On the other side, Xiao Shi turned around and then wandered back to cheat nearby. That guy really took the pile of junk and bought it back and found the ex-woman. Of course, he learned from the woman that the precious thing was no longer among them.

At this time, a hand shaped like dead wood grabbed Xiao Shi’s shoulder and took a step to the right. After that, there was a sword in his hand. Before the other party could react, he attacked him. "You are an evil spirit who wants to touch me with your hand."
Hearing Xiao Shi’s deception, he immediately turned his eyes to come over. At this time, he was forced to pull out one hand and point to Xiao Shi because he tried to talk to the lioness and couldn’t get anything out. "She bought something from me and then deliberately lied to me."
Although Xiao Shi is cleaning up and trying to sneak up on her, she didn’t miss the lie. Even if she is cultivated into a seven-clever and exquisite heart, she has never seen such a cheeky person glaring at the other side. "I said if you say so?" I also said that you are a big liar. "
After listening to Xiao Shi’s words, some people burst into laughter and said, "Little girl, you are right. This man is really a big liar."
Although Xiao Shi is dressed in cloth, some quick-thinking people have already guessed that she should come from an extraordinary family after listening to what she just said to the evil spirit Xiu. This is a good time to brush up on her, and some people are going to move to her side to help Xiao Shi when he is in danger.
Xiao Shi didn’t want to expose the true cultivation, but the evil cultivation was a bit difficult. If she didn’t give full play to her real strength, the roots couldn’t be cleaned up. Just when she hesitated, a sword was stretched out next to her. When she fought for a while, the evil cultivation robbed the past three by five and divided by two, and it was abolished into ordinary people.
Unless he is born too ugly, none of the practitioners will make himself ugly. He is used to seeing all kinds of handsome guys around him. Although the man in front of him is very handsome, he doesn’t mean to let her take a second look, but she still bows her hand at him and "thanks"
The man blocked Xiao Shi’s way out in the previous step. "My name is Lu Xuan."
Xiao Shi blinked. "My name is Xiao Shi."
Lu Xuan smiled at Xiao Shi. "We really know this place. It seems that there is some confusion in traveling together."
Xiao Shi’s sure that although she was cheated, she wouldn’t let it go. Besides, if the deception was really exposed, she estimated that many people would attempt to kill people and seize treasure.
Thought of here, Xiao Shi smiled at Lu Xuan. "Good."
It wasn’t long before Xiao Shi was stopped by someone. It was the former woman who looked at Xiao Shi and said in a very blunt tone, "Give me something."
Small ten frowned and took a step back "I don’t white what do you mean? What is it? "
The woman stretched out her hand to catch Xiao Shi, and just after a fight, Xiao Shi’s consciousness attacked the woman with a sword.
Next to it, a handle fan crashed into the small ten-finger sword and gave a crunchy sound.
See the handle fan female face turned white "brother I …"
The man whose face was black as the bottom of the pot interrupted her by saying, "Shut up, I don’t want to hear you now."
Xiao Shi blinked. This woman should have been acting in front of her brother. Just now, her brother saw her real mask. It’s really delicate and touching to see that little face, but such a person is not worthy of sympathy and people don’t need her sympathy.
At this time, the female brother bowed his hand at Xiao Shi. "Please forgive me for my sister’s offense just now."
I noticed that my brother’s eyes became very soft when he looked at Xiao Shi, and the female eyes were somewhat mean. "Brother, what are you sorry for with a liar?"
"Where is the mad dog?" Lu Xuan’s servant stood in front of Xiao Shi. "If we miss Shi lie, everyone will lie that day."
Being said that Xiao Shi was a little embarrassed to turn around and didn’t see Lu Xuan and asked, "Where’s Lu Xuan?"
The servant replied, "It’s careless to wait for Miss Ten in front. There are too many people here and too many people to follow closely."
At this time, the woman suddenly attacked Xiao Shi, and Xiao Shi was still too simple in front of her brother, and the woman would be restrained and unprepared.
Passing 18-wheeler, a black shadow flashed in front of the girl at the age of ten and screamed and flew out. shuriken broke into two pieces on his chest, and there were more scars that were caught by wild animals.
After all, it was Ma, the female senior of the school sister, who went to check on her condition and treated the wound for the female only to find that the root method was healed. An old man in the same group took a look at it and said, "This was injured by a soul-eating beast."
The female brother’s eyes lit up. "Sure enough," she turned to look at the place where she was ten years younger, only to find that people had left there with a face of servants who were not in good condition.
Xiao Shi ran away from the place where people stopped to "count gold?"
Dian Jin appeared in front of Xiao Shi. "You have been out of the Tenth Hall for too long."
Hold a gold neck before ten. "How about going to another place and then going home?"
A little bit of gold rubbed his face "OK"
Wu Jin appeared beside Dian Jin. "You won’t refuse every time I beg you at the entrance of the Ten Temples."
Dianjin once again rubbed Xiao Shi "That’s what we never ask too much of the Ten Temples."
Lu Xuan followed Xiao Shi’s breath and came back to see Dian Jin and Wu Jin immediately guessed Xiao Shi’s identity. "Are you the Ten Hall of the Nine Heavenly Stars?"
Xiao Shi blinked. "How do you know?"
Lu Xuan’s eyes became a little complicated. "When your mother was still in the holy heaven, I knew that there was a dog soul eater and a high-wind god dog around her."
Little ten heads "Are you from the Holy Heaven?"
Lu Xuan nodded. "The Holy Emperor is my father."
Xiao Shi bent his eyes. "Then we are fellow villagers. I’ll go to the ghost market in three days. Why don’t you come with me?"
Lu Xuan laughed. "I’m going to see it when I come."
Xiao Shi said that she was the host Lu Xuan and a guest, and took him to many places to play in three days. At this time, she didn’t know that someone was looking for her, and she almost dug three feet.
Looking for Xiao Shi is the female brother. His name is Hong Yan. He once followed the elders in the door to visit instead of Hu Yingxue to take care of the Xinghai General Administration Hall in the ninth heaven. At that moment, he saw that he ran to find his eldest brother Xiao Shi, and he has kept Xiao Shi in mind since then.