Hong Shi sat at the door of the box. She didn’t intend to escape several times, but she was stopped by the fat brother. In the quiet box, the fat brother said that the first sentence was "You can’t get away with this matter." Then the fat brother got up and decisively closed the door.

Hong Shi followed up. She regretted not shouting indecent assault in the street just now. She really felt kidnapped. "Why should I let you criticize any of you here?"
Dogs will jump over the wall when they are in a hurry, and even worse, Hong Shi.
Li Qianwei said, "You are the mastermind of this street fight. If you dare to go out, I will call the police and let the police arrest you. I mean it, you can go out and try."
Hong Shi stuffy gas at the moment she had no choice but to darling back to the seat.
Brother Pang confessed truthfully, "I just received her crying words, saying that I was scolded by my company and didn’t want to do it. I wanted to teach her a lesson and apologize for something."
Zhu Rui is still in love with Li Qianwei’s face and got a slap in the face. "Qian Weixun, you didn’t do your job well, and she didn’t hit you."
Hong Shi pursed her lips and said nothing.
Jiang Hao concluded, "That thing is very simple. Let’s settle it amicably. Fat, how about you fix someone’s car and I treat this meal as nothing happens?" ? Rui "
Zhu Rui nodded. "I’m fine with it."
Jiang Hao asked "Fat" again.
Fat smiled and said, "since Hao Ge has spoken, I’m sure I have no problem with Hao Ge. This meal is sure that I asked me to give it to this brother." ? Ah, it’s not sorry to compensate. "
Said the fat brother took the glass toward Zhu Ruijing and then looked up and drank it off.
Zhu Rui gently took a sip of his meaning.
Fat brother said with a silly smile, "Hehehe, since you are also a Hao brother, let’s not know each other. Hey, don’t say that those punches you just punched me in the chest really hurt."
Zhu Rui is disdainful of a gangster. He is giving Jiang Hao a face. "Then you go to the hospital to see the medicine and I will give it."
Fat brother laughed quickly. "Oh, brother, don’t talk with gunpowder. I’ll propose another toast to you."
When Zhu Rui heard this accent, he felt very kind. He replied "Zhong" with heroism.
The two men smiled at each other, and there was no resentment. It was so simple for men to solve problems, but not for women.
Jiang Hao also said, "Li Qianwei, the only thing left is you and this young lady. I think this needs your own communication."
Li Qianwei glanced at Hong Shi and said, "Tell me what you want."
Hong Shi felt wronged that there were many of them, and she certainly couldn’t take advantage of them. She sarcastically said, "Oh, what do you think I can do? ? Anyway, I won’t work under your hand in the future. I slapped you today, too. I won’t apologize because you deserve it. You know how angry I am with you. "
Zhu Rui couldn’t help but ask, "Do you know how many baskets she has filled?"
"Ah? ?” Hong Shigen doesn’t believe it.
"You studied psychology. We didn’t know that you planned a professional diploma to buy a certificate. Without your uncle to help you cover it up, others wouldn’t have found it. And the whole planning department knows that you have your uncle’s background. You are your uncle buried in the planning department, but Qianwei still let you stay in the planning department for so long and teach you this bit by bit. Don’t you know?"
Hong Shi was speechless at the moment.
"I won’t say anything more, just say she scolded you. Do you think she will waste time on a so-called person?"
"Stop it," Hong Shi shouted, holding his ear. "Don’t instill this kind of thing in me. I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it."
Zhu Rui smiled and shook his head "unreasonable". He took Li Qianwei’s hand and said, "Don’t worry about how she is the least worthy of treating such a person."
However, Fat Brother heard some clues and patted Hong Shi on the shoulder and said, "It’s normal to be scolded for doing things for people. Apologize. It’s our fault."
"Roll" Hong Shi ignored him and hit his hand instead.
Fat brother got angry and he said solemnly, "Hey, you girl, don’t listen to my advice. I’ve been working for years, and the chef has been scolded by the boss all day. Will I say, if a guest complains about the boss, whether he is right or wrong, he will push him to our kitchen? Isn’t that just being scolded? The boss has to suffer indignities these days, let alone working?"
Jiang Hao put in a sentence and asked, "You are a chef, Youpang."
"Ha ha ha yes, Hao Ge, if it weren’t for you, I’m afraid I would have died long ago. I stayed in it for two years and came out. I think about you talking to me every day. You’re right. Life is life, life is life. Isn’t this life just life?"
"So I started from scratch. It wasn’t my turn to do a good job. It was always my turn to wash dishes. Later, I learned to cook from an old chef. Hey, this job is really suitable for me. Now Brother Hao has gone to my restaurant to try my craft."
Jiang Hao smiled with relief and readily promised "Yes, that’s great."
Fat and embarrassed. "But dry chefs really don’t make money. That is, small restaurants are not as good as hotel chefs. I occasionally make extra money. I don’t look like lost face. I used to know my buddies and occasionally scare people to help people collect debts. Hehehehehe also earns a little money."
Jiang Hao: "You took her money for this today."
Fat "no, no, no,no. Today, I didn’t have her little girl crying and hitting me, didn’t I? I can’t stand the girl crying and rushing over on impulse. I’m sorry, fellow villager. Hahaha"
Jiang Hao: "You’d better fuck your chef."
Fat "Hao Ge, this is not illegal, right?"
Jiang Hao: "You have to be measured."
"Ha ha ha, I know, I know excessive things, and I definitely won’t do it. I promise you," said Fat, slapping his head, and quickly pulled out a card from his pocket and handed it back to Hong Shi. "I’ll give it back to your uncle for me."
“? ?” Hong Shi was stupid on the spot.
"He, he" pointed at Zhu Rui. "He is also my brother now. I can’t do anything to hurt my brother."
Everyone was stunned and revealed a message. Ge Jun bribed him to harm Zhu Rui.
Hong Shi get up with a card in a panic "this? ? It’s none of my business. I don’t know anything. Can I go? "
Chapter sixty-one Ge Jun premeditated
Chapter sixty-one Ge Jun premeditated
As soon as Hong Shi ran out of the restaurant, he called Ge Jun, "Hey, uncle, it’s not good. Fat said quit."
Ge Jun is waiting for someone at a hotel to have dinner with him. The guest is still on the way. "What’s the matter? Did you upset her again? I said, what’s the matter with you? It’s the key moment. Can’t you coax him according to him? I believe you can handle it."
"It’s not my uncle. I’m not the reason why he didn’t do it."
"What was that?"
Hong Shi said, "Today, Fat stopped Zhu Rui’s car, and Qiao Xinwei’s husband suddenly appeared. I told you that the soldier’s name was Jiang Haopang. As soon as he saw him, he seemed to be eager to post it to Jiang Hao to mediate. After they reconciled, Fat said that he would quit and let me return the card to you."
Ge Jun heard a little knowledge. "Why do you want to stop Zhu Rui’s car? We don’t have a plan yet."
Speaking of which, Hong Shi faltered. "Is that like this? ? Me? ?”