Xu Le frowning slightly at the same time directly take out a knife to split the table.

The table, which is already rotten, can no longer bear this kind of destruction and breaks directly.
And they really saw a note in the crack of the desktop.
Xu Le looked around and confirmed that there was nothing unusual before bending down to pick up this note.
But after picking it up, he found that the note was a security guard’s duty note.
Face records are all stuff like changing shifts.
[One-day breakfast-6 pm]
[7: 00 a.m.-4: 00 p.m. 3 on both days]
In addition to the eye-catching change of guard, this note records some foreigners entering the list, which is also very simple and there are no substantive clues
Xu Le flipped through it quickly until the last few pages, and his hand didn’t move slowly.
Two pages of paper are glued together and torn, and there is an old photo inside 2.
I’m not sure about the material and technology. This thing has become blurred because of time.
It is barely recognizable that this is a photo of six people.
And the back of the photo is written in small print.
Hello, outsider, my name is Bai Kui. When you see this note, it will prove that I am dead.
If I die, it means that the two evil warlocks have succeeded in their plan. You must stop them. If you can’t stop them, the pollution in Baixia Town will spread all over the world.
[This is a very peculiar pollution. I call this phenomenon light casting pollution]
Xu Le see here my heart suddenly a surprised consciousness to gu Beichen.
Light casting pollution?
Has Gu Beichen also been polluted by light casting? He became an ancient sound heir.
The ….. Do you want to take advantage of Gu Beichen do not pay attention to give him a shot in the skull?
"What are you looking at me for?"
Gu Beichen saw that Xu Le’s eyes were not good and he was a little drumming.
"I’m afraid you will suddenly become distorted."
"How could I be distorted?"
"I don’t know."
[Gu Beichen-Guang Zhu Gu Yin Duo Si]
After reconfirming that Gu Beichen has no distortion, Xu Lecai can rest assured.
"It seems that there are two evil warlocks in this place, one of whom should be an alchemist and the other is a mistress."
Xu Le also nodded, according to hatred magic orchid there intelligence is true.
[If you want to completely remove the pollution of light casting, you must first get the blood purification agent, which is the white disease cure agent III]
[There is a type II white medicine, but there is actually a type III medicine. It is in the innermost lounge on the left side of the second floor. I hid it in a lace pillow]
The photo size is limited and these words are written.
Xu Le knew that he would have to go to the second floor to get further clues.
"The first floor has been explored and everyone is ready to close."
Hear Bai Jing shout two people hurriedly agreed to follow the big forces.
First, I counted off, then Gan checked my energy, and then everyone applied a deodorant and ate a piece of food, and then they walked towards the second floor.
But just arrived at the corner of the first and second floors, Xu Le suddenly felt a sense of danger
And he’s not the only one who has this feeling. Others have shouted it out.
"Be careful"
Bang bang!