"There are policemen outside!" Zheng Jingshan woke up and said


Cheng Ge grabbed Captain Jia and laughed. "They don’t have guns. I look like waste in my eyes. Let’s go."
The three of us will go out in a hurry. Zheng Jingshan ran over and stopped us. "What shall I do if you leave?" They will take me away! "
"It will take a long time for you to be tried, prosecuted and sentenced," Cheng Ge said. "You won’t die for a while!"
"Your sister’s life is in danger now," said Brother Nong. "Get out of the way."
With that, Chinong gave Zheng Jingshan a push, hit the door and flew out. The three of us followed him.
"Come out!"
Outside the police officers are clamoring for crowded.
"get out!"
Cheng Ge threw Captain Jia into the crowd and kicked down a large area. Chi Nong and I took the opportunity to leave Cheng Ge behind us, yelling, laughing and cursing for a while and then chasing after us.
"How enjoyable!" Brother Cheng laughed.
In a blink of an eye, we followed Xiaoxiao and ran out of the pond for more than two miles. The farmer praised me, "It was really different after I got the hang of it. Now the speed of zither is almost catching up with me. When I practice for a while, I will not be an opponent of zither."
Before Chinong’s voice was completed, he called out, "There’s a man in front!"
I went to the front and saw a beautiful girl wearing black trousers, a black T-shirt and a ponytail, which looked smart and lively.
Bai Jie’s leisure face, a pair of watery eyes flashing with playful light, and two tender and thin lips seem to be pursed at any time, but who is it but not Shao Wei?
"Shao Wei!" I can’t hide my joy and excitement. I rushed to grab Shao Wei’s arm and said, "Don’t hide from me!"
"Brother Guichen" Shao Wei smiled unnaturally and laughed "I’m sorry"
Chapter ninety The past is unbearable
I froze, "What are you sorry for me?"
Shao Wei tugged at his clothes and glanced awkwardly at Cheng Ge and Chi Nong Cheng Ge. Chi Nong walked aside in a friendly way, but looked at Shao Wei and asked, "Is Shao Wei’s girl Mu Xian with you?"
"Sister Mu?" Shao Wei looked at ChiNong curiously and then shook his head. "Sister Mu went back early ()"
"Go back?" Chi Nong said with dismay, "Where did you go back?"
"Back to the place" Shao Wei blinked.
Chi Nong also wants to ask Cheng Ge that he has run over and dragged him away.
"He likes wood elder sister" Shao Weixiao asked me.
"Yes," I said, "he is the highest medical skill in Zhang Chi’s generation, a family of Zhang Chi’s traditional Chinese medicine. He is also a very infatuated person. He met Mu Xian’s sister a few years ago and will never forget it."
"Oh," Shao Wei nodded. "No one can look at it except Yuan Fang’s brother and sister."
"Yes, I often stay with women around my righteous brother. Can I still look up to other men in the world?" I sighed, "Shao Wei, tell me what you have been avoiding me all this time? Did I do something wrong? "
"You didn’t do anything wrong," Shao Weidao said. "I just said I was sorry for you."
I said, "How on earth have you done me wrong?"
Shao Wei bowed his head and said, "I know Uncle De died."
"Yes, Uncle De died," I said sadly.
"I’m sorry," Shao Wei was afraid to lift her head to see me like a child who had done something wrong.
I was surprised. "What are you saying? I’m sorry. It’s none of your business!"
"You forgot?" Shao Wei looked up at me in surprise.
"Forgot what?"
"Before I left, I said I wouldn’t come back unless Chen De …" Shao Wei said she couldn’t go.
It suddenly occurred to me that when Shao Wei left with Shao Ruxin, she did make a joke that she might never come to see me again unless Uncle De died. I was still very angry at the joke, but who would have thought that Shao Wei’s words would be lost in one word!
I just lost my mind for a while, and then I looked at Shao Wei’s pitiful eyes and looked at me with a look of pity. There was still a little anger in my heart, but it all went up in smoke at this time.
"Alas …" I sighed and said, "Life and death are rich. You are stupid. Uncle De died without you. I have never blamed you for it."
"really?" Shao Wei smiled with surprise, and her face was like a flower.
"Really!" The more I can’t bear to say, "Why are you so stupid that you have been avoiding me because of this?"
"Yes," Shao Wei pursed her lips and said, "I dare not see you. I regard you as a very good friend. I’m afraid you will scold me for not being friends with me after seeing me. Then I don’t know how sad it will be."
"That’s right!" Shao Wei said, "I almost forgot the real thing! I called you here to tell you that Zheng Weihong took Zheng Rongrong away! "
I was surprised. "You know all about it?"
Shao Weidao: "I’ve been secretly following you all the time, but I didn’t know that Zheng Weihong was probably a murderer until I saw Zheng Jingshan go to see Wang Hong tonight and told the truth. I saw Zheng Weihong take Zheng Rongrong and Zheng Laotai away, followed them all the way and then came back to inform you."
"Do you know where Zheng Weihong went?" I am pleasantly surprised.
"I know!"
"Great!" I said, "Zheng Rongrong is a koo. We can’t let Zheng Weihong kill anyone again. Let’s save her?"
I immediately shouted, "Brother Cheng Nong, let’s go! Shao Wei knows that Zheng Rongrong has fallen!"
Cheng Ge and Chi Nong immediately rushed over and Shao Wei said, "You can’t guess where Zheng Weihong went. I will definitely surprise you if I tell you!"
Cheng Geqi asked, "Where did he go?"
"You live near the villa," Shao Wei said. "There was a cave in that mountain, so they went to that cave!"
"Ah?" Chi Nong was surprised. "There is a cave in the mountain? I have lived there for a long time and I don’t know! "
"Do you still remember that brother Guichen was cheated away by the green man in the five-element wooden hall that night?" Shao Wei said, "The cave was near the ceremony where they lit the fire."
I was surprised. "You were there that night?"
""Shao Wei laughed. "If Cheng Ge and Nong Ge hadn’t come, I would have saved you."
Shao Wei followed me to call up "Brother Cheng" and "Brother Nong"
"Let’s go before it’s too late!" Chinong avenue
We ran to the highway and finally stopped a taxi and asked him to take us to the mountains. The driver listened and looked at us again. This group of people was very strange. I had a lizard on my shoulder and Shao Wei was holding an owl in my arms. The big horse and the big pond farmer looked weird, so he didn’t go to the pond. The farmer spent a lot of money and threatened the driver with force.
I asked Shao Wei, "Did you put that token in my pocket?"
"It’s me," Shao Wei said. "Brother Cheng was going to deal with the grave robbers in Tutang that night. You went home by yourself. I didn’t dare to see you, and I didn’t want you to know that I was out again. I secretly followed you, slipped the token into your pocket, and then left. This token was your eldest brother’s. After we parted, I went back and told him about the things we met along the way. He said that you could be his successor. This token might be a big help when you came to the key."
"Ashamed ashamed! I felt that someone had stuffed something into my pocket at that time, and although the writing on the paper was deliberately disguised, it still looked like you, "I said." I also saw you at that time. Was that true or an illusion? "
"I don’t know," Shao Wei cheerfully revealed a row of white teeth.
I scratched his head. "What about Jiang Yi? Is that tramp carrying a sack Jiang Yi? "
"It’s him," said Shao Wei. "Uncle Jiang also came out this time. We couldn’t help but come out for a long time. He came out later than me. I was shocked to meet him at the foot of the mountain! You saw us when we were talking. I told him not to say that he knew me, and then he ran away in a hurry. Now it’s really embarrassing to think about it. "
I smiled wryly. "If you had met us earlier, we wouldn’t have had so many misunderstandings. Maybe we can do more things together."
Shao Wei suddenly smiled meaningfully. "If we meet earlier, you won’t be convenient to do a lot of things."
"Ah?" I froze.
"If we had been together long ago, how could you be good with Zheng Rongrong and how could you be good with Yang Liu?" Shao Wei smiled like a thief and turned her face red with laughter.
I was surprised and then my face turned hot. Did Shao Wei see me and Yangliu all kinds of lines that night?
Shao Weigang just said that she had been following us secretly that night. Will she also?
I dare not think about it any more.
Shao Wei stretched out his hand and touched me. My shoulder was squatting. "Sister Mu Xian is really amazing. Raising a lizard can stop the willows!"