"Have you nothing to say?"

"No" these people are different.
"All right," Xu Le shook his head, and everyone didn’t want to be out of the brain.
Xu Le’s awakening state is seriously considered, analyzed and concluded.
"Is it possible that the red moon is hurt and the moon spirit is dim?"
Xu Le this statement let him several people looked at each other red crescent will be hurt? Are you kidding me?
"Can it be a red moon?"
"Yes, red crescent day" Xu Le nodded, and he also knew this.
However, he was also very puzzled. What was the howling of the Red Crescent every time the Kuroshio occurred? It sounds like some kind of biological scream …
Moreover, Kuroshio is often called Red Crescent disaster by the ancient sound, which means Red Crescent disaster.
See Xu Le that thinking Wang Shu took the initiative to walk over and said to others.
"Do a good job in eye defense. Even if there is any problem, it is not personal ability to control it.
It is more important than anything to do a good job of your own employees and protect yourself. "
As the moonlight faded, the sky attracted many people’s attention.
Not only Xu Le, but also other mercenaries around them noticed this. The lights and lights were gradually being red by the big moon, but the whole night was not the former blood night state.
It’s almost like the night in the old days.
This is not a good sign.
At the very least, we don’t need to consider the lighting problem when we go to Kuroshio. Now it’s night, and the most stressful thing is the Yugoslav capital.
If something big and weird happens, there is no way to kill it from a distance because of the darkness, and it is very likely to break through the obstacle if you rush too close.
Now we can hope that Zion plain expansion policy is effective.
Whoo! ~ woo! ~
When many mercenaries hesitated, Zion’s shrill central siren suddenly sounded, and the people looked to the sky and saw many steam airships flying towards the Yugoslav capital area.
"Isn’t it very risky for a steamship to go into battle?"
Xu Le looked aside. Although the Alley Steamboat has been reformed regionally, it will not crash because of damage somewhere.
But the quality is still a gas-lift flight device, so the device body has great risks.
Once the gas method is used to keep the airship floating, there is a high probability that it will fall.
Flying weird is less, but it is definitely there.
Kuroshio, which is so rare, has become a relative word.
Alley also frowned slightly after seeing the airship.
"I didn’t know that I didn’t fight before."
Then these steamships turned on their lights one after another, and the red light almost lit up the earth.
"This? Is it a Lunatone lamp? " Xu Le was slightly shocked.
"It’s a Lunatone lamp," Levi’s said without saying much.
Xu Le and Levi’s looked at each other as magicians. They both knew that although Lunatone could shine energy, it was too extravagant.
Lunatone is a warlock resource. They have to be careful in their research.
Now the Zion government directly uses Lunatone as a light source, which makes it impossible to be extravagant. The root is to burn money.
"Is Parliament crazy?" Levi’s is a little confused.
"Should be forced to hurry" Xu Le became less optimistic.
It must be because the war is tight and the situation on the front line is not optimistic that the Zion parliament will send a steam airship to do the work.
Lunatone is very expensive, but if Zion is broken, it’s bullshit to say that it’s expensive. Money will become meaningful when people are alive.
However, Xu Le still has to sigh with emotion that Zion Parliament is really rich.
"Brother Tree, take a look. I’ll go back and get something."
Xu Le returned to the bedroom and just entered Ding Ke.