In a few minutes, he was coaxed into seven meat products by Teng’s three-inch tongue.

"Ah, your mother just nagged at my ears for a long time. If I had known it was so easy to coax me, it would have comforted me for a long time, and it didn’t have any effect. I wish you’d come."
Teng always smiled and looked at Professor Teng as if he were jealous.
It seems that at some point people seem to be born with vinegar cans.
"By the way, I just wanted to ask you how many people are in our building. I heard the door ring at that time, not our two families."
"Don’t worry about this. I’ll explain it to you and mom later." Mr. Teng said it was a little mysterious
Professor Yuan and Professor Teng looked at each other and wondered if they really had skeletons in their closet.
Then they all looked at each other with doubts.
"What are you hiding?" Professor Yuan’s words stuck in his throat, but he didn’t ask out his temper.
But the old couple have a question mark in their hearts, and then they will toss and turn at night and can’t sleep.
This floor is full of them.
But gentle didn’t find anything, and he was no different from usual. Sometimes he woke up after sleeping, but he was not there, but he came back in a few minutes. She went out to call when he was afraid of waking her up.
On that day, a nurse told Professor Yuan to give the child an injection. Professor Yuan didn’t think much about the injection. The nurse said something decent and left, but she always wore a mask.
It is not unusual for nurses to wear masks here. Professor Yuan is not very comfortable.
Professor Teng went home to see Teng Mei, and she walked alone with her child in her arms.
The bodyguard next to her says hello, Professor Yuan. Where are you going?
"Nurse, this is not telling me to take my child to have an injection. I …"
Before she finished speaking, the bodyguard’s cell phone rang, picked it up one by one and immediately turned cold. You can’t take the young master with you.
"Ah?" Professor Yuan was stunned. She knew that these people were under Tengyun’s orders to stay here, but she didn’t know what was wrong with taking her grandson for an injection or whether they were selling children.
Section 44
"I’m afraid there is a trap."
The bodyguard immediately said
Professor Yuan …
Another bodyguard immediately knocked at the door. Gentle was asleep in a daze. Teng Yun was sensitive when he heard a weak knock at the door. When he went out, the bodyguard gave him a wink.
Teng Yun gently opened the door and saw Professor Yuan holding the child aside. What happened?
"A nurse just came over and asked Professor Yuan to take the child for an injection, but the people in the monitoring room found something wrong."
"You go back to your room with the baby in your arms, and you two continue to stay here and call the others out and come with me," Tengyun said.
What happened to Professor Yuan’s blanching?
"Don’t worry about this matter first, and then I will definitely give you a clear and advanced explanation."
Professor Yuan looked so serious that he dared not ask again and went back to his room with his child in his arms.
"You go …" Teng Yun said a sentence to an undercover bodyguard beside him, and then the man nodded and left.
Tengyun and others confessed a few words. The screen of the mobile phone is already showing the monitoring personnel. He wants to see who has been trying to hurt their mother behind her back.
It’s this one. It’s already two deaths and one injury
Manager Teng was cut by one of the knives, but the wound was not deep.
When the two men saw the trap, they immediately took a knife and pierced their hearts.
There was a bodyguard outside the door, but it was quick to react and ran in. Boss, are you okay?
Teng Yun’s eyes were cold and he looked at the two people who would rather die than be caught, then looked down at his white shirt cuff and shook his head gently.
In addition to two suicides, there is also a puppet doll that he got wrapped in a small quilt in front of his building to serve as his child.
He can’t risk his own child.
Now the puppet has been split in half, but it has made great contributions. If the puppet hadn’t hit the killer in the head just now, he might have been stabbed in the heart.
"Don’t let the air leak in advance." Mr. Teng said that he left immediately.
The two men were sent to the emergency room for rescue. One of them died before waiting for the operating room, and the other was dying.
Teng always asked a nurse to dress his wound before returning to the building.
Professor Yuan has been in a room with tenderness, and he saw it as soon as he entered the room.