Suddenly, a beast growled at the edge of the roof and suddenly climbed up. With a wave of his hand, a huge monster beat a water monkey beast that was close to him so that it flew sideways and then fell into the square water.

This is a combination of crocodile, lizard and human, which has crocodile body and lizard head, but can walk upright like human, and its height reaches an astonishing three meters.
Its skin is semi-permeable, and you can clearly see the blood vessels, heart and even bones through the skin and muscles.
It has a long thin tail on its back, and the coccyx can be seen through the semi-permeable flesh and blood tissue.
Chapter 14 crocodile lizard
The monster suddenly appeared with a growl and immediately attracted the attention of five people in Suli.
"Mom, what kind of monster is this? It’s so special!" Ding Longyun exclaimed that it was the first time he had seen such a semi-transparent strange creature.
This semi-permeable crocodile-like lizard monster suddenly appeared, and immediately it was shocked to besiege Su Li and Gong Xiao. The water monkey beast and the arrow snake beast evaded with a growl, and the monster rushed towards Su Li five people.
The appearance of "peep symbol pattern" in Su Li’s eyebrows locked the huge monster that rushed over to peep at the information.
"Name Crocodile Level 4 elite beast’s mouth contains many kinds of bacteria and viruses. Once bitten, it is easy to be infected by bacteria and viruses, and eventually it will die slowly. It has great strength and its tail can be thrown out as a whip to kill Crocodile. There is a certain probability to acquire special skills’ fangs’."
"Be careful that this guy has poison in his mouth and don’t be bitten by it!" Su Li gave a low drink and clenched a machete in his right hand to meet the crocodile lizard.
Seeing this huge monster Ding Longyun and Gong Xiao was not afraid but felt excited.
Killing this special monster has a certain probability to gain special abilities. A good special ability can greatly increase people’s combat power, just like Su Li’s "spider walking."
It can be said that if there is no "spider walking", Su Li is not the opponent of Chen Xiangyu, a five-level spiritual source, but he becomes stronger than Chen Xiangyu because of his "spider walking" ability.
The crocodile lizard is a four-level elite monster with a fast speed. It is much more powerful than the water monkey beast or the arrow snake beast because it rushed over. Both the water monkey beast and the arrow snake beast were frightened and retreated to avoid the roots.
Su Li rushed over and saw that the two sides were about to collide. Su Li launched a "spider walk" and the ghosting of the leg appeared in situ, and he had already circled the crocodile lizard’s side and raised his right hand machete.
Almost at the same time, a semi-transparent tail swept over and the crocodile lizard launched its tail attack like a whip.
Su Li knew that crocodile lizard had such an attack way according to the information she had spied before, but turned a machete in her hand to meet it and chopped off the crocodile lizard’s tail heavily.
There was a faint sound that the cowhide was cracked, and the crocodile lizard gave a miserable roar. The tail flew out and blood spilled out. Its slender tail was cut off by Su Li.
Ding Longyun, Gong Xiao and Xu Haishui followed closely to attack the crocodile lizard.
Just then, suddenly, there was a bang, but a figure rose from the edge of the roof, and then it fell heavily on the roof, making a loud noise. The spider-like cracks were faintly visible on the concrete floor, which showed that the power of stepping on the ground reached an alarming level.
This sudden appearance is a huge humanoid monster with a height of more than two meters. It has no skin and is covered with blood-red swelling and ferocious muscle tissue. After landing, it rushes towards everyone.
It’s not fast, but every step on the roof has a huge vibration, and the crack on the ground is very amazing.
"Another one?" Ding Longyun was taken aback. This monster with such amazing momentum is obviously not an ordinary spirit source beast.
Su Li just cut off the crocodile lizard’s tail, pulled the crocodile lizard back, turned his head and looked at the information towards this newly emerged humanoid muscle monster.
"Name Julius beast level 4 elite beast. This is a kind of spiritual beast that is good at powerful strength. It sprints fast but is not good at adjusting the body to turn and move. It is clumsy and full of muscle tissue. The muscle defense is also very strong. The only weakness is that there is no muscle protection. Killing Julius beast in the head has a certain probability of gaining special ability’ Julius Burst’."
Another four-level elite beast, Su Li, has been stunned. Just now, too many resin beasts fell into the water and shocked these powerful monsters. Something is wrong.
"This is called Julius beast weakness is the head it moves slowly you to deal with it! I will solve this crocodile lizard! "
Su Li’s sobs are more dangerous than Julius, a crocodile full of bacteria and viruses. He decided to let Ding Longyun and Gong Xiao drag on Julius and solve the crocodile alone.
"good!" Ding Longyun responded immediately to the Julius beast. They are not stupid. They all see that Julius beast is powerful and cannot recklessly.
Gong Xiao and Xu Hai-shui also followed towards Julius beast, who suddenly stepped forward and launched a straight sprint with a slight short body.
The only thing that makes it fast is that it sprints in a straight line, just like a tank running over it. If anyone can’t avoid being hit by it, his bones will be broken and his flesh will be rotten immediately, and he may burst into a ball of meat sauce.
Julius beast collision to Ding Longyun three people have to dodge.
On the other hand, Su Li’s whistling has once again attacked the crocodile lizard. Although Ding Longyun’s three people should join hands, it should not be difficult to solve a giant beast, but even more terrible monsters will appear. He wants to slay the crocodile lizard quickly.
"Spider Walking" started Su Li’s body shaking like a ghost, and the crocodile lizard’s pair of thick claws fell upon it as soon as it was caught. Its mouth was full of bacteria and viruses, but now it can’t catch Su Li’s people anywhere.
Suri flashed around its side, jumped up, clenched his machete with both hands and cut it with all his strength toward the crocodile lizard’s head
The neck blood gushed out, and Su Li beheaded the four-level elite crocodile lizard, and the head of the giant lizard with blood fell and rolled out.
A spiritual source appeared in the outside of Surrey’s forehead, and the message came to his mind that killing the elite beast at the same level could get two spiritual sources at one time, and 13 spiritual sources were short of upgrading.
He successfully killed the crocodile lizard, and the other three people encircled the giant beast.
When Julius beast dashed straight down and turned around, it looked awkward. Many Xu Haishui grasped the opportunity and held a short spear in his hand to stab him out.
Julius beast’s arm is horizontal, and this short spear is full of muscles. Xu Haishui found with horror that his sharp short spear could not pierce it.
"This monster …" He took a deep breath and understood something. Su Li deliberately realized that its weakness was the head because it had a head and no muscle protection.
Chapter 15 Juli outbreak
Its ferocious muscle tissue is just like steel, and it is as invulnerable as Chen Xiangyu’s "steel skin".
Gong Xiao Juli beast attacked on the other side, and her general stabbed it as a stick and hit it out, slamming it on Juli beast’s head.
"Boo", a giant beast, moved slightly, but failed to avoid the army stabbing it. Its cheek was protected by muscles, but its eyes were also injured and blood flowed out.
Julius beast was injured and waved his arms wildly. Several people didn’t dare to stop him. This Julius beast was clumsy when moving except for the rapid sprint. Like a stupid giant bear, a pair of giant arms waved to prevent Gong Xiaojun from hitting its head again, and Xu Haishui also used the short spear as a stick to hit its forehead.
Julius beast roared in pain, and his forehead was smashed and cracked. Blood was surging outward, and his huge body was swaying. Obviously, it was a bit dizzy by this round of attack by two people.
Although its head is a weakness, it is also relative to the muscles all over. Xu Haishui and Gong Xiao’s strength have been smashed several times, which also injured it and did not kill it.
Ding Longyun just hit the back of Julius beast with a steel bar. At this moment, he saw it swaying like he was going to fall back. Knowing that the opportunity came, he immediately jumped and handed the steel bar to his left hand and right hand. He slapped Julius beast with his bare head.
"soul-eating" launch
Julius beast’s eyes suddenly turned up, and the white body shook and fell to the ground with a thud, and there was no breath of life.
"soul-eating" can destroy directly from the department through the flesh, which is a terrible ability
Gong Xiao and Xu Haishui stopped when they saw that Ding Longyun had succeeded.
At the moment, Su Li has killed the crocodile lizard, but it’s a pity that he failed to gain the special ability "fangs". See you later, Ding Longyun. The three of them teamed up to kill Julius beast and secretly nodded. This result is not unexpected.
After all, Ding Longyun, Gong Xiao and Xu Haishui are all level 4 spiritual sources, and their strength is not weak. Even if they fight alone, they will not be much weaker than the level 4 elite beast. What’s more, it is not difficult for the three of them to jointly solve a clumsy and brute force beast.
Julius beast was killed. In addition to flying out of a spiritual source, his arms were ferocious and his red muscles suddenly peeled off.
"Congratulations, Ding Dage." Gong Xiao saw at once what happened to white.
This extraordinary ability of Julius beast was acquired by Ding Longyun.
His arms peeled off and his blood red muscles became two red balls of light, which flew to Ding Longyun’s arms and then disappeared in the fusion.
Ding Longyun clenched his hands and made a slight growl in his mouth. Blood-red substances appeared on the surface of his arms, just like the same blood tendons.
"Juli broke out!" He growled and waved his arms and his face lit up.
"What is the specific ability of this’ Juli outbreak’?" Su Li guessed that there should be strength, but the details are not clear
Ding Long Yunsong’s blood tendons on the surface of his hands and arms slowly disappeared. "The ability is that his arms can enhance the strength of 500 Jin. Now I can hit the strength of 1,300 Jin."
"This ability can be" Su Li secretly felt that it would be a pity if he understood this "juli outbreak" and that power could break through two thousand catties.