Duke long vomitted an one mouthful polluted air "I have a proposal for your brother …"

On the other hand, the flying bear monster and the giant bear, who have just been beaten, have wobbled from the ground and they have not fled.
Because they believe and trust God, they still fight.
However, the style of painting has changed. In their eyes, the invincible bear monster actually hugs the devil’s sworn enemy.
This is the most incredible thing in their vision.
At this time, that divine will that dominate them came.
Every bear or bear monster once stopped fighting. They stood upright like people, and every bear’s head was held high and stared at the sky.
The image of bear monster and demigod brothers is impressive in the sky.
Usok’s pledge was "We were deceived by the ancient evil god Enzos"
Usol interface followed and said, "At this moment, there is no burning legion."
With their words, their vision Huo Ran has undergone the most drastic changes.
A moment ago, they forgot their roots, could not hear it, saw it, and the whole soul fell into a false silence.
At this time, a gorgeous, purple-blue arcane storm broke out in the horizon, which set off the rain of arcane missiles all over the sky and moved clockwise.
Those arcane missiles split every day when they hit them.
Hit the earth and it will change color.
Hit the devil and the devil will turn into a bear monster.
It was a thorough replication of the five senses.
Come to their minds, they are in a terrible ancient battlefield at the moment, and their demigods are fighting demon lords and cheering wildly. I didn’t expect the whole world to be taken over by a peaceful and familiar world in a second.
They are conscious of returning to the grizzly hills.
The Usok brothers sound their souls. "Frankly speaking, your souls have been corrupted, and it is difficult to redeem them. I know that our brothers are asking a little too much, that is, to give your souls to make up for our damaged souls."
The body of the Chapter 1796 A new problem is coming.
"As a result, you will completely annihilate the world and leave your own marks, and our brothers will truly regain their soul freedom. We will probably rely on Duke Marcus, the demigod of the magic net, to join in the fight against evil wars, just as we did in the ancient war ten thousand years ago …"
Speaking of which, the Usok brothers choked up.
This is Duke’s way to sacrifice the souls of these corrupt bears and repair their brothers’ souls with pure soul energy.
This kind of practice is typical of harming others and benefiting themselves.
But Duke has no better way.
Soul energy is the combination of spiritual energy and life energy.
The rotten part should be removed, and the soul gap should be repaired, which can be made up by the soul.
Duke is not a Titan, maybe even Titan can create a soul out of nothing.
In a sense, the evil energy of the Burning Legion is just a cruel means to take out the soul energy.
Duke can’t sacrifice his race soul and life to save the soul of the bear demigod brother.
Only the bears themselves make decisions.
"whoa, whoa, whoa"
A bear roared to the sky.
Then one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, tens of thousands …
Duke, it is difficult for a human being to understand the thinking of bears and bears.
He can be sure that they have made their own decisions.
Usok and Usolqi said, "We have made a decision, please."
Duke hasn’t used this method of harvesting souls for a long time.
Today, he doesn’t enter the shadow form with his whole body, and his fingers turn with a little energy of the magic net in the day.
It has become a real whirlpool like a hundred rivers!
It is absorption and soul.
One by one, the ethereal and illusory bear spirits are easily stripped off, and their decayed bodies are almost instantly separated from their bodies, and their residual earth bodies quickly shrivel up.
The vortex brought them real destruction.
That terrible cutting of spiritual bodies makes them involuntarily make the most piercing soul cry.
Then all souls croak and disappear.
When the dark part is swayed by high-speed rotation, the gyration in the sky is the purest soul energy.
These soul energies are taken over by Duke’s control vortex.
Constantly confuse compression and recompression, and then pass through a huge network of golden magic circle led by Alonso Fao.