With Tam’s strength rising to the silver level, the royal beast food is good for them.

Has become smaller and smaller.
Gold-grade royal animal food can barely meet the requirements of the college.
It didn’t take long for Lu Yuan to fill out the application form for a semester exchange at Shuilu College.
He got it from Lego, and the college has agreed to give him a golden five-star beast food requirement.
Three days later, Liu Yuan’s villa had an extra body of a fierce beast.
Looking at these fierce beasts, Liu Yuan’s mouth doesn’t close properly.
Because these are all ingredients of the golden five-star fierce beast.
If it is made into royal animal food, it will definitely increase the strength of Tam.
At this time, there are still half a month before the winter vacation.
The college said that they would meet before the new semester.
Help Liu Yuan to go through the photo formalities.
In addition, there will be some other sophomores and juniors in this exchange.
According to the college, Lu Yuan can choose to go directly to Shuilu College before school.
Or join the college and then go to Shuilu College.
Lu Yuan chose to go by himself.
After all, he is going to find master Su Meng during the winter vacation.
It’s too much trouble to go back to Wilderness College when everyone else is at Shuilu College.
And before going to Shuilu College, Luyuan has another thing to do.
That is to get the qualification certificate of gold-level gourmet animal bender.
This requirement was told to myself before Su Meng.
After all, Su Meng’s plan for Lu Yuan is to let Lu Yuan and her work out a new gold-level royal animal food.
But if Lu Yuan doesn’t have two professional cards then.
What if others would believe that this delicious food was made by Lu Yuan and Su Meng together?
Besides, it is not difficult for Lu Yuan to get a professional certificate.
Before going to Shuilu College, Luyuan is going to get a food professional certificate at the Food Island of the Food Association first.
Jia Gourmet Island is just on the way from Luyuan to Shuilu College.
Seven days later, the Linggui train in Senluoyu Food City.
"Let’s take a look at the royal beast cake!"
"Don’t miss a good bronze barbecue when you pass by!"
"Royal Animal Spirit Wine Royal Animal Spirit Wine!"
A group of vendors outside the Linggui train in the food city set up stalls selling royal animal food.
A blindfolded teenager got out of the car and looked around like a busy night market booth with a curious face.
With curiosity, I walked towards a middle paving place …
Chapter 33 Run!
"Boss, how much is this spirit wine?"
The owner of the spirit wine stall looked up and saw a blindfolded teenager in front of him.
Looking at the teenager blindfolded, it seems that he can’t see his surroundings.
When he saw the peddler, his eyes suddenly turned.
Smile and say, "My friend, a bottle of two thousand Union coins is an excellent choice whether you drink it yourself or give it to others."
Liu Yuan smiled noncommittally when he heard this.
Because the card next to the peddler impressively reads a bottle of spirit wine and 500 union coins.
The peddler said that he couldn’t see the two thousand pictures himself.
Want to cheat yourself?
Just as Lu Yuan wanted to expose the boss, a voice came behind him.
"Boss, how did you get five hundred and one bottles to this little brother’s side and become two thousand and one bottles? You are not putting cheat people! "
Liu Yuan turned to see a man dressed in black.
A girl with reddish-brown gradient ponytail and Chinese dress with pattern and long back swing.
Walk behind him.
The girl looks like a road sees rough beside herself.
Although the boss was exposed by the girl in public, he was also thick-skinned
Plausibly retorted, "Little girl can eat at random, but you can’t talk nonsense. Who said I was in cheat people? I didn’t come to change my cards. My spirit wine is 2,000 bottles!"
When I heard this, the girl was upset. "What do you mean, you didn’t come to change cards? I think you just want cheat people’s little brother. Don’t buy this boss. You just bully you and want to cheat you."
"Hey, hey, hey, what do you mean by this little girl? I’m doing business when I’m in front of you, right? Believe it or not, I won’t let you get out of this car if you make trouble again!"
"Oh, I can’t believe it! Why can’t you let me out of this car!"
The girl held her head high with a face of pride.
Hua …
With a sound of the bench falling to the ground
A few strong men suddenly walked around the stall to vaguely surround Liu Yuan and the girl.
Before looking at a few flower arm big fellow girl immediately froze.
It seems that I didn’t expect this boss to play with his hands instead of his mouth.
When Liu Yuan looked at him and hesitated to make moves,
A young girl suddenly overturned the boss’s stall.