Mi Yichen suddenly realized that he had said something wrong. Where can Qin Qin question God? With what he just said, you can buckle him and let his father "Yi Yi God" come to the azure mountain to lead people to "Yi Yi Chen" and quickly explained, "It is Yi Yi Chen who is wrong, not questioning God, but wondering who this Mu Shuang is? He and Han Xian ~ "

Jin Jun smiled with a charming smile. "Mu Shuang is a little guardian of the palace for the time being and hasn’t made any contribution yet ~ But it’s fate that Han Er sees him pleasing to the eye!" Fate! Yi Chen, Da Le Bu Worry, and Miao took a gloomy look at Jin Jun at the same time, but Jin Jun didn’t seem to see their eyes that could eat people. She took out a piece of silk lightly and wiped her nails without dust.
Mi Yichen’s face was dark. He bowed his head and thought for a while, then turned around and walked away. "Mi Yichen came all the way here, so you left?"
Mi Yichen turned around and said lightly, "Mu Shuang ~ It’s very interesting. If someone asks about his details, the emperor will never reveal what he wants to do. He wants to turn around and try to get a little bit of Mu Shuang information. This requirement is very understandable. If he has sinned in a few days, please forgive him. This is definitely not aimed at Qin Qintian!"
Jin Jun chuckled, "Jin Jun Bai Mi Yi Venerable is at ease ~" Jin Jun’s eyes are flowing for a while, and she said lightly, "Even if there is any move, the real Venerable will not misunderstand Mi Yi Tian to the palace hand. After all, although the Venerable is the archduke of Mi Yi God, there is more than one office of Mi Yi God!"
"Yi Chen’s face became even uglier. His face seemed to be stuck with bones. He nodded coldly and turned away without saying a word.
Jinjun chuckled, "That’s it. Sister Han is a good person, but what did mother say at the beginning?"
"Yi Chen has gone far, and the three-dimensional Mou Shenjun gently covered Jin Jun’s mouth. He smiled gently." Jin Jun, that’s enough! Didn’t you see that Mi Yichen’s face has become like that? "
Laugh without sorrow is the shy face to the front of the three-dimensional Mou Shenjun. He reckon that "Shenjun said in those days that he could either come up with a bride price that could make Qin Qin feel tempted or impress Han Xian’s heart, otherwise no one would want to marry Han Xian, but Han Xian knew that she knew nothing about the affair! This suddenly appeared Mu Shuang ~ Hey, what is he? "
"Oh?" Yinmou Shenjun looked at Da Le without worrying and smiled. "You want to know, too?"
Simon also gather together to he bowed to the three-dimensional seeks the emperor repeatedly, "the emperor this thing you don’t fool us! Tell me what Mu Shuang is? "
Three men, Yin Mou Shen Jun, Jin Jun and God of War, quickly exchanged a look, and then God of War roared, "What’s your position? I just took refuge in our azure mountain, and I haven’t been a junior for three years. He has no backing and no background. He is just a god-conscious, but he and Han Er are right in the eye ~ Hey, hey, if you don’t hurry up, Han Er will be somebody else! We can’t interfere with this. "
Laugh and worry, and Simon bowed their heads and thought for a while at the same time, and then they held the fuels at the three-dimensional Mou Shenjun and others and turned around and left. In an instant, they went far away.
Three-dimensional Mou Shenjun, Jin Jun, and God of War looked at each other. Suddenly, the three of them looked up at each other and smiled. Jin Jun smiled and wiped her eyes with silk. She said triumphantly, "These bastards have been pestering Han Er for tens of thousands of years, and they don’t take out any real benefits. Is it true that Han Er is naive and ignorant? Hee hee, this time they went back and saw what kind of rules they could come up with ~ alas, what does mother mean? "
Three-dimensional Mou Shenjun smiled and didn’t say anything. The God of War was lazy and said, "What do you mean by mother’s adult? But let’s not entertain foolish ideas. In general, no matter who wants to marry Han Er, it is impossible for those old monsters behind them not to come up with substantial benefits. If they still want to get benefits like this, let Han Er really get along with Mu Shuang. So what? Mu Shuang has no background, but his potential is there! "
Shook his head and said nothing. He took Jin Jun and flew straight back to Qin Qin’s shrine, where the God of War stood for a while. Suddenly, he attracted a few Yin and ordered, "Keep an eye on Mu Shuang! It’s not a good thing to hug and cuddle with Han Er in front of those three stupid people. It’s either a real stupid thing or an unruly one. Keep an eye on his every move. Qin Qin Tian is not the place where these young people make waves. "
Several men of god looked at each other, and they saluted the God of War at the same time, and then the wind drifted away.
Somewhere in the depths of the azure mountain.
It’s rare that there are not many Azure Shenmu trees here. Instead, they are full of purple-gold phoenix bamboos, one with half a man and half a tall bamboo shoots, leaning lazily against the bamboo bushes and holding their heads high. Male pheasants are walking through the bamboo forest with flocks of fat hens, which have covered the whole ravine. There is a kind of Azure Mountain worm in the bamboo forest, which can’t be thumb-sized anywhere else. This worm is just the best food for this golden pheasant. Pheasants eat bamboo shoots, pheasants eat worms and pheasants eat medicine ~ Naturally! This ravine is more than 300 miles long and wide, but it is a special medicine for Qinqin Jingu Palace, where tens of millions of wild pheasants are kept.
Smoke and dust sat by a bonfire with a smirk on her face. From time to time, she added dead branches to the fire to make the bonfire more vigorous. From time to time, she looked anxiously at Lin Xiao, who was walking through the bamboo forest. Her mouth was humming, and sometimes she would swallow a mouthful of saliva, perhaps because of the vague memory left over from her previous life. The medicine was full of longing for Lin Xiao to ask her to smoke and roast pheasant. She could feel that Lin Xiao’s smoked and roasted pheasant must be more delicious.
Lin Xiao walked through the bamboo forest with a wooden stick. Instead of using magical powers, he simply beat the flocks of fat pheasants with wooden sticks. He selected the pheasant with the most oily feathers and the largest body shape and knocked it out for six times. Then he took it to the stream in the bamboo forest and washed it clean. He also selected a thin bamboo stick, picked a large number of parasitic bamboo root mushrooms, and dug a bamboo shoot the size of a fist.
Put the pheasant in a thin bamboo pole, and the pheasant’s belly is stuffed with washed mushrooms and mushrooms and sliced bamboo shoots. Lin Xiao carefully manipulated the fire to barbecue the pheasant. His spirit was integrated into the pheasant. He was more absorbed than when refining the Kowloon Bell. Some of the refining of the Kowloon Bell was an artifact for others, but the barbecue pheasant was a medicine to barbecue the pheasant bonfire. Lin Xiao’s huge mind manipulated and decomposed a trace of extremely fine fire. The fire gradually smoked the pheasant along the pores of the pheasant to be crisp, appropriate and shiny.
Yaoer nervously squatted by the campfire. She stared at Liushanji with bamboo poles like a greedy cat. From time to time, she reached out and grabbed a handful of pheasant, and then kept putting greasy fingers in her mouth. Lin Xiao’s barbecue technology was really better than Yaoer’s. Too many pheasants released a strong fragrance that made Yaoer drool. A crystal saliva slowly slipped from her mouth. Yaoer’s body was getting closer and closer to Liushanji. She kept asking Lin Xiao’ Is it ready’.
Lin Xiao smiled slightly. He slowly turned the bamboo pole flame. He perfectly controlled the delicious taste of the pheasant and baked it out. Little drops of oil slipped slowly, but before the oil fell into the fire, there was a tangible force to wrap these fragrant and transparent oils. They flew up and dripped the pheasant oil again. Every part of the pheasant’s bone marrow was slowly soaked with oil. Those mushrooms, fungi and bamboo shoots absorbed a lot of oil. The fragrant smell of the pheasant was perfectly blended with the fragrance of these materials, and the medicine was crazy!
Before Lin Xiao could say that the medicine could be used, she caught a pheasant from the bamboo pole. She couldn’t wait to take a big bite of the pheasant leg. Her tongue touched the pheasant’s aromatic oil and fat chicken for the first time, and the words couldn’t form a wonderful taste. The tip of her tongue splashed the medicine like the tide of Qiantang River. She took a surprised look at Lin Xiao, and then her attention was focused on the delicious poor pheasant.
One, two, three, three mountain chickens have been chewed into bone racks by medicine …
Four, five, six ~ sixth pheasant chewed halfway, and the medicine finally burped. She just grabbed the pheasant, and then it was very faceless. She fell to the sky, and her greasy little hand slapped her bulging belly with satisfaction and whispered, "I can’t eat ~ I’m so full ~ I really can’t eat ~ I’m not full ~"
Difficult to twist a head and look at Lin Xiao with a smile on her face. The medicine face is reddish and she handed Lin Xiao the leftover pheasant. "Come to you!"
"Good me!" Lin Xiao didn’t talk much. He took the medicine and handed it to him. The pheasant tore it up. Just as millions of years ago, after eating and drinking enough, the medicine always handed the leftover pheasant to Lin Xiao, and Lin Xiao never hesitated to chew the leftover pheasant.
Medicine son gawking at gobbling up pheasant Lin Xiao, her eyebrows and corners of her eyes were full of tenderness. She suddenly found that after so many years, she seemed to have a broken heart, but this moment was filled. She cocked her head and looked at Lin Xiao, and her mouth suddenly showed a gentle smile. She slowly reached out and almost straightened Lin Xiao’s slightly messy skirt-just as she did in a reincarnation.
Lin Xiao was stiff. He turned to look at the medicine, and then he laughed gently.
Medicine son also smiled, and she simply said to Lin Xiao, "You look good when you smile! It looks better than those guys laughing! "
"Those guys?" Lin Xiao squinted and asked for medicine.