"… I’m white"


Russell’s eyes became clear again
He said with a wry smile, "I came to teach you, but when I didn’t know it, it turned into psychotherapy for me."
"Because of your eyes to me for help.
"I’ve been so confused before, but I’m still confused now."
The angel of the Black Mamba said gently, "But I can try my best to share my own experience."
"It may not be so correct, but it may keep a young hero from going astray."
"… in that case, I have another question here, sir."
Russell’s expression became serious.
At this time, he is a "group youth"
Although this question may bring trouble to the godfather …
But now, after all, he is not the godfather, so he can’t think from the godfather’s standpoint.
He must erase himself every time he goes on stage.
"Go ahead."
Seriously nodded his head.
"If you are weaker in the live broadcast, people will panic about the real combat effectiveness of the city, and hope that you can stay in the company and hope that you will maintain a balanced situation; But if you perform better in the live broadcast, the people will feel at ease … After the code organization is broken up, angels are no longer necessary. Although people will feel more at ease, you will become something urgent instead, and the company will try to drive you away …
"So what are you going to do tonight?"
"… so that’s it"
Nai sighed. "I told you something was wrong. Now we are against the people …"
Because this day the islanders have become unjust.
Good people will feel at ease when they meet angels, while evil people will feel uneasy when they meet angels.
There is no doubt that the residents of the island have tended to the latter.
Russell read aloud in my heart
"I know you are eager for a definite answer, but it’s a pity that I can’t give it to you."
"Because this road is not black and white, right or wrong, either one or the other."
With a black halo like an eclipse, the angel said slowly, "I really don’t want to attack these mage apprentices in the city, let alone those coders."
"We attack these mage apprentices to make the mage bear will not revive in the new era. The mage we fought before is already a monster …
"Now we must destroy these mage apprentices. We have already said that we failed because our former war was not eradicated … we fell short before the victory.
"Since the land mage has not been eradicated, and since there will be coders on the island, the mage will eradicate them by law. Even if we kill them, there will be another batch, and then we will kill and come again … This process is endless."
The snake angel replied, "So my answer is-the so-called.
"Even if let’s directly withdraw and wait for these wizards to grow up, we’ll come back and pay one hundred times the price to struggle."
"After all, angels are just weapons. Since they are weapons, don’t think so much."
The ultramarine stupefied.
His heart suddenly turned white.
This is not "I don’t know who my enemy is"
He didn’t say it long ago.
Or have seen everything, but don’t want to act first.
Because I’m already tired
"I’m white"
Russell slowly nodded his head.
On the other hand, Morgan went to his temporary room where malt liquor was placed to prepare for "taking a nap"
But soon after her door,
But I heard a cold and indifferent voice from behind me.
"Morgan, right?"
She looked back warily.
That’s a man with a scar-like etched line on his face.
His left eye gives a diamond cold texture, and his expression is dull without a smile.
"I’m Babel. Bad Day. You may have heard of me."
Hear this name Morgan was a shake, can’t help but stare big eyes.