"Doing the Internet is very busy. First, the media like to take it out of context. You don’t mean to try to figure out a bunch of digressions for you, just like you do now." Even in the face of the devil in the fashion circle, Chen Bo has no mercy.

"Giggle, you really know what you call Chen cannon." Su Yi covered her mouth and smiled. "Then let’s get to the point. If you want to say that I took it out of context, why would I be named ant? What is the special meaning? "
"Ants are very hardworking. They are giants in the biological world, and they can move four times more heavy objects than themselves. Like our search engine, it looks like a simple web search, but it can instantly retrieve a large number of web pages, which will make you search for small things and great energy. Moreover, the English word an is very simple, easy to remember and easy to spell, which is more conducive to promotion."
"I didn’t expect a common ant to be so powerful."
Of course, the ant search function is the same. It looks ordinary to the extreme, but it will always give customers more innovation.
"You talked about innovation, which has something in common with fashion. How do you understand fashion?"
"I don’t have too many concepts about fashion. Take dressing as an example. Usually, I just wear T-shirts, jeans and sneakers. How can I wear suits, ties and shoes on formal occasions? These two sets of clothes are the main ones …"
"Then you should subscribe to our Mr. Fashion magazine, which will tell you how to be a better man." Su Yi brushed a wave of advertisements in time
An editor with a monthly salary of 3 tells an elite reader with an annual salary of several hundred thousand how to dress up. It is quite funny for someone to think about it, but he is not ashamed to say it.
"I really prefer men’s clothes," Chen Bo casually replied.
"What is a men’s costume?"
I regretted it when I said it. Although men’s wear is also their company’s flag magazine, it has not been founded yet, so I was impressed by this magazine because every cover girl photo can make people swallow their mouths.
"A slip of the tongue is a man’s help for FHM magazine Pengcheng, Hong Kong Island, which can be bought." Chen Bo quickly made a haha ? ? fool
"Men’s wear is a good name. I suggest that the company and FHM add a national magazine together." Su Yi caught the key point with a flash of her eyes. "Giggle, thank you for giving me the idea. By the way, do you want to talk about your girlfriend? She is the cover model of our fashion magazine in January. "
"You ask" Chen Bo nodded.
"How do you know?"
"At that time three years ago, I met Zhou Xun and kun yang when they went to Houhai for a drink. At that time, she didn’t graduate from college. At first glance, she felt very pure and simple. Later, Pengcheng met an assistant and she was an intern in a secretarial professional company for more than two months."
"It will be fine then?"
"No, I was down and out at that time, and I was unstable, and I was opposed to office romance. I didn’t formally associate until a while after Director Zhao chose her to star."
"Is it said that you are registered and married in the United States?"
"You also said it was because all the crews of SRAS were shut down, and it happened that I went there to work as a holiday and rest. Usually I was busy, and it was not easy to get together and go out to play together."
"Will she dress up and give you advice?"
"She buys most of my clothes, but they are all in accordance with my habits. I can’t control the punk style and hip-hop style like young people nowadays."
"Have you seen your parents?"
"I’m not ready yet, but it’s coming soon."
Then he talked about several topics in daily life and work, but he answered truthfully when it didn’t involve sensitive details, and the interview ended logically.
When Su Yi packed her desk manuscript and Chen Bo was about to leave, she asked another question, "What if I ask you personally and won’t publish it?"
Chen Bo paused for a moment and then said, "Let it be."
Chapter 57 Backdoor market
When Chen Bo met Lu Xiaoyun for the second time, it was Lu Zhiqiang, the shareholder of Xinghe Entertainment Media. Oceanwide Holdings planned to invest 1.5 billion yuan to buy 2% of his shares. This future shareholder representative is his daughter, the most economical mobile phone and advertising spot.
"Xiaoyun will take the place of me to be in charge of the tandem work of the two companies. My daughter is so heavy for the first time. I still hope that the two will excuse me a lot." Liu Zhiqiang, a fellow villager, looks like a handsome girl, but she gave birth to a girl as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade. She didn’t graduate yet. What do you want to do is not as good as having a good father.
However, Liu Xiaoyun seems to have a great prejudice against him. His eyes are not eyes and nose, and he has never really seen him.
"Like a tiger, like a dog, like a woman, we are still at ease." Wang Changtian looked like a nice guy and stabbed Chen Bo in the arm. "Don’t you think so?"
"Uh … yeah," Chen Bo nodded mechanically.
The old land is wild, and he always likes to play financial investment. He took the initiative to buy an entertainment company, which surprised him, but since Zhang Kou and Chen Bo thought twice, he decided to accept it.
Xinghe is that he and Lao Wang’s company seem to have a simple stock structure and a good development, but there is always a lack of a fire to become bigger and stronger. Old Miss started from the bottom and fought her way out. The theory behind it is money or connections, which is much wider than the two of them.
Even if you really want your daughter to find a good way out, he doesn’t mind adding more hard stubble, the better. Although there is no lack of his golden finger to help the company develop better at present, it is not a loss to sell it.
However, he still guessed that Lao Liumu was not so simple about what he wanted to do, which has not yet been known.
"It’s impossible to be a matchmaker now without big investment. If you want to invest, you have to have money. If you want the company to appreciate, you don’t need money. I think it’s necessary to have a try in the stock market." Lu Zhiqiang finally revealed one of the goals, "Xiaoyun is a master of economics, and she is still good at it."
"Wait, first of all, how should we manage our future planning? In which direction should we focus on developing the Xinghe River until it is ready-made? There is no precedent for the entertainment media market in China. "Chen Bo gave a negative opinion. What happened these days? Everyone wants the market. Is this driving ducks across the river?
"Xinghe has no debt at present, which is rare, but it is enough for a high-speed development enterprise to control the debt ratio to a controllable risk range. Don’t be too conservative!" Lu Zhiqiang said, "We can buy a company on Hong Kong Island by backdoor and repackage the market. We are not worried about the 100 million credit line of Minsheng Bank."
Oceanwide is the largest shareholder of people’s livelihood, and Lu Zhiqiang has occupied the important position of vice chairman for a long time. It is naturally easy to grant credit.
Xinghe looks very powerful now, which is one of the best in the private entertainment media industry, but he is not so arrogant that he has beaten all the national rivals. It is only a few years since the entertainment industry needs to accumulate. According to him, the idea is to talk about it after a few years, and we should not be in such a hurry.
"The representative of the city is the strength of the company, which is not only conducive to corporate financing, but also accelerates the circulation of the company’s shares and attracts more excellent resources." Lu Xiaoyun then faintly said, "Mr. Chen should read more about these professional things or leave them to professionals."
"How can Xiaoyun talk?" Lu Xiaoyun spat out this soft nail to satirize Chen Bo’s low academic qualifications. Neither her father nor shareholders could have let the major shareholders face down for the first time, so she quickly stopped. "Don’t apologize to Chen Brothers quickly!"
"Nothing, nothing, I won’t argue with children." Speaking of children, Chen Bo also specially added stress.
Liu Xiaoyun’s white face was flushed with suppression, and she tried not to send it. After all, Xinghe shares have not yet dropped a hammer, and this is not the place where she ran wild.
"After careful study by my team, Shaw Pictures is a very suitable acquisition target for several reasons. First, the stock price is low, and about 500 million yuan is acquired according to the market value. Second, Shaw’s lack of heart mainly depends on the fact that the media industry has stopped making films and reserved film distribution since the end of the 1990 s. If this acquisition is completed, it will not only successfully backdoor the market, but also take the opportunity to enter the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan markets and radiate Southeast Asia." Lu Zhiqiang continued.
"I’ll think about it." Chen Bo got up and left. "We’ll talk about the details tomorrow."
Things became more and more complicated, which made him a little unpredictable. Liu Zhiqiang followed him up and said, "Brother, it’s not because of my daughter, is it? She is still very clever at ordinary times, and you will never go against you when you enter the board of directors after you rest assured. "
"I’m not so petty," Chen Bo replied with a smile.
"That’s good. My brother in the Internet industry is definitely not as good as you, but I still have some experience in unifying the industry. Our goal is to make a profit. We are good brothers of the company. Don’t have any resistance. If you want to be big, you have to attract more strategic investors. Although you hold 5% of the shares now, even if there is 1% in the future, it will be higher than the current market value."
"Well, I’m white" Chen Bo nodded his head.
Lu Zhiqiang patted him on the shoulder and left with a smile when he saw that his goal had been achieved.
The sound of high-heeled shoes stepping on the floor followed the old miss’s back and snorted when she passed Chen Bo’s side with a cold face.
"I owe her money? Or what? "Chen Bo muttered." See you later. At most, she is a little arrogant. Today it’s like taking a gun and medicine.
"You didn’t owe her money, but you refused her kindness." Liu Qing then packed up the photo files and came out of the meeting room beside him.
"kindness? What kind? "Chen Bo wondered.
"Did she give you something before New Year’s Day?"
"You mean the registration form?" Chen Bo certainly remembers.
"Yes, you went to Pengcheng and left a white document when she came to get the information after New Year’s Day."
"That’s it? It’s so narrow-minded. I forgot when I was busy and put it aside. "