Suri returned to the 14th floor of the Sacred Tower through the entrance.

Returning to the sacred tower, I collected 120,000 spiritual sources before challenging. I have been promoted to the 21st level, and I have the top magical power. Su Li easily broke the top spot, won the Chineydy record, became the first choice and entered the 15th floor.
A message immediately appeared in my mind.
"The Fourteenth Floor of the Sacred Tower is the first prize in the overall list of successful challenges, and the sacred fragment and the ultimate sacred essence are awarded."
Sensing this message, Su Li’s heart moved slightly. This time, except for the sacred fragments, it was no longer the ultimate sanctification of a certain part of his body, because his body had already completed immortality and ultimate sanctification. This time, it was the ultimate sacred essence.
The scenery around changed. Su Li appeared on a beach, and a heavenly divine light hit him and enveloped him.
This divine light contains a large number of sacred fragments that continuously merge into his field. In addition, this divine light converges, and a light liquid merges into his body, slowly converging and combining into a mass of pure energy shaped like energy crystal nucleus to his lower abdomen.
This is an extremely huge ultimate divine force. Su Li sensed it in vain. This is the ultimate divine energy that is highly compressed to form the essence and crystallize his abdomen.
Fusion of endless sacred fragments, the sacred field of Suli immediately grew to 10 kilometers, and a sudden shock in my mind successfully broke through and promoted to level 22 breaker.
With the breakthrough of 120,000 spiritual sources, his body merged, and his big monty dragon body grew to 6.2 meters again.
Two-step basal strengthening will upgrade the type II of seminal blood to strengthen the type IV of seminal blood.
Feeling the body energy rolling, asking him to strengthen Jingxue to ten times and arouse new special abilities, combined with the huge female energy left inside, can make the blood become immortal from the ultimate sanctification.
Every time his body is immortal and sacred, his immortal ability doubles, and now his immortal furnace is more and more terrible.
Before, his combat power was comparable to that of the top gods, and the great help of the women helped to complete the immortal sacred immortal furnace everywhere. The power of the furnace has more than tripled, and now it has been promoted and broken through to the 22 nd level. It has reached Gao Shengxiu, and Su Li’s heart is full of strong confidence. Now even the top gods are far from their opponents.
It is not yet easy to evaluate whether or not the first world war of the 29 th grade peak God Su Li can know the depth only after the real world war I.
Chapter 29 Burn God is so big
The 15th floor of this sacred tower is no different from the previous 14th floor.
It’s all gods who can enter here.
The weakest must reach the level of the primary race god before they can enter here through the 14-level challenge.
The domain induction immediately captured the breath of more than a dozen gods here.
The whole fifteenth floor is just a dozen race gods.
They are willing to stay here because they want to seek a breakthrough again.
However, at their level, which is similar to Suli’s, they will not stay in the sacred tower all the time, and they will only enter it when necessary.
There is no old Terran God Su Li on this floor. When Su Li successfully broke through here, that celestial light beam also attracted the attention of more than a dozen gods.
They all guessed that it might be the purple communication crystal of the old Terran Sully. When asked by the outside world, Sully just topped the 14th floor.
"It’s really a genius. It’s only less than a year, and even the fourteenth floor of the sacred tower has broken all the records in the past thousand years. Even Chineydy is not so exaggerated."
These racial gods communicate with each other and are shocked by Su Li’s performance.
Su Li for these primary race gods can’t see the eyes and bodies, and quickly came to the mother nest of the mountains to prepare for the 140,000 spiritual sources needed for further promotion. He was prepared to fight for the 19th floor of Nagano Chineydy as soon as possible.
"It’s only four floors away from catching up with Chineydy." Su Li is full of confidence.
Dark Chineydy is also a genius, but after all, he is not so lucky, especially when he helped himself rebuild his body and soul before the fall, which made him gain a lot of energy. She may have gone beyond the sacred, and she left herself energy and other horrors.
To digest her energy and cooperate with the top prize, the sacred fragments will be able to break through the territory quickly.
The law god in the "holy court" nine law gods is the 29 th level peak god, and his own reality should be able to crush the 20 th level top god.
Su Li has an impulse in his heart to find this law god to fight and see who wins and who loses.
After receiving enough spiritual resources, Su Li came to the central area of the fifteenth floor to prepare for the fifteenth floor challenge.
This layer of more than a dozen race god silently note.
If you want to complete the 15th floor challenge, you need to reach the intermediate level to qualify for the 16th floor of the Sacred Tower.
Su Li has now surpassed the strength of the top gods, easily broke the fifteen-story Chineydy record, once again won the top spot on the fifteenth floor of the sacred tower and entered the sixteenth floor of the sacred tower.