"Hum when force? It’s interesting … "Element Xiao Fan raised his eyebrows and said," But although you have just destroyed the attack, the power consumed by releasing these attacks has come back to me little by little. Your tactics just now are just in vain! "

"You’re a tough guy … it’s really impossible for me to beat you alone …" Xiao Fan wiped his forehead and sweated a little towards his eyebrows. "Malaria meow comes out … give me an arm!"
Two lights flashed out and Xiao Miao and malaria appeared on both sides of Xiao Fan at the same time.
"oh? What else can I do for you? It turned out that malaria and meow were called out! " Element Xiao Fan disdain shook his head. "It’s stupid, don’t you forget? We were alone! "
"What?" Xiao Fan couldn’t help one leng.
"That’s right, Xiao Fan. He said that he was one with you. He is also Xiao Fan. I can’t attack him!" Malaria sighed and nodded, "The spirit of the device will kill the master in an instant!"
"Meow!" Xiao Miao also nodded his head. Xiao Fan, its owner, could not attack each other.
"How … how did this happen?" Xiao Fan gasped in a gasp.
"Ha ha ha play not to turn? You finally lost your dependence, didn’t you? " Element Xiao Fan looked at and laughed.
"But … this guy really hates the character given to him by Jiuyang Xianjun. It’s so annoying!" Malaria resentment grinds his teeth and says, "Xiao Fan, you can’t mess with your magic weapon, otherwise he will probably take it away. There is no way that you have the same yuan God and soul, even the nine-turn dragon wings can be used in this battle!"
"Grandma, how the situation keeps developing in the worst direction? Is it because I was too smooth before? " Xiao Fan resents holding his fist, and all his moves are root strength for the element Xiao Fan, and he is not as good as the other side. This battle will be in trouble!
"Cunning guy, but it’s not a threat to me!" Element Xiao Fan hands also shot a touch of golden light, and then the palm knife arm gathered the indestructible fairy Gang’s real strength and chopped it out.
Whether it’s six golden lights or all the hands behind it are dancing and chopped neatly!
"Here comes the opportunity!" At this time, Xiao Fan took the opportunity to dive into the front of the element Xiao Fan. In the distance, his palms broke out and the dazzling light of his palms was printed on the other side’s chest!
"This … what is this?" Element Xiao Fan a surprised feel a hot energy instantaneous invaded the body.
"Bang bang!" Immediately, a white light burst out from his seven orifices, and the whole person soared like a moon, dancing and struggling with his limbs!
But soon his skin burst and the light came out along his wound!
Light property!
Chapter 92 Perfect body
"Didn’t you say that you can understand the operation rules of all the special properties I have, so as to completely solve them? But this light property … But I just realized it. How about soon? Can’t understand the root of strength? " Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick looking at the sky constantly struggling radiant elements Xiao Fan leisurely said
"Damn light … light property force … has been invading my body!" Element Xiao Fan became more violent than suddenly bending over and his body became several times larger in an instant. Like a giant, Zhang still sprayed a beam of light. "Damn things have hurt me so much. Look, I swallowed you alive!"
"Just what I want, otherwise I really don’t know how to destroy your stinking skin!" Xiao Fan said, stepping on his body with his feet, he rushed to the body and plunged into each other in a piece of Guanghua!
"Ha ha ha! I’m trapped in a trap, and all the forces of my running body will divide you from life to life, and your yuan God and soul will be one with me! " Element Xiao Fan laughed wildly and immediately sat cross-legged and closed his eyes to run the body energy crazily.
All the forces in the abdomen come together to crush Xiao Fan and stir wildly, just like a huge crusher constantly offsetting Xiao Fan’s protective barrier and trying to destroy his body.
"Hum, it seems that this guy has lost his head, too. He has maximized the connection between our Yuan God and soul force!" Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a young root depending on the pressure so cross your legs and sit with your hands quickly choke Neko murmured.
Immediately located in this element, Xiao Fan’s body, soul and Yuan Shen trembled slightly, and immediately a little bit of white fog crept down Xiao Fan’s crown.
"ah! It’s not good that he actually robbed me of my yuan god and soul power! " Element Xiao Fan sensed this situation and immediately panicked.
"I, Yuan Ling and Soul, return to your body!" Xiao Fan burst into strong light as he spoke. The difference between Yuan God and soul now is that it was tempered by imagination in several wars, and the final quality was much stronger than that of a part separated before!
And it contains all the feelings that Xiao Fan grew up step by step, from Jin Xian to Wang Xian, from Wang Xian to Xuan Xian, from Xuan Xian to the ancestral realm!
"No … impossible! He is stronger than me in yuan god and soul? And ….. Still so much stronger! No! I don’t want to lose myself, I am not willing! " Element Xiao Fan knows that she has been able to compete with Xiao Fan, and feels that her Yuan God and soul are rapidly differentiating into each other’s bodies!
I feel that I am strengthening the quality of the law step by step and I am rapidly weakening. He is completely panicked!
"Xiao Fan, stop. I won’t absorb you any more. Don’t let my rare independent consciousness die out. I’ve managed to have my own ideas. Don’t lose it. Leave me some yuan gods and souls, just like that. I’ll treat you like two places at once. Everything is under your control." Element Xiao Fan hurriedly begged to get up.
"Busy? Forget it. A doubt that I can control my avatar is a hidden danger buried around me. Do you think I might leave you any yuan god and soul power? " Xiao Fan said faintly at the corner of her mouth, "And … after you are absorbed, I can once again reunite my mind and come back to the dust!"
"Damn it! Damn it! Xiao Fan, since you don’t leave me any survivors, don’t blame me and you won’t get a complete soul! " Element Xiao Fan ferocious roar up body suddenly like a balloon failure and all the forces are violent twisted churning seems to burst itself!
"Want to blow itself up? I knew you would have such a skill and … I was already prepared! " Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick suddenly body shot Guanghua turned dazzling gold!
Soon, he slowly pointed his hands at the sky with one hand and the ground with the other, and drank a "magic-every day!"
In an instant, a huge lotus will emerge and want to explode. Xiao Fan, the whole lotus leaves are slowly closed, and everything is completely blocked.
Originally, the six-character mantra of seal in this magical operation has long been broken by Xiao Fan, and he has a deeper understanding of this magical operation.
Not only Buddhist magic, but also everything in the world can be used to seal the imprisonment. In other words, this magical technique-the daily division is the detention method made by God!
"This ….. what is this means? My strength is working like it’s solidified? I can’t move either! What the hell is this? " Element Xiao Fan tore heart crack lung roar up.
"Don’t waste your energy. This is what God has done. Break through this daily constraint with your root method and wait for yourself to disappear completely!" Xiao Fan sneer at a once again absorbed in collecting the original yuan god and soul force that belonged to him.
The lotus created every day is no longer the law of time.
It’s completely still here and Xiao Fanzhong doesn’t know how long he stayed.
However, when it was just past a breath outside, the lotus petals suddenly flew out slowly, which was a majestic breath of dominating the sky. Xiao Fan’s height almost increased by half a head, and his body also explained that the huge nimbus flashing behind him also added a kind of gorgeous brilliance.
"oh? Xiao Fan ….. "Outside malaria said hurriedly to meet, but dare not tell whether Xiao Fan is familiar with that or has become a lackey of Jiuyang Xianjun.
"Don’t worry, malaria, I will get rid of that fake!" Xiao Fan responded and immediately took a deep breath and muttered to himself, "I didn’t expect my mood and feeling to suddenly rise a lot after returning to a complete state, and it became more indifferent than purity …"