After a flurry of tossing, Yingbao was appalled and found herself being watched by people.


Looking at the road like a searchlight, I looked at my eyes and Yingbao consciously hid behind Fang Siyi.
"hey!" Fang Siyi stopped Yingbao and said angrily, "Don’t scare her!" Then this just introduced YingBao to this group of guys.
"This deadly called Chen Chichi …"
"What is Chen Chichi!" A guy who can be regarded as slightly fat complained, "My name is Michael Chen, and I am a drama actor of my fourth aunt’s friend."
"Good red brother" YingBao blinked and called with a smile.
Chen Hexiao embarrassed his face directly.
"Ha ha! It’s really interesting. "A very familiar audio player started Yingbao and took a closer look to find out that he actually knew each other!
“jj?” Yingbao was a little surprised.
"Ha ha it’s me" JJ Lin nodded with a smile.
Glanced at Fang Siyi Yingbao’s initiative to salute and said, "Hello jj"
"oh! I am also very popular! " Aside, Xue Qian shouted discontentedly, "Am I also very popular?"
Looking at Yingbao’s awkward eyes, Fang Siyi smiled and cleared the way. "He sang" Serious Snow "two years ago, but now he is out of breath."
Xue Qian face smile embarrassed face directly.
"Snow! Ahem! Right … I’m sorry! " Yingbaoshi didn’t resist hurriedly salute to apologize.
"Boo-hoo-I knew I was out of breath …" Xue Qian’s sad face made Yingbao feel a little sad.
"Ignore him every day, and you will be numb when you listen." Fang Siyi was very calm.
Steal a look
I found that others were as careless as Fang Siyi, and Yingbao knew it.
This Xue Qian should be a clown type.
"Where’s the dog?" Fang Siyi looked at the bag strangely and didn’t see another figure, which was a bit strange.
"There is a new play in their company, and he went to audition." Xue Qian casually said.
Looking at Xue Qianyingbao, who has returned to normal, is somewhat startled.
"Don’t worry about him, he’s just like this." Fang Siyi looked at Xue Qian’s funny howling next to him, and she smiled and explained to Yingbao, "What about the dog? It’s called Lin because all roommates in the university dormitory call him a dog … Well, you can imagine it."
Yingbao one leng mind unconsciously emerge a Erha narrowing her eyes and look straight at the scene ahead.
It’s a little hard to suppress laughter
"It’s rare for their company to finally understand?" Fang Siyi took Yingbao to sit down, turned on the machine and chatted with Xue Qian and them with a smile. "The dog hasn’t taken the show for two years, has it?"
"Well, he’s much worse than me." It’s rare to meet someone worse than himself. Although the tone is nothing, flying eyebrows still makes Xue Qian look a little hateful
But this kind of schadenfreude is also a moment, and at the same time I don’t know what Xue Qian’s mood becomes lost.
"Well," Fang Siyi, who looked at Yingbao’s curious eyes, explained while hanging the agent game, "Old Xue debuted in five years, but it was unlucky to sign the Teng Entertainment Center. Although he became a hit with" Serious Snow "three years ago, he became a singer because there was no follow-up publicity institute. Although he also sang songs in these years, he was gradually refrigerated. The dog and old Xue signed the Tang Dynasty when they studied for almost seven years, but you also know that the Tang Dynasty’s broken company virtue institute is somewhat resistant …" Fang Siyi shrugged his shoulders.
"Uh-"YingBao some puzzled nodded his head.
"Well, would you like to watch us play or go to see a film and television drama? I’ll play a few games and leave."
"hey! Is really forget righteousness "Xue Qian quipped with a smile" jj pity us two old single dog … "
"Come on!" Jj gave Xue Qian a look of disgust and said grumpily, "Do you have the face to say? Go to your mouth! "
Just then Xue Qian’s cell phone rang.
As soon as his eyes lit up, Xue Qian ran to the side to answer the phone with his mobile phone.
Give ear to it
But what kind of "Hani …" and "Baby …" is disgusting to make people’s goose bumps drop.
Looking at Yingbao, Fang Siyi smiled and said, "Haha, don’t worry about him. He’s like that."
"What do siblings do?" Chen Hexiao sat down beside Fang Siyi and looked at Yingbao and asked softly.
I don’t know if Yingbao’s illusion sound is really nice.
"A drama actor is fundamental to the control of sound." Fang Siyi explained with a smile and then said "actor" with a smile.
"Actor?" Chen he and jj glances curiously asked, "by the way, didn’t you say you were going to take pictures?" How … "
"Oh, it’s finished," Fang Siyi said with a smile.