This answer is not beyond Xu Le’s expectation. Every time, the rewards of Chixiao fruit are outrageous.

This means that she kills a lot of weirdos every time the Kuroshio occurs.
And killing a lot of weird conditions is not much. Guarding the city is one.
"Before your Red Crescent Temple, but now you stay in Ruilifeng, won’t the Red Crescent Temple ask you to go back?"
"I’m not saying that was on duty must leave the red crescent temple.
Under normal circumstances, I always stay here for a day. "
"So … you killed an evil god when you were on duty?"
"Well," Chixiao nodded sincerely as if he had done a trivial thing.
"All right," Xu Le nodded.
The two sides fell silent again, and he and Chixiao often fell into this silence.
Xu Le is also white. This is because of the strength gap.
The difference in strength makes it impossible for two people to talk like real friends. The more the difference in strength, the stronger the feeling.
Even if two people have some daily conversations, they will not be able to talk because of the strength gap.
Shidingke has the same problem here, Dante, but the cat body is very easy to avoid this problem.
Meow! ~
Ding Ke seems to feel embarrassed by Xu Le and Chixiao. It shakes its tail and gently walks into Xu Le’s arms and lies down.
All this is so natural and natural.
But Chixiao saw this behind the scenes but his eyebrows were miniature.
Meow! ~ Ding Ke even cocked his tail, but he looked at Chixiao and let out a meow.
This makes Chixiao even more uncomfortable.
Xu Le also felt the atmosphere is wrong hurriedly clearance way
"Chixiao Da … Eh Chixiao, what did you come to see me for today?"
"Nothing can’t come?" Xu Le’s scalp was numb as soon as he was looking at the red sky
You won’t get killed, will you?
"Well, of course, we are friends. You can come at any time. I want to ask you what you want."
Hearing Xu Le say that everyone is a friend, Chixiao’s face softened a little.
Then I got up and got down to business today.
"Are the shepherds and polluters your organization?"
Hear red clouds ask this Xu Le slightly hesitated a.
"Sort of, but I led an organization behind it, and these people spontaneously formed it."
"There’s something weird about their behavior. Someone has reported it."
"Report? Who is so free? "
"Tianrui Lifeng is very hostile to the Red Crescent Temple People. These two organizations are a bit like cults. Many people think that the Red Crescent Temple will naturally report a lot."
"So that’s it. Will that have a great impact? If the impact is great, you can just get rid of it. "
Xu Le’s attitude is very cooperative, and it doesn’t mean anything to protect these two organizations.
Nonsense. After all, this is Tianrui Lifeng Chixiao territory.
Even if his strength is good, he is still not enough to see the level before Chixiao.
It’s meaningless to lie flat and rotten, but it’s the truth
Xu Le this performance let ChiXiao nature is very comfortable.
Xu Le respects her, so she naturally has to take care of Xu Le, a few friends.
"Nothing is normal doubt. Have they studied with you?"
"Well, I’m studying some ways to replace the ancient sound and multi-trees. These two organizations … are all experiments by me."
"Replace the ancient sound multi-tree method? Can this kind of thing be studied? "
Chixiao was a little surprised until Xu Le pointed to the young tree in the yard and took out a ray fruit.
Her face was even more surprised.
"I made it myself …" Xu Le nodded.
Chixiao’s side feels more and more incredible.
"You now … have this level of ability? What is the effect? "
"Although can’t elementalize, it does have enhanced strength and activated body effect. It’s not exactly necessary for these mercenaries to test.
If this kind of thing is difficult to handle and explain, you must not give me a face-to-face look. It is personally acceptable for me to strike hard. "
Xu Le’s face with the sample made Chixiao very popular.
The former cow force blew in front of Xu Le, and now Xu Le is so cooperative, so she must take care of a Xu Le mood.
So Chixiao was very peaceful and said
"It is risky, but similar things are done by warlocks all over the world, and it’s not bad for you.