Turning over the plan, several goals are given in the Zer. The first goal is to tie the production process of Lin Chong’s fairy pie in the pot in three months. In the Zer, this process is called’ 1cm’.

The 1CM process can engrave 20,000 brainwave nodes from mushrooms with the size of 1cm 2, which is the size of a king-class demon Dan.
The second goal is to achieve the 1CM process in one year, that is, to carve 20,000 brainwave nodes in one square centimeter, and at the same time complete the shaping of the holy demon Dan, reducing the number of layers by 99.
The third goal is to achieve millimeter-level technology in three years.
This plan seems to be very powerful, and the process is refined. First, the material consumption is reduced, and the explosive power is sharply increased. Moreover, the mushroom missile prepared by Zer is a new structure, which is about ten times higher than the original structure.
It means that the mushroom missile that bombed Mingzhuang on the same day can reach 20,000 cranes in one year, and it will reach the extinction level of 20,000 cranes in three years.
20,000 cranes … A valley full of pits and valleys can fill a valley … Qingyun returns to Yuan Shen Lei to hit only 10,000 cranes … The unit of measurement can’t keep up with the explosion equivalent soaring … We have to specify a unit.
After the plan, some Zer will need half a year’s output of large mushrooms and small yellow mushrooms, and about 100 of these half a year’s output will be allocated to the’ Fenbaoyan’ project.
At the same time, we need a tool department with two rooms and one living room. He wants to build a composite structure building with about ten floors connected, which is a mini skyscraper.
In the material, wood is fine. You don’t need big mushrooms.
Lin Chonghe plans to think that this plan is about 74 to assist Zer as the chief engineer, and the phrase "what a pity" has also come from.
Do you trust Zer?
Of course, Lin Chong can’t judge anything from the big mushroom.
Big mushrooms can’t talk.
However, Lin Chong deeply understands that his IQ gave birth to Lin Haoheng’s secondary school, which may be because his personality was suppressed by the environment, and he came from all kinds of martial arts, comics and online articles, eager to live at home.
It is understandable that Lin is ill-conceived. He usually spits in his heart after being silent.
But it would be weird to give birth to a monster with an IQ of more than 200 days, Zer.
Except for him, all the people in this room are of uncommon origin, and it is suspected that Shenmu incarnates big mushrooms, golden mushrooms and black mushrooms, and Five Blessingg incarnates Lu Shengxian, whose origin is still unknown … Although everyone is silent, Lin Chong doesn’t know what tricks they can play.
After considering for a while, the chief engineer of Lin Chonglian expressed his concern.
"Your question … well, why don’t you talk to He Biao? You may not remember him. He is your psychiatrist." The chief engineer suggested.
My shrink?
Lin Chong forgot about it.
So I made an appointment with 74 Lian Yi Ma to meet him.
It is said that absolute people can spy on the room until they log in. Outside the floor-to-ceiling window is a vast sea. In the tunnel, Emperor Liang Ying lies on the comfortable reclining chair that fits the human body line.
Lin Chong thought that if there should be a female psychologist with long legs and big eyes according to the movie plot, but He Biao is a male name, and of course Ouyang Steel is not without women …
I was thinking that a middle-aged man with gray hair and glasses came in. Lin Chong looked at him and felt a little familiar, but he shouldn’t be this age.
"Hello, I’m He Biao. We met twenty-two years ago. At that time, I was only thirty-four years old. It may not be the same as it is now." The middle-aged man greeted Lin Chong with a smile and sat opposite Lin Chong.
Twenty-two years ago, it was probably the first exchange of materials on the earth. Lin Chong remembers seeing more than 100 workers in 74 departments, but now 74 has expanded to 10 project teams. It is impossible for nearly 1,000 people to know nature.
"Hello, doctor … didn’t you go? I’m sorry, "Lin Chong asked, only to feel a little silly. 74 is the highest-level confidential project. Unless it is decrypted, people who have contacted Lin Chong will never leave.
The day of decryption is even far away as Lin chong hands over more and more scientific and technological achievements, materials and energy to the earth.
Because the plan has not changed, come on, look, the secret of the king demon Dan has not been explained clearly, and the five-year plan of the holy demon Dan is coming again
"Don’t worry, I have the strength here. Although I can’t directly produce first-line scientific and technological achievements, there is always a place for psychologists in such a big base." He Biao said with a smile
"But today really means a lot to me. It means 74 that I can talk to you for 22 years." He Biao took out a pen and a pen. "Where shall we go?"
"From the letter," Lin Chong remembered what the chief engineer had just said.
"It’s hard for an individual who has a strong format of accuracy and action to have a sense of trust in the environment and individuals who don’t control it." He Biao recorded a few words
"I guess a current environment can make you doubt that it is Zer?" He Biao knew Zer Lin Chong’s psychologist, and he wanted to know about Lin Chong’s surroundings and judge Lin Chong’s psychological state.
"I want to make a decision, but if I make this decision, it means that I want to believe Zer, but I ask myself, should I believe him? The answer is oftenno. "
This is Lin Chong’s distress.
"Zer is my avatar, yes, he passed the 74 review, yes, there are many ways to restrict him, yes, but I finally have a sense of disbelief. I always feel that he is not only my avatar, but also … Shenmu or some mysterious creation that I control and don’t even know about."
"So your disbelief is still under the control of the law." He Biao remembered a few more words