However, Lu Chen and Hotan, the two big monks, Bai Steward and Hao Wucheng, the two principals, the Big Four are all advocating to occupy the mountain and stick to it.

Plus hundreds of Guiyun firms and Yugoslav capital brothers echoed and immediately occupied the general trend.
At this time, no one will say anything. Everyone is holding on in fear and hope that it can really turn out as Lu Chen said.
The whole mountain is extremely tense, and anyone who knows a little about the array knowledge is sent around to reinforce the array.
When the time comes, this law will be a great rely on to deal with the monster beast.
Finally, everyone saw in their anxious eyes that a yellow streamer was hurtling through the sky in the distance, and a few black dots behind this yellow streamer followed closely.
The distance is getting closer and closer. Seeing that the yellow streamer is much faster than the black dot, it often crosses an arc and suddenly goes around to the flank of the small black dot. After the small black dot pulls away, it suddenly takes a face-to-face fight and the small black dot will fall off.
By the time we get close to the place where the human monks array, there are two small black spots left behind, but the monks can see clearly, but they are two or five peak monster beast swift birds.
The two swift and violent birds may have realized that the yellow streamer was too fierce to continue chasing and turned to escape.
At that time, the yellow streamer turned and chased it.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-five Small beast tide
The monks on the ground are getting more and more excited, and someone has shouted.
"good! Kill them! "
"Kill those two evil animals!"
At this time, the monster beast in everyone’s eyes is the public enemy. If you didn’t know that the beast tide might come at any time, it would be very dangerous to attack now. It is hard to say that many monks have long been there to help intercept the two swift birds.
Of course, the strength contrast in the sky is very obvious, and everyone can see that the yellow light occupies the absolute wind. It is only a matter of time before you want to kill two rapid birds.
Then something happened that stunned the monks.
In the eyes of the public, the yellow streamer is getting closer and closer to the two fast-moving birds.
But it’s just close. No one saw the yellow light attack, but the two swift and violent birds suddenly stopped moving and stopped moving. After losing power, they immediately fell to the ground.
Hey! Hey!
Two monster beast bodies fell to the ground and blood splashed.
At that time all the people froze.
What’s going on?
What happened?
"Soul attack! It is a soul attack! "
I don’t know who shouted, but everyone was in an uproar at once.
A simple soul attack can destroy two monster beasts with five peaks! Strong! This is absolutely strong!
And this strong man is also the opposite of the monster beast. The enemy is a friend. It is natural that everyone is happy to have such an ally suddenly.
"Is the elder! Not long ago, I was attacked by two monster beasts. It was this elder who saved me! Absolutely not wrong! "
"Yes! This elder was saved not long ago! "
Among the thousands of monks, 90% don’t know Zhang Yang’s identity, and some people rescued by Zhang Yang are talking excitedly.
At this time, the white steward and Hao Duke motioned for the hundreds of cloud-returning firms and Yugoslav capital brothers to show their cards on the table immediately with pride.
"hey! Everyone can rest assured that this is Zhang Yang’s predecessor to help us eliminate the monster beast! "
"Although Zhang Yang’s predecessors are black and stiff, the fighting capacity of his old man’s house is not much better than that of our human brother Yuan Ying, and he has two slaves."
These monks and Yugoslav capital soldiers, who knew the news before, have been holding back until now to show off to the people around them that they can tell what others don’t know but they know, which is also a very cool thing for them.
"What? A brother Yuan Ying, whose fighting capacity is not weaker than our Terran, is black and stiff, and there are two Yuan Ying hands? "
"Doesn’t this mean that we have to have three more yuan-level combat forces?"
The sudden increase in combat effectiveness excited the whole crowd.
Zhang Yang’s feet fell to the ground and trampled out a piece of dust.
The defense circle white steward and others control nature is not Zhang Yang stop.
"The younger generation has seen the seniors!"
White steward all uniformly salute to Zhang Yang, including Tian Qian and Lu Chen, two monks, then, also hold the ceremony for the younger generation in Zhang Yang, which makes those who wait and see have no doubt anymore.
Zhang Yang waved his hand and said, "Get ready for everyone!"
Speaking of this, I went on to say that "the flying demon birds have been wiped out, so we don’t have to worry about the attack from the sky and need to deal with the ground attack."
Zhang Yang’s words made the crowd excited again.
It is extremely difficult to deal with the attack of flying demon birds and land monster beasts in the fierce tide of beasts, especially those flying demon birds, which are extremely fast and difficult to kill, and can attack from one direction at any time, which makes people hard to prevent.
How can people not be happy to learn that all the demon birds have been killed before the battle?