The base brain does not intend to carry out a series of test procedures that should have been inspired by the mayor’s escape, but wants to … directly grab the mayor back.

Chapter six hundred and fifty-nine Escape
Vibration echoed in righteousness.
The gas here is a mixed gas, but it doesn’t seem to cause an explosion. There is something wrong with it. The mayor is running very fast here.
But the running stopped soon because Lin saw a huge wall in front of her.
"What just want to escape now? Testing is not possible now. "
Although it seems unable to follow, it can control everything in the whole base, just being a fake mayor is a way to escape.
And told it to put the fake mayor out … Obviously, it is also impossible. Lin feels that there is help from’ external forces’, but it is not yet time … It is necessary to run away.
Thinking about Lin, let the fake mayor hit the head quickly and emit a small explosive bomb inside. After this small explosive bomb hits the wall for a moment …
Boom! ! !’
The whole wall immediately showed what was behind the wall.
"You actually have this weapon?" The base brain sounded with amazement. It didn’t seem to think that the mayor would have such a powerful weapon? Have you been tested before?
But this is not the real mayor, but the fake mayor. Lin has many hidden weapons. It was discovered by law.
After knocking down the wall, the fake mayor ran quickly to the front, which was also very similar and looked like a …… garbage dump.
There are sundries and debris everywhere. It seems that the metal has been dismantled and thrown away. Here, the fake mayor ran past a pile of metal and found that there is a pile of metal that looks like the mayor’s armor, but it is a shell because there are many … cracks can be seen inside.
It seems that they make more than one mayor?
When Lin was holding this doubt, suddenly Lin felt a great force coming from the ground, which made the fake mayor unable to move, as if he had been stuck to the ground
Is this a gravitational system?
There is gravity in this place, and it is recognized that there is a gravity control device in this base. It seems that the brain of the base can adjust the gravity of this gravity device.
"You are the way to escape," said the base brain. "Although I think you can recover your memory faster by escaping from this emotion … but this is not the time. You must cut off the channel in your brain quickly or it will be very troublesome. Hurry up now!"
Listen, Lin found that the gravity is a little weaker, but if Lin wants to run again, it may increase the gravity. The way to solve this problem is to destroy the gravity device.
Although Lin wants to study a device, let’s talk about it again. What Lin wants most now is to take this stick out, which says it can’ speed up thinking’, and it may be able to help him see the end of the road in the mayor’s mind.
But a fake mayor alone can’t do much and need other help.
When thinking about it, Lynn has let craken aim at this place.
Craken is now in a pile of floating rocks, and one of its tentacles is aiming at a floating rock in the distance.
There are no different rocks around that floating rock, but Lin knows that the base is that rock through the fake mayor’s position.
I didn’t expect the base to be a place like this, which has been avoiding those tiny mechanical’ gods’ or that’ gods’ haven’t looked for this base?
It is indeed possible that Lin thinks that the micromechanics that call themselves gods are weird, and they don’t care. At the same time, the mayor has not done anything special, but has been attracting all kinds of personality creatures here.
After that, I have to see what these gods really think. Lin is also very curious about their sudden’ consciousness’
But there are other thing to do now.
Accompanied by a simulated sound, a sharp object was shot from the end of craken’s tentacle, which flew to the floating rock in the base station at high speed and then …
Rumble …!’ The fake mayor of the base suddenly felt a twinge of trembling, and the strong gravity on the ground weakened a lot, and after a few seconds, the gravity had completely disappeared.
A lot of things are floating here because of the shaking of the ground, including Mayor Lin Fake.
Sure enough, I hit Lin, the fake mayor here judged the location of a gravity device, and then let craken bombard outside. It seems that I successfully hit the device and damaged it.
"What? Is this an attack from outside? " The surprised voice in the base brain rang again, "What will be found here?"
The fake mayor ignored it and the propulsion device flew in the other direction.
Lin flew to a wall after passing through this area with metal piles everywhere.
The structure of this base seems very strange. I don’t know what the original spirits thought when they built this place, and I don’t know who made it.
If this place can escape detection, then the manufacturer should be alive. Why is there no spirit left?
Boom!’ Just as Lin thought so, there was another vibration around her. Lin found that the wall in front was like a rock structure and suddenly changed color. It became as white as those houses I had seen before.
At the same time, Lin felt a strange feeling spreading from the white wall.
This seems to be a kind of dream energy? What are you here for? It doesn’t seem to have any special effect … but Lin guessed that this energy might have some impact on the real mayor, but there is no place for the fake mayor to always fly away first.
Gravitational environment The fake mayor flew in the past quickly, and Lin quickly found the entrance, but the entrance was closed and there was no obstacle in front of Lin after an explosion.
By this time, Mayor Lin had returned to what looked like a spider’s nest.
Looking at this place, Lin suddenly had an idea that the silk thread was stuck to imprison the brain spirit ball, and then asked the fake mayor to burn some silk thread and bring some brain spirit balls.