wen Yiting?"
"Yi Tinggen doesn’t know that you are my son. She always knows that you are my sister." Liu Zhengying looked at Liu Yizhi and said seriously, "If you let Yi Ting know about this matter, I won’t spare you. I can let you go to the Lushi class and let you leave Lushi."
Lu Yizhi clenched his fists tightly and looked at Lu Zhengying with red eyes. "Then why should I be born?"
"You were born to be your mother, not me. I didn’t know you were there. If I knew …" Be sure to let your mother abort the baby.
When Lu Zhengying stopped talking, it would hurt Lu Yizhi’s heart to say it.
"It will make my mother abort the child, right?" Lu Yizhi waved the body. He didn’t expect him to be an accident for Liu Zhengying or an accident he didn’t want.
"I’m sorry for your father, and I’m sorry for your mother." Liu Zhengying patted Lu Yizhi on the shoulder with a sigh. "Dad can let you play your talents in Lu’s class, but I won’t give you shares."
Liu Yizhi bitten to grind "good …" Say that finish turned and slowly walked out of the room.