Chapter two hundred and twenty-one spite

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Mu Yun looked at all with a puzzled face.
"Er, Master, you really don’t know?" Jade burn tried asked.
"Of course I don’t know. I haven’t participated in it." Mu Yun said confidently.
The * * Khan this reason is really persuasive.
At the beginning, when Ten Niangs confidently elected Mu Yun as the leader, everyone was still holding out hope that they might be able to make a surprise attack under the leadership of Buddhist teachers. After all, Suzaku has never won a victory in the venue of "Four Kingdoms Meeting Martial Arts" for 30 years.
But now, in people’s minds, the Buddhist adults are actually not even clear about the rules, which doesn’t make people feel nervous.
"Oh, what’s the matter? Is that rule hard to understand and can’t be finished all day?" Mu Yun is also seen through the in the mind some airway.
"No, no, no" saw that Mu Yun looked a little ill, and Yu Huang said in a hurry. Then he gave Mu Yun a detailed explanation of the rules of the "four-nation martial arts" competition system and some places that need attention
And in these purple cypresses, the six of them have been listening to Jade Phoenix for three times, and they have long known it by heart. Mu Yun is also a serious face, listening and being serious, and his mind is constantly thinking.
"So it is." After listening, Mu Yun nodded slightly.
But for a long time, there was no movement. Look at me. I’ll look at you. Your last eyes were on Yuhuang. Nai Yuhuang asked carefully again, "Master, what should be the arrangement of the seven of us in the first individual competition?"
"appearance order?" Mu Yun looked up at Jade Burn and scared Jade Burn. She shivered unconsciously and took a step back. "We’ll talk about this then."
We’ll talk about it then? Well, there’s really nothing to say about this leader
Although everyone is a little uneasy about Mu Yun’s casual attitude, who dares to say yes or no? Just say it when Mu Yun says it. Anyway, the big deal is to lose again and not to lose.
Looking at all the people with drooping heads and dejected eyes, Mu Yun was so angry that he was funny. "Don’t worry, I promised that elegant theory, such as Suzaku country, would not take the last place in this appearance order again. I want to observe the day and then temporarily arrange it according to the opponent’s situation, which can also ensure that we will win. It’s not that we are not going to win the first place. It’s not necessary to fight with Qinglong country for the life and death. Then we will be less invincible, right?"
When they heard Mu Yun patiently explain, their eyes suddenly lit up and they hoped that the fire would burn again.
"Master Jade Burn deserves to die and shouldn’t doubt Master." Jade Burn thinks more and more, and feels that she is also kneeling on the ground in a hurry.
"Buddhist adult, I’ll be damned." They also knelt on the ground.
"It’s okay, it’s okay," Mu Yun smiled. "Get up. Don’t think I’m so cruel. You’re all out of consideration for the country. There’s nothing wrong with me." Mu Yun was embarrassed to touch his nose. "I almost came late and didn’t even understand the rules. It’s my turn to make amends to you."
See MuYun turns out to be up to make amends to the people jade burn and purple tree are scared not light seven people but even’ dare not’ Mu Yun saw that they were so afraid that they only shook their heads with a wry smile. Is it really so daunting?
Then Mu Yun suddenly thought of something, saying, "Oh, by the way, Yuhuang Ziyan, you two have just experienced a rapid growth in strength, but don’t do this, you will really have the strength of the then period."
Two people looked at face suddenly chung with a dignified color nod should way.
Listen to Mu Yun and then say, "Although you are already in the golden elixir period on the surface, your breath in the golden elixir period is much more than before because of this leap, but it is very vain. Plus, if you two are inexperienced in fighting, it will be difficult for you to fight in the first world war. Therefore, what I ask of you two is to remember not to position yourself too high. Even if you meet people in the late stage of building a foundation on the battlefield, you should make efforts. Is it self-evident that it is important to fight you this time?"
"Jade burns white"
"Purple and white"
MuYun lightly sighed and said slowly, "At the end of the day, the strength of Dan medicine is still not as strong as its own practice. When you need a lot of profit, you should strive for the complete transformation of that power as soon as possible. On that day, you will truly enter the then period."
The two men nodded heavily, and their eyes crossed with a dignified and determined color.
"Knock, knock, knock"
Suddenly a crisp knocking at the door interrupted the crowd.
Jade burn saw Mu Yun Mu Yun nodded and turned the door.
At the door, a middle-aged man dressed in a green dragon official looked cold and disdainful when he saw Jade Emperor. "Are you the leader of Suzaku?"
"No, who are you and what are you doing here?" Jade burn see each other face is not good in the heart is also a nu cold way
"No?" The middle-aged man was obviously a little surprised. In fact, every move of the contestants from all over the world has long been in the hands of Qinglong country. But judging from the other day, several people in Suzaku country showed that this black-faced female leader was not the leader. The middle-aged man looked at Jade Phoenix in doubt, but for a moment he just slowed down and smiled contemptuously. "Forget it. Whether you are the leader or not, the king of Qinglong country told you that the branch hosted the’ Four Kingdoms Meeting’ in the palace at noon. There will be a banquet after the ceremony. Don’t be late or you can’t get into the palace. Don Say that finish the middle-aged man is a jilt sleeve without looking at jade burn is going away.
This middle-aged man was so angry that Jade Phoenix burst into a big fire because Suzaku’s strength was low. Every time, he was the last place. Even the sesame official of Qinglong country dared to boss them around, but there was no way for this Jade Phoenix to let you fail. If you want to live up to expectations, take the first place. See who dares to look down on what you have. Nai Jade Phoenix can also get angry in his own nest.
"Master" Yuhuangmen looked angry and was about to leave.
See Mu Yun gently with the wave "forget it, I heard it".
At this time, I listened to Feng Jiaojiao’s way, "Hum, what’s the big deal? What’s the pride of Qinglong country? My brother Mu Yun can knock their department to the ground with one hand?"
"Meow meow meow"
Xiaobai seems to recognize the strength and make a cute call.
A little girl and a small white made Mu Yun smile a little, and when they looked at it, they also chuckled at this smile, and their hearts suddenly felt better.
The next day, MuYun took Yuhuang and they came to King Qinglong Palace as promised.
Although Mu Yun is a Chinese of Qinglong, he is very fond of everything in this Qinglong country, especially this palace …
The comprehensive strength of Qinglong Kingdom is the strongest among the four countries. Therefore, it is natural for the palace to match its identity properly. Everyone is watching from the outside. The size of the palace is at least several times that of Suzaku King Palace. They are not only amazed by the purple tree, but their hearts are still shocked even though Jade Phoenix has seen it …
Stop and watch for a while and they followed Mu Yun towards the gate of the palace, but when they approached, they listened to a disdainful track
"Which country do you live in?"
Mu Yun looked up slightly and saw that the gatekeeper didn’t lift his eyes as if he were talking to Qi. Mu Yun smiled before he could speak.
Listening to a rough voice in the distance, "They are just a group of * * in Suzaku" sounds with disdain.
Jade burn them a listen to face suddenly a angry look at the walking slowly a few people.
Mu Yun eyelid a lift is also looked in that direction.
See that a group of people are all dressed up in a strange way, and all of them are five big and three thick faces painted with all kinds of strange colors. That looks almost like a beast, and even the voice of the beast is somewhat similar.
And the first, that is, the man in front of the mouth is more rugged than bash elbows and glare, and a pair of soaring nostrils are increasingly ferocious. At this time, he is looking at Mu Yun with a face of insidious smile.
And when Mu Yun looked at him, his eyes fell on Mu Yun, and his eyes narrowed slightly, and he walked straight towards Mu Yun. It turned out to be like a hill standing in front of him …
That guy with his head down two eyes as big as two staring at Mu Yun for a long time, but suddenly burst out laughing and bent slightly. "Little one, you are the Buddhist in Suzaku country, aren’t you? Still wearing crotch pants, huh? Ha ha ha ha ha ha "
"Ha ha ha ha"
The big guy say that finish with some followers behind him is also big laughs.
"You" jade burn eyes a stare is about to send but Mu Yun is toward her with the wave motioned her to be calm.
Seeing that Mu Yun was not angry at all, he smiled faintly and said, "Are you a white tiger?"
"Hum, you little brat, listen up. This is my Lord, the wizard of the White Tiger Kingdom." A follower behind him made his debut as if he were introducing himself
"Oh?" Mu Yun eyebrows a pick "wizard wish? I remember I killed a wizard. Why did another one come? What the hell is your white tiger wizard wish? How so many streets are rotten? "
"Bah!" The attendant’s face changed and he said, "Our great wizard is not something …"
"Ha ha ha ha"
Before I finished, they were laughing, especially the little girl who smiled the most happily.
Seeing that he had made a slip of the tongue at the moment, the attendant quickly changed his tune, "Our great wizard wishes are things …"
"Oh, I wonder what your great wizard wishes are?" Mu Yun asked with a smile.
Compared with the lip service, which is Mu Yun’s opponent, he was suddenly asked by Mu Yun for a while, and his face changed.
"Pa", the wizard wished Harga a slap and slapped the attendant away "nothing"