However, the location is far away from the monitoring, that is, the transpiration city is about 10 thousand kilometers, and a total of six teams are aimed at … different locations in the fractured transpiration city.

"Body fire preparation …" When all warships were in place, the captains ordered them to follow …
These warships immediately poured barrage rain on the transpiration, and the transpiration in the city did not defend and do things.
It seems that even the first offset has not started, and the whole city is surrounded by several explosions, and its size has also shrunk.
"Why doesn’t it … fight back?"
The Walsh fleet was still surprised by this scene, but they didn’t cease fire. The firepower kept bombing the surface cities, and the layer structure was almost gone.
It seems …
Some problems
Lin thinks so, but I wonder if they have noticed it.
Chapter one thousand six hundred and fifty-seven End and departure
"Force attack! Destroy it! "
Several barrage flies in the air, and they cause explosions, which also echo in the simulation.
Transpirator city is surrounded by the Walsh fleet, and the roar makes it smaller and smaller. The explosion is cutting its huge body.
It’s not that it didn’t fight back. A large number of metal blocks flew out from everywhere to form a metal storm and attacked the fleet.
However, these fragments soon slowed down to improve the shield and strengthen the interception firepower. Nothing can completely approach the Walsh fleet, while the fleet firepower keeps approaching Transpirator City, which will disintegrate the city bit by bit.
Nano-shield is a good protection, because it won’t stop the enemy’s fire, but it will slow down the enemy’s action, but it will be consumed if it continues. However, they are very well protected this time. After the shield is used, they will immediately launch a shield to supplement it, so that the transpirator has no chance to hurt them.
However, there is nothing complicated in this battle. The tactic is to keep bombing and intercept everything that flies.
"Continue to attack! Reinforcements are coming! "
In this battle, Walsh’s army occupied the advantage. Although the transpiration people fought back, Lin Ke watched … This huge city became smaller and smaller.
However, Walsh’s army is getting more and more, because looking at the victory, more troops are dispatched from Walsh to join the battle, and missile bombing of Transpirator City seems to be about to disappear.
The size left … About 600 kilometers, the Transpirator City suddenly moved abnormally, and its shape suddenly disappeared.
Suddenly decided to run away at this time? However, the Walsh fleet reacted very quickly.
"The target fled!" "Hurry up and track!" "Searching … please look at the coordinates when the target appears one light year away!"
"Received coordinates! Activate the annihilation ship! Crush it completely! "
This position can’t see a dazzling explosion in the virtual space … Although this is a negligible echo in the virtual space, it is a great victory for Walsh.
….. They think so less.
"We won! We successfully destroyed all the enemy troops! "
It has been several days and nights since the transpirator city was completely destroyed. After the final explosion, the Walsh fleet quickly dispatched a reconnaissance team to explore the explosion point and confirmed that the fleeing city had been destroyed.
Cheers are echoing all the warships in the whole fleet, and most of the crew members are cheering … Cheerfulness is full of their minds.
This excitement was accompanied by the return of the Walsh fleet, and at the same time, the fleet also announced to the whole world that there were many details of this war, but it was not said in detail that it was caused by the enemy, not the cloning effect.
Compared with the news of large-scale coma, it has also been replaced by the news of war victory. Although most of the comatose people are still being treated, the news has been much less.
Because there is no direct contact with the people on the surface of the earth for the war, and they don’t have much joy, they continue to live their daily lives, while the Ershi ship continues to observe in vain because it thinks that the enemy may appear
It seems that the war is over.
Although the Walsh fleet is still on alert, they all believe that even if the transpiration invades again, it can be repelled.
The transpirator didn’t invade again, but Lin continued to monitor the situation with No.1.
There are some detection and patrol exploration teams left in the monitoring area, but in addition, there are some … solidified creatures here.
Coagulated organisms kept appearing here, but they didn’t appear during the war.
It seems that different sounds don’t want to interfere with this war or have other purposes, but they appear again after the war.
And here, because there is no Walsh troops, it seems that they don’t want to wave troops or ammunition to defend the creatures here, and there will be more and more accumulation here.
However, they should not affect Walsh. I don’t know what will happen if there are too many words. Maybe the fleet will be dispatched after too many words.
Although it looks calm now, Walsh has not noticed the transpiration plan
Lin probably knows about the Transpirator Project, but now Lin hasn’t … participated in it, so let’s continue to explore it.
Yin Lin has recently asked spies to search the Internet for information, which is mainly related to the history of Walsh.
Lynn found that there may be many interesting things in history in a place called Elsa … mainland.
There is a country with the largest number of residents in the world … Of course, it also forms a ball league now.