A tree? Or more?

If it’s more …
Xia Libo looked a little excited and said to Xu Le, who was coming straight towards him.
"Just now the furnace broke out. It was a branch."
"Ah, I see."
Xia Libo is mysterious, but Xu Le is somewhat unprepared. This matter will be exposed sooner or later.
And he can’t stay in the furnace all the time. The target is too big to hide.
"Don’t you worry about this kind of thing?"
"It’s better to worry about this than about a Kuroshio situation." Xu Le looked around at the researchers
They looked calm and showed no strange expressions.
Xia Libo looks normal, too. He should have never met that blue monster.
For this Kuroshio, Xia Libo looks very dull.
"Just vibration is energy cannon? I didn’t expect to be forced out so soon. I can cope with this Kuroshio after upgrading and strengthening my original basic weapons. "
"The Kuroshio intensity increase is bigger than we thought. This time, a large number of magnitude 5 weirdness appeared.
It is because conventional weapons have dealt with these weird areas 4 that space-based guns have been made. "
"So that’s it, but the consumption of space-based artillery is too huge. You don’t need to fill 12 bars of soap at a time. If this energy is converted into money …"
Xia Libo can hardly imagine that this kind of weapon consumption is unbearable even in terms of furnace energy.
Moreover, the space-based cannon body is not mature enough, and the gun barrel runes can’t go through many times, which makes it almost consumed.
Xu Le suddenly felt Xia Libo HuaLiYouHua.
"What are you trying to say? We are already so familiar, there is no need to hide like this. "
Be Xu Le so ask Xia Libo or hesitated.
"Will there be a second such thing as Xu Le Furnace?"
Hearing Xia Libo’s question, Xu Le has lost his mind.
Although the furnace is powerful, it is probably dwarfed by the support for space-based artillery and the emergence of various advanced energy weapons in the future.
But if there is more than one melting pot, many problems in this regard will be solved.
"There will be no Zion progress in the melting pot, and it will not stop there."
Xu Le’s confident voice infected Xia Libo, and he also thought about the difference between himself and Xu Le.
He knows everything, he can participate in the research of science and technology, and Xu Le knows nothing.
However, he and Xu Le gradually changed from mutual cooperation to Xu Le’s dominance.
What’s the difference?
Perhaps it is this natural forced temperament.
"I really admire you," Xia Libo sincerely praised.
"What do you mean?"
"I don’t know anything about the furnace body, but it is natural to be able to blow the cow force like this. This is where I don’t care about you."
Xu Le …
"If you can’t talk, talk less and do more research. It’s still Kuroshio."
Xu Le said simply ignore Xia Libo and walked straight towards the core of the furnace.