Soon his mind came to a series of pictures, in which he could not see the outside situation, and he could watch the surrounding situation through the double-headed mysterious turtle


"Hum silly to die!" Day feeling honour person looked at the picture in my mind, raised the dust in his hand and waved it heavily in the oblique front direction.
"Whoosh …"
Changsheng saw the other person’s moving body and immediately flashed to avoid the other person’s dust. At the same time, he offered a Wan Fata to smash the honour person in the sky.
"Huh?" Suddenly, the Heavenly Honorable Man felt that he had dusted off his hands and attacked himself. What’s going on here? Did the other party’s luck suddenly flash?
The venerable man of heaven hasn’t thought for a moment that a huge tower in his mind is coming straight from his eyes.
"Not good! This is the magic weapon for the other side to attack! " Day feeling honour person suddenly frightened just want to dodge but the other attack has been smashed!
The heavenly Lord hasn’t come yet, and the severe pain in his chest has come.
With great strength, the venerable man flew far away and fell to the ground.
"This ….. this is how can this silly can see me!" Day feeling honour person a face of disbelief in this magic weapon, even if you can’t see the outside situation, you still need to react to the outside situation through the double-headed mysterious turtle.
That fool, how could he see himself? But just now, he could see himself
Chang Sheng’s face showed a strange color after hitting the venerable one. It seems that he didn’t respond to the venerable one that day. He didn’t even think he could hit him. Did he also feel that I couldn’t see himself directly?
Thinking of this, Chang Sheng’s heart was filled with joy, holding Wan Fata and continuing to charge at the Venerable Master.
"Bang bang …"
At that time, in the black cloak, in the black world, the heavenly honour person was constantly attacked, but the heavenly honour person could be passively beaten.
Gradually, Changsheng finally found out that he didn’t think there was anything wrong. I don’t know how to feel himself, but although he can feel himself, his reaction is slower, but he can see him directly.
With a smile on his face, Chang Sheng wants this magic weapon to trap himself to deal with himself. I didn’t expect this magic weapon to bind his hands and feet. If he attacks himself as soon as he comes, but he can’t see anything, even if he enters his black cloak area, it is fair to fight with himself …
Chang Sheng’s heart sneered at a sudden offering of Dan outside the Heaven, and at the same time, he realized that although he was a strong man in Yin and Yang, his strength was slightly lower than his own, but he took out Dan words outside the Heaven and suppressed each other!
It’s so depressing to think of a magic weapon to bind each other. I didn’t expect that fool to see everything in it. He wants to see everything through the double-headed mysterious turtle. After all, he doesn’t want to see it himself. If the other party can’t see anything, he can take advantage of it, but the other party can see the outside world. It’s his bad luck.
However, this array is simple to arrange, but it is difficult to crack it. If you want to take this array away, you must cast spells without being disturbed. Now it is obviously impossible to take it back.
Day feeling honour person depressed barely cope with each other’s attack. This battle is really the most humbled battle he has fought since uniting. He tried to calculate others, but in the end he was calculated by himself.
Heavenly Venerable Master can be beaten passively, and his strength is even worse than that of Changsheng. Gradually, Heavenly Venerable Master is injured more and more seriously, and his body is constantly being repaired by the other party, but his physical strength is getting less and less!
Finally, when being beaten away by the other side again, the venerable gathered up the strength to repair his body, but found that his strength was so scarce that he could repair his body in an instant.
Moment Chang Sheng flew in front of the Heavenly Venerable Master, raised his hand and pressed the Heavenly Venerable Master’s head to steal the immortal method!
In an instant, a burst of strength from the heavenly honour person rushed into the eternal body, and at the same time, there was the memory of the heavenly honour person
"eh? It turns out that this guy watched the situation here through his mount. No wonder he always felt that his reaction was slow. It’s a pity that he meant that his mount died with his soul. And this time … it was he who sent someone-Tiandan Zhenjun! "
Chang Sheng was surprised to find that he was ordered to kill himself but didn’t know that he was going to kill himself.
"Day Dan true gentleman what to kill yourself? Does he already know his identity? "
Changsheng shook his head. In the sky, with the death of the heavenly honour person, the black cloak belonging to the heavenly honour person also fell down.
Chapter 695 Fishing Song
"Pa …" Chang Sheng raised my hand and grabbed the black cloak. At the same time, the black flag that has not been touched since it was obtained in Heaven outside Dan suddenly trembled.