Holding a group and keeping a heart is hatred and resentment, hatred for Sarutobi Hiruzen and resentment against being a shadow of fire.

In private, I have assassinated three generations more than once, and three generations of deaths have almost no intention of hiding, causing a stir.
"Tantan bitter you deadwood …"
"Ah ah ah ah ah ~ ~ ~ ~"
"Where is the music? !” Konoha ninjas are fighting fiercely with the enemy in the battlefield. Although they are in despair, they still contribute their abilities and lives.
Three generations of Sama have sacrificed the dragon head of Konoha group, and the enemy is too terrible. Konoha ninjas can’t afford a glimmer of hope.
At this time, a music full of vicissitudes and solemnity sounded in every corner of Konoha.
The official name of the Bible Future website is "Yili". The music is grand, grand, solemn and shocking, and it represents the pain of God.
No song is more desolate than this one, which can better reflect the grief of God.
At this time, every ninja in Konoha heard the music and the heartstrings were also messed up. The songs were very suitable for everyone’s mood
Pain fills the heart of every konoha person.
Three generations of Muhuo Ying were killed, and a generation of heroes has ended.
The future of Uchibo’s rebellion against Konoha is uncertain.
Allies betray the Covenant and invade konoha.
Powerful mercenary organizations attacked konoha, and everything was in ruins.
Before you know it, the lyrics have been sung and the music has come to an end.
The music came to an abrupt end, solemn and desolate, and the background music presented a great lethality in front of Konoha Ninja. Everyone was quiet during the whole process, and all Konoha Ninja were moved and cried after the end.
Some ninjas who invaded Shayin village were very sorry.
They know that invading konoha can gain benefits; But I don’t know how much grief and trauma the war has brought. If one day their Shayin village is invaded like this, they will suffer the same pain.
At this time, Chiba slowly came to the battlefield, and his handsome face was calm and determined. He was also a Konoha ninja who was as saddened as seeing his hometown destroyed in this way.
This is not his plan.
I didn’t expect Konoha to suffer a painful event in the exam in the past few years.
Konoha ninja was shocked to see Chiba. Chiba’s appearance was beyond their imagination. The song was too bleak. Which is the hero’s appearance music?
Are you going to die? ! Chiba sang!
Chiba enjoyed the same treatment as Qiao Feng, the God of Gambling and Yuan Hua. Chiba also robbed Payne of taking the lead in making this magnificent atmospheric background music "Bible Future" (I’m sorry Payne sang wronged you to change to BGM. Payne ate me and blew the stars! )
In the battlefield, Rasa frowned and took a few deep breaths, but he couldn’t calm down. He felt more stressed than the shock.
Because Chiba came, the man who defeated him and suppressed Shukaku’s runaway came.
He used to be very confident, but now his face has turned pale, for example, he is as uneasy as a mouse when he sees a cat
Xiao organization members also face is full of shock look theory is whirlpool white off or orochimaru is unbelievable.
Are allies? They have lambasted Uchiha Fugaku. Isn’t it agreed that there is a way to keep Chiba from coming out? ! Which door is this? Watch this.
"I, Uchihiro Chiba, came to save Konoha, and surely the enemy, Uchihiro clan, is irreconcilable."
Look firm in Chiba battlefield, stand first.
People around you look weird. This guy’s appearance is too cool, and there is BGM (background music). But how can Chiba be confident to resist so many powerful people?
Even if Chiba is powerful enough to resist a shadow enemy, there are still several enemies.
"It’s not good … it’s not good. Uchihiro Chiba has appeared!"
The ninja who is in charge of snooping about the intelligence root quickly came to the group’s hiding place and his face was full of anxiety. He shouted with a shocked expression.
"What’s the matter so panic decency? !”
Tibetan see hand so in a flurry to shame him frowning cold way
If it is a normal hand, it must have been killed by a crutch, but it is in the battlefield, and it is not good for him to be so tyrannical. Take a deep breath and sink a way. "What happened? !”